I never noticed before how much Jessica Paré resembles Liv Tyler.

In fact, I just mentally put her in That Thing You Do and it kinda worked. I did not mentally put her into The Incredible Hulk, because that seemed like a mean thing to do to an innocent bystander.

As La Paré goes, I also like the dress — kind of a groovy gold-lamé baseball, which works, since apparently in French (according to Google, so don’t get mad at me if it’s wrong) “paré” means “to adorn, garnish, decorate.” And she’s definitely done that. You know, it’s probably odd to be Jessica Paré right now. As a total unknown, she got the best job in Hollywood, working on a decorated show in which she is contractually required to make out with Jon Hamm and wear cute clothes with terrific makeup — not that I have ANY pity for her on THAT front — and therefore shoving her into an incredibly bright spotlight. She basically went from zero to “Zou Bisou Bisou” in almost no time at all (and that scene is going to be one of the largest footnotes of her life, whether she likes it or not). I know the Interwebs are pretty divisive on La Paré, and her now-famous teeth — which I only mention because they are brought up often on Mad Men, or have been, and that kicked open the door for audiences to rip her for them — but think she AND they are good. There’s a raw naturalness to her style that fits Megan Draper and makes me like her, and I love her for not changing her teeth (see: Dunst, Kirsten), and what’s more, I REALLY love her for not letting people tell her not to show them. I mean, I’m sure Ginnifer Goodwin has great teeth, but girlfriend will not smile on the red carpet, for whatever psychological reason. Whereas Paré is clearly like, “Screw all of you. I like my smile.” As well she should. Screw ‘em all, indeed.

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