High Fugshion: Potential Awards Season Preview

Sure, they may not be the streetwise and trendy and aspirational part of New York Fashion Week, but I love when we get a show full of gowns. Because it’s fun, it’s big, and it’s the closest to what we do on GFY — those are the clothes we’re apt to see on the red carpet, and so they’re the ones that snap me to attention the most. And yeah, it might be a little soon to see some of these at the Oscars, but that’s okay. There’s always the Emmys. Awards season casts a long shadow.

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  1. steen

    Helena Bonham Carter needs to wear #8. Preferably hitched up on one side with fishnets and a garter belt.

  2. A.J.

    Those are all dreamy! Well, except the last one. SWINTON could pull it off, though.

    • Billie

      My exact thoughts!

      I wish Tina Fey were to go, I think #9 would be good for her. Great color, yet simple.

      • Maisie

        All I can see with #9 is a starving woman. Yeesh, it hurts to look at her–and it would hurt even more to be accidentally jabbed by her collarbone.

  3. Caroleena Stantonova


  4. Art Eclectic

    Love almost all of them except the ones with cutouts – I don’t care how fancy the dress is, the second I see cutouts I start looking for the stripper pole.

    The first periwinkle dress is drop dead gorgeous.

    • Kate

      seriously! I sighed audibly when I saw it. I’m thinking of starting a foundation to raise funds so that I can own it.

  5. Lindy

    Oooh, what a fun slideshow! Thanks for posting it!

    I’m not usually a ballgown type person, but I loved that first dress so much and hope someone wears it.

    Please, can someone tell me what designers are thinking by sending poor models down the runway in see-through bodices like in slide 12? It isn’t sexy to see some emaciated waif’s little nubs, is it?–it’s just ridiculous looking and no woman in the world (well, maybe J.Lo) would actually wear a see-through top.

    • Robyn

      Thank you. I wondered if my eyesight was going. Is a liner too much to ask?

  6. Stefanie

    Oh the first one is incredible. I could totally see myself vacuuming in that.

    This was a great slide show. Such pretty things!

    That red one with the attic tulle: Lea Michele. Calling it.

  7. Anj

    I know Rooney is pretty minimalist which I love anyway because she makes me notice all the unique details and cuts on her outfits (and I love black), but I hope she wears red to the Oscars. I remember her wearing a long red dress recently and though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the style, I felt like it made such an amazing impact. I reeeally wish she’d go in the dress on slide #28!! She would look amazing in that though I bet someone like Penelope Cruz will end up in it.

  8. gladly

    I love this post, loved it last year. This is the most fun, like Barbies on my computer.

  9. megs283

    I LOVE those ginormous skirts – it reminds me of a Barbie I had when I was little. She wore this ginormous skirt, which with a tug of a drawstring transformed into… a bag! To hide all of her other clothes!

    • Moody

      I totally had that Barbie! Pink and sparkly silver striped skirt/bag!

    • LibraryChick

      Wow. Now all I can think of is the Barbie itself and now it’s going to bother me not to remember the name. From what I remember, the Barbie wore a silver minidress (sleeveless or halter top, I think) that had a teal ruffle on the bottom. Then the pink and silver “skirt bag” when over the bottom when you wished to convert to the ballgown look. The Barbie also wore a very cool necklace with a dial. The dial would let you change the color behind the fake plastic “jewels” to white/clear, teal, or fucshia so you could match to your outfit of choice.

  10. derp-shooter

    I LOVE the black and white swirly one. I wish I could wear it everyday.

    Also, the big orangey one with the black belt, I thought the model looked just a bit like Kristen Stewart (maybe just cause of the makeup & styling) – and I realized THAT is what I’d like ol’ KStew to wear. Wouldn’t it be great if she totally broke out of the mold like that? Also, I feel like she wouldn’t be able to resist having a real smile while wearing it. It appears to have pockets too, so she could keep a stress ball in on in case she started feeling tense and grumpy.

  11. Rebecca

    I could see Emma Stone in many of the fab ones but am holding my breathe for her in Dress #1

  12. Sajorina

    Great selection, Heather! I loved most of these, especially #12 & #19, which are right up my ally… COVET!!!

    Will you be live blogging The Oscars Red Carpet on Sunday?

  13. TaraMisu

    Oh yes I love the fashion shows on GFY! I am short & dumpy, could never wear high fashion and frankly….. most of these I would not be caught dead in :D But they are so much fun to look at! #9 – the color is drool-worthy.

  14. Sara B.

    I can totally see Nicole Kidman in the 1st J. Mendel dress, Julianne Moore in the crazeballs Oscar De La Renta, Angelina Jolie in the 2nd Oscar De La Renta and Emma Stone in the 1st Reem Acra (the black with sparkly gold). Also, I LOVE all of the Naeem Khan prints! SO PRETTY! Bring on the prints, ladies!

  15. dih

    Serious Question: How on earth to they all manage to not double up on a dress. People are excited/surprised to observe the red carpet choices but is there a secret memo that circulates among the attendees to make sure of individuality. Or do such mistakes happen?!?

    • Caity

      The gowns that the celebrities where are usually the runway samples. Thus, there is only one, making it damn near impossible to have someone showing up wearing the same thing. Though, that would be a neat trick for some designer to pull on a celebrity that was especially bitchy.

    • Heather

      It happens occasionally, but very very rarely — it’s on the designer to make sure the actors they woo into their clothes don’t look silly (well, “silly”) by having someone else in the same dress at the same time. They’re supposed to be the ones keeping track.

  16. crookedE

    Rooney Mara should wear that red and black lace Lhullier. It is a little tiptoe into color without being too far from her wheelhouse.

  17. Erin

    I LOVE the first dress. It’s so beautiful and a little bit different. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

    #20 is so Diane Keaton.

  18. Jen

    Oh, it’s easy to dress the skinny girls (and I think Rooney could rock either #13,- the black & white one, possibly without the big poof on the shoulder, or #25, the red & black lace).

    Let’s talk Melissa McCarthy for a minute! She looked great in that deep blue at whatever-last-award-she-won, but I’d love to see a bit of a pattern (like #1, but not with one shoulder, I think she needs two) on her. The color of gown 9 would look great on her, but not the style so much (although, I’d love to see wacky staircase gown 8 in that deep teal color). #6 — with a less deep V, and a bit more skirt?, or if we could borrow the pattern of #17, and combine it with the look of #18. (that little jacket might be nice on her)
    And 26! The deep red! I think she could go bold!

    • Softwear

      I so want Melissa McCarthy to wear that red – the one they said should be Octavia’s (although it would look great on Octavia too). I kept seeing Melissa in lots of these dresses – she is having a year! And I like the staircase dress too, but what’s with Oscar putting all these bows and such across people’s ribcages – his bridal gowns had the same theme this year. Weird. Good thing Melissa’s already married.

  19. Sunshine

    Would it kill the models to smile? And what’s up w/the last one? Looks like someone punched her in both eyes a few days ago and the fading bruises have reached that lovely yellow stage.

    • Heather

      I think they’re instructed not to smile, by most designers.

      • guerra

        I presume they dont want the model to take away from the dress – which is what you should be focused on.

    • G

      The grim, suffering look on the models’ faces really detract from the pleasure of looking at the gowns. Granted a big goofy grin would be inappropriate but they look like they’ve been (literally) beaten down.

  20. Leah

    Ahahahaha Brad Pitt! I may have snarted.

  21. Grace

    That black cut out butterfly J Mendel dress is so gorgeous, black or no. Makes me curse the boobs that will never allow me to wear something like that. Well the boobs and the bank account.

  22. Lina

    The new Lhuillier collection was the biggest disappointment. I loved the Jenny Packhams. And I think Shailene would give something huge to be blessed with a tenth of Coco Rocha’s stage presence. Child is so overrated. Also, the Brad Pitt line cracked me up hard — if he shows up wearing gold and black, I will laugh and laugh.

  23. vandalfan

    Sunshine speaks for me, that poor girl in the last photo looks simply beaten up! I understand wild and crazy makeup for the runway, but no one with any sensibility would send one’s looks down the runway on abused waifs.

  24. Colleen

    I love #1 and wish someone would wear it, but it seems like most Hollywood ladies are afraid of a little pattern. Don’t be afraid of patter, or a color.

    I adore #24. Love and could see Catherine Zeta Jones wearing it.

    #25 had Rooney Mara written all over it. Please, for the love of the Dragon tattoo, wear something that isn’t all black.

  25. Softwear

    So Nicki Minaj already wore the last one. It doesn’t seem so farfetched that, oh I don’t know, Terri Hatcher, or Bai Ling, or Amber Rose could show up in at some point too.

    Also, am I crazy? Rooney Mara IS the girl in The Social Network, no? Why…is she pretending…she’s some kind of…other person entirely? I don’t know anything about any dragons or tatoos, but she was legitimately great and beautiful in that movie – is there something about her real look that she found unacceptable?

  26. Softwear

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that she’s not NOW in character as a dragon-tatooer or whatever, so…why can’t she return to her normal fabulousness? Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it seems like she’s working so hard to distance herself from what was a legitimate role.

    • anny

      Oh, she was in some movie from a bad novel that sold a brazillion copies so all the fanboyz/girlz are nuts about it and she’s been in character ever since. Meh.

      [I'll be over here under the umbrella. Here, have my spare.]

      • Heather

        I think she is loath to grow out the look in case they greenlight the second and third movies, in part. And I think she blurred the mental lines between Lisbeth and herself a bit.

    • Anj

      I heard it was easy for her to get into her role as Lisbeth but it’s been really hard to get out of that. Honestly, even if it wasn’t that, I don’t see a problem with an experience or just a plain ‘ol character impacting you so much that it changes your style and gives you a new perspective in possibly other ways. People reinvent themselves all the time and maybe she is more comfortable the way she is now than before the movie. I think she looks very striking and Audrey Hepburnesque.

      • thunderthighs

        She was truly awesome in that movie, which is great if you haven’t seen it. Lisbeth is a powerful and iconoclastic character and I could see an actress disappearing into her for a while.

  27. Mikki

    Lots of pretty gowns! I could totally see Nina Dobrev in a lot of these, she has that same tiny frame – especially in the gold #11 and #15. And I agree with AJ in #21 – totally her style…along with Brad in the black & gold number LOL!

  28. hmoreton

    That jenny packham hair is SO Sean young in Blade Runner ..

  29. Laura E.

    That strapless purple patterned Carolina Herrera dress is so pretty. I could see Salma Hayek in the feathered dress, if it were black instead of red.

    I wish I could remember which dress it is, but one looked perfect for Kirsten Dunst. I think the model had a similar face.

  30. Prolixity

    I have no words for how much I love Naaem Khan’s clothing. He is number one on my “If I could…” list for designers. He’s the anti-Rodarte.

    I’m not a monarchist, but I would like to personally thank the Duchess of Cambridge for bringing sleeves back. God bless protocol-demanded modesty.

  31. hillary l.

    There are others from the Venexiana line that I thought would be perfect Angelina/Nicole/Chastain/Shailene bait. Wasn’t a giant fan of the ML Fall 2012 collection either.

    I’m so worried about the Oscar red carpet being as BORING as last year, I can barely sleep at night…

    …(not really, but am concerned).

  32. Sandra

    I wish I had somewhere to go in major ballgowns. I’d have to work very hard on my posture and presence to pull any of these off, but most of them are lovely.

  33. Morgan R.

    Wait, wait, wait, back up– did that very sparkly Herrera gown have POCKETS? GLITTER POCKETS? I feel like I should support glitter pockets on principle, but my heart just won’t let me.

  34. Ruth

    I’ll take one of each for my supermarket runs. Sometimes I wish that wearing formal gowns were more acceptable in everyday life. They can be so beautiful (or supremely ugly)…

  35. luxsword

    The first dress si really gorgeous !

  36. Chaiaiai

    the red one with the muppety bottom? penny cruz all the way.

    also, one of you fug girls had a dream wedding with posh spice scenario a few years ago (jlo as maid of honor cuz she’d get shit done?) in my mind, the final dress would be the after wedding, party ON! dress for the reception. because it is A-MAZ-ING.

    and yes, i’m a creeper for remembering that sidebar fantasy;)

    • Chaiaiai

      excuse me, make that SECOND to last dress. no one needs a marmee at a reception!

  37. R

    Blake Lively needs to wear #1 and not customise it with a leg slit.

  38. R

    #15 is a Cate Blanchett and #8 is maybe Michelle Williams or Natalie Portman (both seem to like odd detailing). #22 is a Mila Kunis/Emma Stone. For the record I love #1 and #22 the best.

  39. guerra

    sigh. I really want to wear these in realy life.

    1,10,24 & 26 were my favs.

    With such good choices I really dont know how celebs can get it wrong!!

  40. Sarah

    I hope somebody wears some of the gorgeous lace Valentino gowns that were at fashion week. They’d suit so many of the younger starlets and be awesome!

  41. Jen

    You know, so many of us wish we had somewhere to wear a ballgown — Fug Girls, I think I see a Major Ballgown Event on your horizon…. yes? Couldn’t you host one? and invite us all? and we can wear BigSkirtDresses and pin the fishtail on the celebrity and stand in front of our very own PhotoOp Walls (I don’t know the technical term for those, sorry) and … maybe it could be for charity. Or a booksigning for your fun YA novel.

    Pretty pretty please??

  42. Miranda

    Is Jennifer Lawrence invited? If so, there’s a number of these I could see her in. Same for Hailee Steinfeld.

    That giant red poofy-skirted thing would actually be kind of awesome on Jessica Alba, somewhere, sometime.

  43. narshkite

    The “punky lace” is totally Rooney Mara. If that can’t get her in a color nothing will.

  44. narshkite

    Love all the pretty dresses … well most. Mila Kunis would look pretty in number 1 (that dress is a fantasy!), and I would also endorse Keira Knightly, who somebody else mentioned. I am thinking Elizabeth Olson for number 5 and Kristen Wiig for 9 (she needs some color). It has been said, but 8 was made for Miss Lucy Honeychurch herself. And call me crazy, but I think Amber Rose wold look awesome in number 7.

  45. jean

    I’ve never worn a ballgown, but now I want to. It’s nice to know that designers can make truly lovely dresses that are elegant (I was going to say flattering, but it depends on your body type).
    Sometimes I wonder if designers actually want women to look nice/presentable/unfussy. And then come these dresses! But maybe the real market for these dresses is conservative (I’m thinking New York socialites of a certain age, European royalty, millionaires from Asia …

  46. betty
  47. Jael Paris

    I love guessing what people will wear. My predictions only featured two recent dresses (both couture), and two American designers. I want women to go for fun and memorable on the red carpet and stop worrying about the worst dressed lists. http://www.fashionmefabulous.com/2012/02/dress-nominee-oscars-2012.html

  48. Gin

    If anyone wears any of these they could improve the look 100 fold if they a) smile and b) don’t look like they’re dead eyed heroin addicts and/or dying of consumption. Seriously nothing will convince me that high end fashion designers aren’t a bunch of misogynist sociopaths.

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