First of all, I am still REALLY WORRIED about the whereabouts of the Letterman Dumpster. Have they moved Dumpster out of camera range? HOW DARE YOU SILENCE DUMPSTER? I am going to start losing sleep worrying about the fate of the Letterman  Dumpster. Next time one of you guys walks past Letterman, will you check on Dumpster’s Whereabouts for me? I’d do it myself, except…you know, I’m in LA.

In fact, I am so concerned about Dumpster that I didn’t even notice until just now that Call Me Maybe’s Crop Top and Skirt are not even the same fabric, but in fact one is BeDazzled whilst the other is NOT. God. I need to take a nap already and it’s not even lunch time.

PS: Those shoes hurt my feelings unless they’re on the feet of a second grade girl, in which case I want to fist-bump her because she’s awesome.