Apparently, I like everything Anne Hathaway is doing with her hair lately, because I was totally into the short hair, and I ALSO like the blonde:

This Valentino is from 1992 — two years prior to Elizabeth Hurley’s infamous Versace safety pin dress — and I think it actually really, really works on her. Unlike a lot of the more successful OTT outfits from this event, it’s not TOTALLY event-specific. I mean, it’s punk-ISH and it’s totally appropriate, but if she had worn this to, like, the BAFTAs, I probably would not have burst into angry flames. As it is, I actually think this is great on her. Anne’s big problem can be traced back to the fact that she comes across as a TOTAL try-hard, and this is trying just hard enough. It’s actually kind of hot. And that is a sentence I have NEVER SAID ABOUT ANNE HATHAWAY EVER. Can we blame the blonde hair?

[Photo: Getty]