Fugs, Fabs, and Fines: The British Fashion Council Cocktail Party


There were some interesting pants decisions — pancisions? — made at this event.

[Photos: WENN]

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  1. glee

    Rachel Zoe has extraordinarly beautiful eyes. That’s the only positive thing I can say about this batch.

    • Rowynn

      I’m positive that I hate Marisa Tomei’s shoes. I am a legit grandma of 3, and I would not wear those shoes because they look too old for me.

  2. Molly

    I feel like every time there’s a picture and a comment anywhere about Rachel Zoe that we are all avoiding the pink elephant (with an eating disorder) in the room. Ya know?

    • glee

      Duck for cover!

    • regina

      YES. Every time I see her, I wonder why someone hasn’t helped her see that she needs help. I refuse to believe that her emaciated look is “genetic”.

  3. yazzo

    Rachel Zoe looks waaaaaaay older than she is. Hydrate, girl!

    • Karen G

      I think ringing one’s eyes totally in black makes them look smaller, and that could be part of Rachel’s problem as well.

      • True_Blue

        I saw Rachel Zoe’s photo, and my brain flashed back to Endora from Bewitched (I’m old). Minus the bright blue eyeshadow, of course.

      • witjunkie

        Yes, lining the inner lid in the dark black makes the face look harsher than it needs to be AHEM SJP. It reminds me of the old ladies who still dye their hair the dark inky black, and it just ages them worse than if they were grey.

  4. Lucille Austero

    I think I would wear Marisa Tomei’s shoes. Regardless, can we all agree that Marisa Tomei is awesome and having a really interesting career?

  5. Nanc in Ashland

    OK–let’s start a trend of big evening handbags so these ladies can carry an effin’ hairbrush. That way you can say hey, the outfit is awful but she has great hair!

  6. McLisa

    On the bright side… Pants were worn.

  7. Jill

    Amazingly, I cannot find one single thing to like about any of these clothes, purses, shoes, hair, etc. Does anyone even TRY anymore?

  8. Lynne

    I think Christa B. Allen looks fine, really. It’s not that the dress doesn’t fit her. I think it might be wrong for her shape. Her figure leans towards boyish. The basic tank dress is fine since she has about 0 per cent body fat but she could look so much lovelier with something that cinched at the waist. I’d also like to see her in more of that orange / coral color.

    And not for nothing, I want her to have a better story line on Revenge. Because I like this girl and she deserves better.

  9. teal

    I can’t be the only one who has noticed that in America Louise Roe is only known as a “Louise Roe BRITISH style guru or something”(i cant think of what she does, oops!) and in Britain they call her “Louise Roe, a British style something-or-other that is famous in America”

    I can’t help but wonder how one gains notoriety when no-one actually knows you? and I’m afraid that Louise Roe might be making Louise Roe happen.

  10. Ines

    hmm, i like e. doolittles dress even more than the nice dress from c. b. allen. the rest is horror.

    • Art Eclectic

      I like Eliza’s dress, too. I just wish the whole thing had been lined. I’m so tired of looking at people’s slips and Spanx.

  11. Carol

    Louise Roe is an unnatural color … another victim of tanning abuse … meanwhile, her outfit looks like it’s undergoing mitosis and meiosis simultaneously.

    As for Marisa: Get some sleep!

  12. Vandalfan

    Eyesores, every last one of ‘em. And Heavens! Brush your hair, ladies.

  13. Bebe Balocca

    And *I* am totally distracted by Marisa Tomei’s blouse. Her makeup and hair and pants aren’t great, sure, but the top bothers me more than anything. It makes me nervous. I’m sure there’s a skin-tone, opaque layer beneath the ropey mesh layer, but… *squints*… it makes me uncomfortable.

  14. Emily

    No do not give Christa Allen a pass on those shoes NO.

  15. Evalyn

    I’m alarmed at how many of these women look exhausted. Take a nap, for heaven’s sake.

  16. crookedE

    Is it just me, or was there some seriously terrible lighting at this stop-and-repeat? Everyone looks…not so fresh.

  17. AQ

    As an old myself, I don’t understand why young women want to start dressing like a Golden Girl thirty years too early. Louise Roe, whoever the heck you are, wear some kicky little skirts or bandage dresses or whatever, not the Mrs. Roper Collection from Sears ASDA!

  18. AndersonicTK421

    Wait a second, if that’s Christa (B.) Allen, then who is that super cute brunette from Days (of Our Lives) that used to date Intern George?

    (visiting nndb.com)

    Ok, seriously? KRISTA Allen. It’s a different girl. And all along I, having never followed a link, saw the headlines and thought “Oh, that’s nice. I’m glad to see ‘Billie’ has parlayed her soap work into a career…”

  19. regina

    I really dig Eliza Doolittle’s ensemble!

  20. Sandra

    These ladies look like nine miles of bad road. Was it that awful of a party?

  21. Guerra

    Racheal Zoe looks like death! She needs a holiday!

  22. Esme

    Rachel Z–yeesh; I think she’s finally losing it.

  23. Esme

    This is one of the more horrifying arrays of fug–Rachel looks like an underfed Mae West.

  24. witjunkie

    No pool boy is hitting that.

  25. Bertha

    No way Louise Roe is 30 years old as she claims her age to be. Louise Roe looks more like her age is mid 30s to 40s. Anyone know when she was really born?