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I didn’t really have a problem with this:


I honestly thought this should go without saying, but:  I SHOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR NIPPLE TAPE. Especially when it is on YOUR ACTUAL NIPPLE.

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  1. Andrew S.

    eh, that’s all angles. It’s nothing special, this outfit, but much like her career at this moment it’s perfectly servicable right now.

  2. BrownEyedBetty

    Thought this was Beyonce at first!

  3. Sandra


  4. Melody

    Coulda been worse. She could have left the tape off!!

  5. Chasmosaur

    I blame this on the famous Green J. Lo Versace dress. (Which actually has its own Wikipedia page! )

    That dress was designed (if still suffering from the same angle problems). This is just an unbuttoned shirt. It is not the same.

  6. Lina

    So, her newest reinvention is as the love-child of Pamela Anderson and Beyonce…? IDEK what to think about that.

    • Katty McNiley Ripley

      I think it’s more J.LO and Beyonce…

    • mara

      Seriously. I’m getting tired of black girls with blond hair. Just enough already. It was cute for a minute but now way too many have hopped on the bandwagon to genericville.

      • Tana

        Her hair had been dark for a long while and looked gorgeous. I don’t know what made her go back to this color.

  7. McLisa

    I thought she looked hot in a 70′s disco singer way until the reveal of THE REVEAL… for crap’s sake! Celebs are getting too naked.

    And FUG those ridiculous platform shoes.

  8. Mongerel

    She looks breathtaking in white. Those pants are just terrific in the up-close, as is her makeup. Dang that is one beautiful girl.

    • Lisa S

      She really is gorgeous. I’d like to see her not try so hard. I also wish she’d worn different lipstick. But yes, very pretty.

  9. Helen

    Another desperate outfit from her. This is getting to be a routine.

  10. francesca

    I hate to admit I looked at the enlarged photo of that mishap, and am amused to note the pastie is sparkly silver.

  11. TonyG

    Ooooh, child, that jump seriously needs a NSFW warning…LOL. Glad my boss wasn’t standing behind me with that one.

    • Cranky Old Batt

      I was just going to post the same thing. Very glad neither of the executives that I support popped by my desk!

  12. Gigi

    I thought it was Beyonce and ready to give her a pass (just seeing the first photo), thinking, sister has got to come out with an exercise video for that major, post-baby weight loss, cause this is unbelievable. Never mind.

    And if you’re going to go blonde, commit and do your roots regularly.

  13. AM

    There is this new-fangled invention, even better than tape. I like to call it BUTTONS.

  14. neiges

    The amusing part is that when she sits down the tape pulls her nipples down…

  15. Miss Louise

    This should have been a jumpsuit (yes, I know it’s blasphemous to say that around here!), as it would have achieved the same look without the distracting dark button at the waist and the not-quite-matching whites. I’m sure the side-view is exactly what she was aiming for.

  16. vandalfan

    Well THIS is certainly 180 degrees from the Jubilee crowd.

  17. Claire L1

    Minus the nipple waving to the camera, I like the outfit. Granted, with the red hair and ruddy complexion yet pale skin that haunts me, I could NEVER wear all white….so I might just be coming from a place of “ooooooh whiiiiite clothes” envy. ( and we won’t even get started on my ass in white jeans)

  18. Tracy

    Her boob defies gravity. I’m jealous.

  19. Patsy!

    So that’s where she keeps her gum….

  20. witjunkie

    Haha Patsy!

    But seriously, those white jeans are beautiful.

  21. katkin74

    This was great from the front (except for a slight hemming problem), which is what I was thinking when I scrolled down and then my inner voice screamed in my head “WTF?!”. Who thinks that’s ok / classy / ok – I got nothing else. Yikes.

  22. CD

    The second reason I wish that I hadn’t seen that is that she has no sag. Pictures like this should prove to all high school girls that actually smaller can be better. The look from the front was great…maybe worth it?

  23. Ms.A

    Girl, use the buttons on that shirt.
    And never wear all white.

  24. gigi

    Beyonce?!?! riiiiiiight, forgot you people thought we all look alike… :\ Ciara’s face is absolutely stunning & doesn’t take much for gorgeousness & her body is impeccible… Beyonce always looks like she’s spent the wee hours of the morning thru noonday & early dusk prepping for an evening event…. ugh

  25. Lily1214

    Somehow I thought this was Beyonce. I have to say Ciara does look terrific.

  26. ML

    This outfit makes me want to dig out my “Saturday Night Fever” LP from the crate and play “Night Fever” until I can’t boogie on down no more.