Met Ball Fug Carpet: Beyonce/Well Played, Solange

Speaking of people who are self-sabotaging their amazing bodies… Let me just say that while Beyoncé is busting her ass to convince the world that it’s her oyster, Solange keeps casually popping up as the pearl.

[Photos: Getty]


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  1. Gine

    Beyonce’s dress looked so cheap to me–cheap as in inexpensive, I mean. The embroidery looks stiff and the top looks like plastic. Plus, with her posing that way, the gloves just make it look like her arms had been chopped off.

    • Chasmosaur

      I liked the *concept* of the dress – it looks like it was inspired by all the McQueen gorgeous gold on black embroidery, but it’s the David’s Bridal version.

      I giggled like a child when I saw the matching gloves and boots. OF COURSE they matched. I appreciated the commitment, but sometimes, you have to understand when to break up, B.

  2. Rose

    Solange has been killing it recently. I can’t think of anyone else who could pull that dress off, but it looks divine on her.

    Beyoncé, on the other hand… lady, you are one of the most influential celebrities in the world. YOU CAN DO BETTER.

  3. llism

    I saw this picture of Solange earlier and actually said “BAM!” out loud. She nailed it. Beyonce looks ridiculous and is trying SOOO hard. I’m surprised we can’t see little cartoon-like waves of effort coming out of her head.

  4. Orange Clouds

    Beyonce looks fat. Well I have to give it to the dress, that is truly an achievement in itself.

    • Orange Clouds

      Also I am freaked out by the fact that there is an arrow shooting out of her behind.

    • Charlotte

      I wouldn’t say “fat,” but I agree, it’s not the most flattering thing she’s ever worn. It’s widening her in places that she certainly isn’t wide, judging from the side photos.

      • Mongerel

        Mmmmm I think I agree with Orange Clouds. She looks fat in that dress.

        • Charlotte

          Honestly, if that’s your definition of “fat,” then I feel pretty sorry for you.

          •  Sarah

            I don’t think it is making her look “fat” by normal person standards–but it is definitely making her look much bigger than she actually is. Not a flattering cut on her.

            • Goody Goody Gumdrops

              I actually think she’s pregnant. That would explain a lot…. except for the fugliness.

  5. Lily

    For once, I disagree with you. I actually dislike the fit of Beyonce’s dress, but I think the gloves and boots are the right move for the venue. And Solange’s dress was one of the few of the night that I actively hate. I don’t think it flatters her nor is appropriate for the Met Gala. Agree to disagree, I suppose.

  6. Katty McNiley Ripley

    Solange looks super cool and confortable, totally pull together and effortless, just like her music… Beyonce on the other hand, looks just tacky. Are we sure Tisci isn’t just messing with her (and Kim K.) with their atrocities? Or is Tina & House of Dereon doing stuff for Givenchy now?

    Those boots, my Eyes hurt with those boots

  7. Courtney

    I would much rather live under the rule of Queen Sol than Queen Bey.

  8.  Kat

    That dress is doing horrible, and probably painful, things to her poor boobs.

    • Sarah B

      Not to mention I feel like we are dangerously close to seeing areolae.

      •  theotherjennifer

        and not for nothing, I do love some Beyonce, but I don’t need to see the stretch marks on her girls….

      • Carol

        Agree … one jostle away from a major wardrobe malfunction

  9. Mjx

    In that first image, Beyonce kind of looks like she’s melting downwards into it. Is it the angle?

  10. Maria L.

    The only good thing about Bey’s dress is that the bustier made a gap on top that was handy for storing lipstick or maybe some appetizers she could eat when Anna wasn’t looking.

    I love Solange’s look. Nothing punk about it, but there were plenty in that camp. And I adore her hair.

  11. Emily Courville

    my boobs hurt just looking at that first pic. owwwww.

  12. Brenna

    I can’t tell if it’s the angle of the photo or the fit of the dress, but it’s a crime that Beyonce’s dress is making her look large in the middle (which she most certainly is not). I do like the belt though, and her when you have that face, you can’t really go that wrong. But man, that dress is doing nothing for her figure, which is heinous.

    Solange just looks fantastic. It’s not that close to the theme, but she looks stunning. I love that she embraces her natural hair.

  13. Stefanie

    This SCREAMS of her mother. You know, back when she was designing the costumes for DC and they all matched and had matching boots and fingerless gloves.

    Yay for Solange! She is just lovely. And so not a try hard like her Beyonce.

    • witjunkie

      Totally. My first thought was “still, with the Dereon?” If it isn’t, then it’s even more mind-boggling that she would choose that.

    • nichole

      Ditto, I thought for sure this was House of Dereon. It does not flatter her at all.

      Solange nailed it though

  14. marra

    I really hate beyonce’s outfit. It’s super unflattering. BUT, she always gives us face to the extreme and I appreciate that. Solange is EVERYTHING.

  15. Suzy

    That belt isn’t helping either…she looks like 10 pounds of shit that’s been cinched into a 5 pound fiery bag of shit

  16. Maggie

    I think the train on Beyonce’s dress is to.die.for., and the gloves and boots don’t bug me too much– mainly due to the costume-y nature of the Met Ball. The fit is off, though. I think Bey is too stacked for this dress.

    Imagine this, as is, on someone tall and willowy, and I think it would make more sense. (I say this as someone who prefers the shapes of the Beyonces to the waifs of the world, but obviously some things are better suited for different shapes)

    Solange looks totally dreamy and effortless, as usual, but I think the Met Ball is time to crank it to 11, so I’m tending to side with Bey in this showdown. (Although take these outfits and put them on any other red carpet and baby sis wins handily)

  17.  LT1

    Give the boots a flatter heel, make them knee-high instead of thigh-hight and pair them with an all-black outfit and I’d covet them unreservedly.

    Love Solange’s entire outfit, although I can’t figure out the boy-short slit. And I really love the Diana Ross eye makeup with the subdued rest of the face.

  18. scone

    I actually disagree about Solange. She looks fantastic, yes, but she also looks like she could be at any old event. She looks the same as she always does (which is great, but boring in this particular context). Not punk, not over the top. I’m disappointed in her. At least Beyonce made some nods to the theme (though they turned out to be not particularly flattering on her.

    • Edith

      I completely agree about Solange. Gorgeous? Absolutely. Punk? NOT AT ALL.

      I find I’m actually kind of hurt by the attendees ignoring the Punk mandate – probably because my own aesthetic at the time was punk-adjacent (and many of my friends fully embraced punk) – it’s as if they all (Anna Wintour as much as anyone) are suggesting that it wasn’t a real aesthetic that truly influenced fashion for years and years. sigh.

      Also, I see no nods to the punk aesthetic in Bey’s get-up either. I see flames and painfully mishandled breasts. Yikes.

      • Edith

        Upon second look, I suppose the grommetted belt and the leather (?) top might count as trying to be punk, but it’s really hard to see those things when you’re trying to avoid seeing areola….

      • Imani

        Met Gala attendees have made it a habit to ignore the theme for some time now. This year actually looked as if more folks made an effort.

      • filmcricket

        To be perfectly honest, the idea of punk as an aesthetic at all kind of bothers me. I know Vivienne Westwood had roots in the movement to a degree, but what would be *really* punk is if all these folks embraced the DIY philosophy and made their own outfits. On that level alone, Madonna probably wins, because as the Fug Girls said at The Cut, she probably dug half her stuff out of her closet.

        Weirdly, a lot of the folks who made something of an effort seemed to sway to the Siouxsie Sioux/Robert Smith goth-lite side of things, rather than to Sid Vicious.

    • filmcricket

      Agreed, Solange looks gorgeous, but it’s like she heard “punk,” thought “that happened in the 70s right?” and took a left turn at “disco.” And she doesn’t look too different than she normally does.

  19. Olivia

    My almost four year old saw me looking at the Beyonce picture and asked, “What’s that crazy picture?”. I think that pretty much sums it all up.

  20. Esme

    I think Beyonce has the ugliest clothes ever, always.

    • greena

      agree! i cant figure out how she is considered a style icon! 90% of the time her clothing is dreadful

  21. Anne

    Beyonce’s outfit is misguided motorcycle glam.

    • MG

      It’s what would happen if the Harley-Davidson people designed formal wear.

      • MG

        Of course I had to check– they do casual outerwear, usual leather gear, and a pink line, but no formal wear. She could have ditched the gloves and gone with a motorcycle jacket. I’d give her props for that.

  22. Kat

    Solange looks great but it’s another thematic fail – maybe she misread the invitation you know funk’s just one letter away from punk.

  23. Charlotte

    The worst thing about Beyonce’s outfit is that the belt, which is arguably the only “punk” thing about it, looks like it was tacked on as an afterthought. “Oh, the Met Ball theme is punk? I’ll just wear this belt I bought from Hot Topic in 2003 with my dress. That’s punk, right?”

    Solange look great, but she’s also definitely not punk, so she’s just a “Fine Played” to me.

    • Beth C.

      hahahaha, that is EXACTLY what i thought when I saw it, only it was more “Why is Beyonce wearing the belt I bought for $20 at Hot Topic when I was 19 on top of that couture gown?”

    • Raimesela

      I sooo agree, why would you need a belt over a fire breathing dragon, I mean dress

  24. TereLiz

    Your oyster/pearl analogy is spot on! Bravo! I love this dress on Solange. Bey, I’m thinking this is worse than her dress last year, and that’s really saying something. There were a lot of flashy gown and long trains, but I feel like she’s always got to out-diva everyone else. Solange’s looks are always so refreshing in comparison.

  25.  Carolina Girl

    Beyonce looks hideous. And just once, I’d like to see her show up at The Met Ball in something that ISN’T fishtail or fish-tail adjacent.

    Solange, on the other hand, may not be completely on point with the theme but she looks amazing. I, for one, would be interested to know how Beyonce feels about not being the chicest Knowles of them all.

  26. Art Eclectic

    Beyonce’s dress could have been a showstopper if they’d just let that hem do all the heavy lifting. Make all the rest of it black and fit like a glove, then let the flamed hem shine without competition from the poorly deployed belt, awful bodice, and unnecessary slit.

    Also, have those boots washed and brought to my tent.

  27. Dazie

    From the waist down, Beyoncé’s dress is DO DIE FOR. I mean really- if you can’t wear a flaming train at the Met Ball, where can you wear it? Love the boots too. As a fat-calved boot lover, I live vicariously through my thin-calved sisters’ choices. But the top of that dress. Ack.

    Solange looks… nice. I guess. The half shorts/half gown thing bugs me, but I wouldn’t punch her for it.

  28. Roz

    Solange looks FABU!!!!

    Beyonce: you are a B-cup, and only a B-cup, no matter how hard and tight you mash them up!! Either get a freakin’ boob job or stop trying!! It drives me crazy! J Lo has basically the same boobs and she looks great all the time. She deals with it. She doesn’t TRY to have huge knockers like Kate Upton.

    And the dress is ridiculous!!!! It makes her look fat, and it just looks like a Harley Davidson motorcycle. My friend had Doc Martins with that flame pattern once.

  29. Cat

    I hate this, especially with the matching boots and gloves. Is that a thing now? Because if it is– yuck! Make it stop already. I hate what this dress is doing to her chest region– it’s too low or not fitted properly or both. They look like they’re about to escape. The train, though, is pretty cool. But overall, I hate this.

  30. tigers4us

    Beyonce: Hideous on all points. Looks like a burlesque queen. Can’t say enough on how ugly the gown is. But the accessories! That belt! The boots! And WHY the gloves??

    Solange: Effortlessly elegant and beautiful.

  31. gryt

    That thing is so unflattering on Beyonce… It’s making her look kind of chunky (which she is not!).

  32. Amanda

    Can we discuss the ridiculous amount of body glitter/shimmer Beyonce has on, as well? Its like my 8th grade dance all over again.

  33.  foo

    Beyonce looks like an explosion is slowly working its way up her body and is almost ready to engulf her torso and head. And she has a butt dagger, never a good look.

    It also makes her look squat, which is a feat. (She’s not even remotely) And while I’m bitching, she did a black and gold (too tight) gown 2 years ago at the Met. Face looks great, as always.

    Solange looks really good.

    • Joemama

      Squat, yes. I actually thought she night be pregnant again in the first picture. An abomination of an outfit on a quite lovely lady. The humanity!

  34. Sue

    I think Solange has reached the point where she deserves to be SOLANGE.

  35. Helen

    That might be the worst weave I’ve ever seen on Beyoncé, and that is really saying something. She has the worst taste in hair. And, at least that night, in clothes as well.

    Solange looks great from the collarbones up.

  36. Kristin

    Ever since the photos of Beyonce with her sequined nipple chest appeared, my admiration for her went south. Her Met outfit doesn’t change that impression.

  37. Bella

    Beyonce looks awful. Solange looks great. Very simple.

  38. Lindy

    Not punk.
    Not attractive.
    Not flattering.
    Not slimming.
    Not chic.

  39. Cynde

    My first thought was that Beyonce grabbed a Versace rug and tied it round her waist. Then after all the Katniss references, Solange’s dress made me think of water that put the fire out.

  40. Chris P

    I know everyone <3s Solange around here, but…as much as it pains me to admit, Beyonce had the better dress for the night.

    I mean, I like Solange, and nominally – yes – it is a better dress, and she looks amazing. But it just feels like what she’d wear to the Grammys or the Vanity Fair Oscar Party or the premiere of her sister’s hagiography or any number of other events. At least Bouncy tried somewhat to be thematically appropriate – I’m actually a bit of a fan of the top, and I kind of dig the belt.

    As insane as this sounds, if the skirt had been tartan (and…maybe less of a train) and paired with high-heeled Doc Martens – instead of the District 12 rejects we got here – I would fab this SO HARD. (Then again, I thought SJP was the epitome of Well Fugged – or at the very least, a Well Played by way of Well Fugged – so my style calibration is PROBABLY a wee bit off.) As it stands, it starts out being somewhat acceptable for the theme and then veers off into full Beyoncé territory.

    And you never go full Beyoncé. Even if you ARE Beyoncé.

    tl;dr – Yeah, Solange looks good, but she missed the mark. Yes, Beyonce screwed up, but I think she got surprisingly close.

    • Edith

      Yeah, but if the skirt had been tartan (and…maybe less of a train) and paired with high-heeled Doc Martens, it would have been a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT look. A much better look.

      Agreed that Solange – as awesome as she looks – totally missed the boat on the theme.

  41. mepe

    Beyoncé’ looks really great from the back here…that’s something.

  42. lola

    Solange’s fro is just incredible. She looks like a goddess.

  43. lola

    and is Beyonce’s mom designing for her again. They are like pageant drama outfits. this one has me thinking zebraskin rug or something dragging behind her. ugh.

  44. kay

    i liked the back of beyonce’s dress. it always makes me laugh that as huge as beyonce is she never really gets the red carpet right

  45. Michael

    are those stretch marks on B’s boobies?

  46. Eden

    I like the boots. They would have looked great with an all black, punk cut dress. In fact, I covet them. However, with the whole get-up? Hideous is the only word for it all.

  47. Vandalfan

    Makes me wonder how silly Solagne’s hair would look on a plump, pale old grandmother in North Idaho. It’s that good.

  48. shadylady

    Beyonce is, and always has been, so overrated in every way. Can’t figure out why everyone thinks she’s so awesome.

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  50. Raimesela

    If the dress was fire just on the hem & tail it would have a wonderful effect, when standing and everything else be black, gloves & boots& no side slit. Hair in a nice bun. But noooo she looks like half her side is on fire. Really disappointed

  51. :paula

    Does Solange have the longest arms of any person ever? Look at them, they are really long. And I say this being personally acquainted with Michael Phelps. ARMS.

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  53. Lily1214

    Re Beyonce’s gown: no one could look good in this.

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