Fugs, Fabs, and Fines: Everyone Else on the Red Carpet at VH1 Divas


In which Adam Lambert appears to be auditioning for Game of Thrones.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Carol

    Stacey Kiebler: What Batgirl wears to formal events.

    • Carol

      As for Natasha Bedingfield: What is worse than wearing a map-of-the-world doily as a top paired with a dressing-table skirt from the Bargain Inn motel chain?

  2. qwertygirl

    So over the purple hair. If it were even a spunky shade of purple. But it just looks washed out, faded, and sad. I hear Rite Aid is having a special on Miss Clairol. Won’t you please consider it?

    • Kathryn

      If it was a nice vibrant purple, it wouldn’t be so bad, but this reminds of those coloured rinses older ladies used to put through their hair, that would leave me wondering if they thought we all were under the impression that pale blue or purple was an actual hair colour.

      • Jen

        It does look like blueing! I use it to wash my horse’s white legs, and am always worried I’ll leave it sitting too long before rinsing, and it will end up looking like Kelly’s hair! Blueing, when used properly, makes white hair REALLY white; if you leave it on too long before rinsing, it turns white hair blue/purple. I know someone who accidentaly turned their white horse faintly violet that way.

        • C-No

          Why would you NOT turn your horse purple?! It could be a My Little Pony for Halloween!

  3. Eliza Bennett

    I love La Kiebs’ outfit. I can’t help it. I wish there were colorful accessories, but I love it.
    Kelly O’s dress IS super cute. I like the retro hair with it, too. That’s my favorite look because it’s not deadly serious.

  4. Kalli McQueen

    Yeah, over the lavender hair on Kelly but otherwise she looks totally cute.

    And that Paloma gal? She has A LOOK and she is working the hell out of it. I think I love her and I think she looks fantastic.


    • Scouse Helen

      For the love of God, do not open the Paloma Faith floodgates. We’re sick of the sight of her here (UK). She’ll attend the opening of an envelope dressed in something barmy to get her photo taken. Rather like your own dear Phoebe Price or Bai Ling.

      • Helen

        Hey, we can’t help it if Bai Ling prefers the U.S. to her native China.

        I think they owe us an apology for that one…

        Phoebe Price, though, yeah. Sorry.

    • pantsonfire

      I have never heard of her before and have no wish whatsoever to open the floodgates…it sounds frightening. But I will say that her dress has massive potential. Just take off the slevves, do something more open and interesting with the arm and neck holes, and shorten it a bit, and voile, I think we have something. (I have already mentioned once today my extreme fondness fro fashion veering towards warrior-queen garb.)

      I like the idea of Kemper’s dress, but agree that it’s not appropriate for the event. And I think I might want to make some changes to it. But like I said, cool concept…soemthing about the eighties vibe of the colors/print with a more modern, formal silhouette.

      • pantsonfire

        I retract my Kemper comment. I belatedly zoomed. It is not an eighties-inspired print. From a distance I thought it was, like, pastel pink and purple geometric shapes. When will I learn. A.Z.F. Always zoom first.

  5. Margaret

    Kinda thinking that Adam Lambert is looking a little like a Dave Navarro wannabe. Yes?

  6. shannon

    Did anyone else notice how extraordinarily pajamalike Kelly’s gown is? It’s satin, but moreover it’s got notched lapels AND a breast pocket! Completely what the Hef would wear were he a woman.

    Ciara looks bangin’.

    Keri Hilson’s bitchface is in its prime.

    I’m over Kelly O’s dishrag lavender hair AND her obnoxious attitude. Her insistence on claiming some kind of moral high ground after bodysnarking Christina Aguilera is just insufferable.

  7. Erin

    Adam Lambert is one gold tooth and one large hat away from being the smoothest pimp in town in that get up. All I can hear when I look at him is Will Ferrell’s character in The Other Guys screaming, “Gator’s bitches better be using jimmies!”

  8. Amy Farrah Fowler

    @Margaret — My thoughts exactly. Adam Lambert is going as Dave Navarro appearing in Game of Thrones.

  9. TaraMisu

    I love Adam Lambert AND Game of Thrones, so … YAY!

  10. Claire1

    Why is Adam Lambert trying to morph into Dave Navarro?


  11. Wade's missing shirt

    Kelly’s looking better than she has in a very, very, very long time. I’m glad she mixed up the hair styling, but I really wish she’d vamp up the color a little. I’m okay with the lavender, but go for a more vibrant shade. I’ve got to agree with Kathryn – her current shade is just a little too old lady.

    Cierra (sp?) Looks great.

  12. Alice

    Oh, Demi. I adore everything you’ve done for girls and their body images and eating disorders and all that. Really, I do think it’s amazing and you were really brave for just talking about it all rather than sweeping it under the rug. But OMG girl would you stand up straight?! I don’t know how you manage to slouch while wearing sky high heels, but some spine straightening would make this dress so much prettier on you. Roll those shoulders back, feel that string pulling you from the top of your head towards the sky (isn’t that a Tyra-ism?) and work how beautiful you are!

    • Beth C.

      Agreed. PLus, I know it is totally something about the angle or the pose or something not actually wrong with her body, but she looks like she has a werid doll hand or something, like the molded Barbie hand where the fingers aren’t separate.

  13. AMS

    “Competitive Rage Blackout” = punk band name WIN

  14. Vandalfan

    Paloma is downright hilarious. That dress is so stiff and unflattering I could have sworn for a moment her head and legs were photoshopped on backwards.

  15. katiemelb

    Adam Lambert wore something like 10 amazing outfits on the night (he was the host). Some were great; others were hilariously over the top. I so wish the Fug Girls would do a whole post on just his outfits, a la Carrie Underwood when she hosts country music awards shows.

  16. Helen

    Rowland looks smashing to me. And hey, train-wrangling’s a job, she’s doing her part for the economy. :-)

    Is Adam Lambert appearing as some sort of villain in the next season of Game of Thrones? ‘Cause I think they let him keep the makeup, coat, and boots.

    Kelly’s dress is cute.

  17. Nancy

    Based just on this view at least, I like Brandy’s dress. I think she looks cute and interesting. Sometimes an origami dress is a good thing – a Very Good Thing.

  18. Dani

    I actually really love Stacy and Kelly O’s get-ups. I don’t normally like either of them, but they look great. Now, on to the more important issue: How come there is no Kelly Clarkson post?! Girl’s dress was downright crazy. Like someone made an outfit from all of the cheap 80s Christmas decorations in my parents’ attic.

  19. ccm800

    For the love of god how do I turn off the “get the look” pop ups?

    • Ailex

      There is an option to never ever show those annoying pop-ups again on the ad itself.

  20. Esme

    Ugh–so sick of No-Discernible-Talent Kelly Osborne. She’s like the road company Kim Kardashian, famous for being famous.

  21. Siobhán

    Kelly is wearing the same dress Judd Apatow’s daughter did recently. Outdone by a teen, that must suck.


    • Shannon

      Sweet little Maude put a little collar under hers. That is cute…good eye.

  22. roser

    With Esme on the Kelly thing. Ciara looks gorgeous.

  23. Lynne

    Adam Lambert is pretty much making my day with that Navarro Game of Thrones thing he’s got going on. It’s as though he got the invite and said to himself, “Diva? They want diva? I’ll show ‘em diva. Someone find my leopard print boots stat!” Amazing.

  24. Rose

    Natasha gets points for looking like she actually wants to be at this thing. Not the best she’s ever looked, nowhere near her worst, and she seems HAPPY so good for her.

    Adam Lambert, on the other hand… yes, we get that you have a reputation to maintain, but WHAT EVEN.

  25. Aria

    Beside Lovato’s posture, I just don’t like the dress. I know she is young, but the dress plus her styling looks like she is trying to do “little girl” or something, and I’m not digging it.

  26. Eli

    Paloma Whatever is a pale imitation of the late, great Sally Spectra.

  27. Elwi

    Not a big fan of Kelly’s outfit, especially given it’s lack of worthiness for a train wrangler. And, although I had no hopes of being “that girl”, I did find that Jennifer Hudson had a dress worthy of such assistance at the 2011 Oscars. Check the image: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/imagegallery/gallery/phpZBW28A.jpg

    Damn you E! coverage!

    Back to work…