Met Ball Fug/Fab Face-Off: Marion vs Rooney

Beyonce may have been the Omega of transparency on the red carpet last night, but there were plenty of other comers before her — including the Former Queen of Spiky Bangs Rooney Mara, and the pretender to her throne, Marion Cotillard.

I say “pretender” because, while they’re a little dated and feathered (despite being so short) on Marion, they also don’t distract me from how adorable her face is. Whereas Rooney’s just looked like traumatic event — which is apt for Lisbeth Salander, but rough sledding for a starlet.

Let’s consider the outfits, though. Marion here has a gown that I think might have been truly gorgeous, had the ombre effect been opaque, rather than an exercise in skirty-hose — you know, sheer like nylons, flowy like a dress. Sometimes I just think, look, if you want to wear booty shorts that badly, then stick to your guns and wear them and hang the consequences. Let us hate them if we must, or love them if we dare. Just don’t prevaricate.

Ditto to Rooney:

The bodice is quite lovely, but the rest is like the unholy marriage of a veil, granny panties, and a codpiece. And it’s stressing me out — to me, these dresses would feel like wearing a bathing suit around all night. I don’t even like wearing bathing suits for the thirty seconds I spend shopping for them, much less in public, at an event where I’m going to be photographed and/or will need to eat. Is that my problem, not Rooney’s? Sure. But it also means that, as a consumer of what’s being peddled here, I’m less captivated by its vision than grateful I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Which one do you prefer -- or dislike least?

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Comments (39):

  1. luxsword

    Marion’s dress is wierd, Mara’s is ugly.

    • neiges

      II beg to differ, these two ladies were, for me, one of the best of a very very fugly event. Marion’s is what Beyonce’s wanted to be but just ended up with drama sans glamour whereas Mara’s here is the glamour sans the purple end (and I hate lace!…).
      And Marion also had a baby (longer ago than Beyonce, I think).
      Mara is young enough to pull off something as sheer and daring.
      Marion’s sheerness (is this a word?) makes sense because it’s there to give the impression of PURPLE RAIN (ha! I did it!).

  2. K

    I just wish we could get through the sheer shirt thing and maybe throw mermaids out at the same time. Total ennui.

    • Crystal

      Man, I agree. Just like the mullet dress, it’s either short or long, people. You can’t have both.

  3. jacey

    I like both. But I lean a little more towards Rooney, because for once I think her goth, dramatic style is perfect for the event. And I love her hair and make-up. So pale and pretty.

  4. Karen

    I think what I hate most about Mara’s–and there’s so much to choose from–is that clunky, heavy leather belt around all that lace. It’s just…discordant.

    As for Cotillard’s…well, I really REALLY freaking hate this whole transparent skirt trend, but hers is the closest I’ve seen ANYONE come to making it marginally acceptable.

  5. Joanie

    I love Rooney’s face and hair most, but the dress is tres distracting! Marion’s dress wins by a single thread

  6. vandalfan

    I could only hate these more if peplum was involved somehow. Enough with the transparent and black lace overlays and leg curtains.

    • neiges

      I usually am the first to scream enough already!, but this works for me, somehow.

  7. Tara

    Whenever I see photos of Rooney what strikes me is not what she’s wearing but just how perfect her skin is. Seriously, it’s gorgeous – I want to know what her routine is!

  8. devopet

    Cotillard looks so much like Wynona Ryder to me! How have I never seen that?

  9. maryse

    rooney wins because of the makeup. her face looks gorgeous.

  10. Sara

    What about the dangly crotch-drop on Rooney’s? Ew.

  11. Danielle Nicole

    so, I guess I’m the only one who wants to talk about the dapper looking gentleman bisected in Rooney’s picture? Agreed on the sheer skirt loathing, it just strikes me as so “Cache prom dress”.

    • Kit

      I parsed that as “Cache PORN dress” which – yes. lol

    • Mir

      Call me crazy, but that looks like it might be Logan “Actually I’m not Tom Hardy, sorry” Marshall-Green next to her–can anyone verify that?

    • jenny

      Yes! Danielle, we are on the same team.

  12. Kit

    Marion’s IS better but neither is redeemable.

  13. Darren

    On Twitter last night I said that it looked like Rooney Mara had passed whatever curse she had during awards season onto Marion. Tragique.

  14. SaraK

    Rooney is looking very warmed-over-Demi-Moore to me, so I have to vote Marion. And thank goodness Rooney skipped copying Demi’s bike shorts, at least. That would have been even worse, although not by a lot.

  15. Jules

    Marion is reminding me of Winona Ryder back when she was in Beetlejuice and was awesome, and I like that.

  16. becca

    Not a fan of either dress, though I prefer Marion’s for the color, but I am SO HAPPY to see Rooney Mara’s hair and makeup done correctly. I had actually forgotten how freaking pretty she is.

  17. Gine

    All the sheer lace skirts, feather hems, and terrible peplums last night just prove that most actresses have no real sense of style of their own, and just blindly follow trends (or do whatever their stylists tell them).

  18. Katharine

    I guess I’ll be the sole dissenter over here liking Rooney’s better. It looks more like a dress designed with a transparent skirt, with an intentional shape AND the leather accent. Marion just looks like warmed-over negligee to me.

  19. M.Amanda

    I don’t like the bangs, but if the skirt was just not sheer, Marion’s would be fine by me.

    Is Rooney wearing a black leather belt and armband over black lace? I can’t imagine in what world that is not a no – outside of a dominatrix’s den.

  20. Sandra

    Hate ‘em both. Wear a short skirt or wear a long skirt; never EVER wear leg curtains.

  21. Claire L1

    Such beautiful materials! Such beautiful construction ( which seems to be something missing more and more) would it have killed them to add a liner????

  22. Donna

    Rooney Mara has become Jennifer Connelly’s doppelgänger.

    • mepe

      Yes! the outfit is totally Madonna but the face (and bod) is totally Jennifer Connelly circa Requiem for a Dream era.

  23. Ben

    Disclaimer: love Marion, find Rooney irritating. I tried to walk in unbiased, and it’s… it’s what I thought it would be. I found that while Marion’s geometrical wotsits create the vaguely interesting illusion of more skirt happening, Ms Mara’s kind of just evaporates all come-hitherly at the hips, with an added black crotch-splotch to… I dunno… draw the eye? I mean, *more*.

  24. Sal

    I almost thought Marion Cotillard had a pixie cut for a minute there and freaked out- not in a good way.

  25. jenny

    Yes, transparency, booty shorts, etc. etc. But…who is that handsome gentleman on the left in Rooney’s picture? That is the question, methinks…

  26. Catherine Brenes

    u should better compare Rooney vs Beyonce, since is the same designer and almost the same dress…….
    but Rooney looks way much better!!!!!!

  27. Veronica

    Both of these dresses would have been amazing with an opaque layer underneath, but if I had to pick one as it is…I think Rooney edges Marion Cotillard just barely due to better styling. I think the dress itself is more interesting, but Marion’s hair and makeup just aren’t doing anything for me.

  28. Guerra

    Love both!!

  29. mepe

    When I first saw Rooney in this getup I honestly thought she was Madonna. Good on Madonna for being confused for a 20-something but I think that means Rooney needs to step it up and maybe not look so severe all time (and maybe cut out the leather granny pannies). Marion got a pass because (and maybe it’s just the angle) but her’s look less like granny panties and more like a retro circus performer’s getup….and somehow that’s better for me? This is all very confusing and upsetting.