Fugs and Pieces, July 12 2013

As I noted earlier today, our first young adult novel SPOILED is Amazon’s Daily Find for Kindle! That means, today (Friday) only, it is a mere $1.99! (It’s ALSO $1.99 on Nook and iBooks today!) That’s probably the universe telling you to buy it, right? Regardless, here are some other things to read:

The new Britney video is bizarro. Y’all know my theory about why she can’t dance anymore, right? Remember, like, right before she really went off the deep end, she blew out her knee (filming a video with Snoop, if I recall correctly — I love that I can remember that but who knows where my reading glasses went). And I personally think said knee was NEVER rehabbed properly, or at all, because she was too busy rehabbing her mental health. Hence, she can no longer dance. Which is REALLY sad. (Lainey Gossip)

I LOVE how much Pajiba hates Grown-Ups 2. A taste: “There is not a single redeeming moment during Grown Ups 2. There is not a single laugh to be had. There is only the pain of knowing that each scene will unfortunately be followed by another scene, and each subsequent scene will force you to confront the decisions you made in your life that led you to this place, to a theater with far too many people in it, watching a poorly improvised pastiche of sketches — many of them abandoned due to indifference — featuring actors who simply do not care.” Uh, there are spoilers? (Pajiba)

I love this collection of good luck charms from the always amazing Kim France. We all need a little talisman now and then. (Girls of a Certain Age)

All this stuff about Leah Remini leaving the Church of Scientology is juuuuuicy. Especially if you’ve read Going Clear. (Celebitchy)

OMG, look at this collection of Royal Baby Pictures. I love the one of Prince William playing with his own foot. Is Diana wearing a jumpsuit? Anyway, they’re all great little time capsules. (Marie Claire UK)

– You’re going to love this interview with Amy Poehler. (Time Out)

– Likewise, this is a great piece with Michael B Jordan. (Vulture)

– The park rangers in Death Valley really, really wish everyone would stop frying eggs on the sidewalk. (Time)

This look into the various ways you can lose weight at the spa — from lymphatic massage to fat electroshock — is really amusing. (Into The Gloss)

Cosmo named Josh Jackson their “Ladyboner of the Day” this week. I thought you might enjoy. (Cosmopolitan)

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Comments (26):

  1. Eli

    OMG I wish the royal baby will be born so I can stop constantly checking people.com. Also I totally hate that I do that because I am not even a fan of babies and because it is embarrassing to admit.

  2. Susan

    I have no idea what Britney’s song has to do with Smurfs. And the clips from the movie look terrible. NPH – you are better than this!

    • Jessica

      I think the song is in the Smurfs movie?

    • Annie E

      Yes, it is in the Smurfs movie. However, the only thing Britney ever COULD do was dance, so it’s quite sad that she can’t do that any more (I agree with your theory, Jessica).

  3.  Billie

    That picture of Pacey as Diane’s umbrella wrangler could be the best red carpet picture of all time.

  4. LauraGMG

    The Pacey obsession continues, I see


  5. Jillian

    I know from personal experience that taking a couple of years off of dancing (mine was due to a knee injury also), you lose A LOT. I really could just be a matter of she’s gone so long without really dancing that she just can’t build back up that level again.

    That being said, the video is awful. Her kids are pretty cute though.

  6. understateddiva

    I love the idea and thus far the selection of the ladyboner of the day, but I do NOT endorse the creation of that word!

  7. Ericajeanine

    I’m pretty sure Brit Brit blew her knee while rehearsng for a concert tour in Vegas. Is there a hotel in Vegas named Omni? The name Omni is ringing a bell in my head in connection with Britney’s bad knee.

    • MelShoe

      Was it Onyx?

      • ChristieLea

        That’s it! It was the Onyx Hotel Tour. Only didn’t she blow her knee out while she was filming a video? I seem to recall the awful moment was actually caught on tape. Poor Brit.

        Either way: I also support the theory. It seems like she can’t dance at all anymore.

  8. Sajorina

    I’m so glad that Leah Remini opened her eyes and left the Church of Scientology because like the article says “They are just a really corrupt, insane cult.” I wish more people would see through their bullshit and break free!

    And, OMG, how much do I love PACEY?! More and more every day since 1998! I’m so happy with the way he’s turned out… He’s just an amazing man and great actor! Joshua & Diane are one of my favorite couples ever and I want them to stay together forever! ♥

  9. Annie E

    Stacey Carosi would never put up with Scientology’s modification nonsense!

    • Elbyem

      Leah was apparently born into Scientology. She didn’t make the conscious, adult choice, to join a “religion” started by a sci-fi writing fraud artist.

  10. Chelsea

    Interesting. I’ve always assumed that she just got uber-rich, uber-famous, went off the deep end, had children, and now she literally doesn’t give a shit enough to spend the hours learning choreography. I don’t have any questionable knees, but I can’t imagine that they would impede her so significantly that she can’t do anything but stand awkwardly.

  11. LJ

    I love Britney, but this song and clip are just awful. I can’t believe that there wasn’t a more appropriate child oriented song for a children’s movie! Maybe if she wasn’t wearing such impossible heels (thanks for the unexplained close up), she could endeavour to bust a little move instead of gazing seductively into the camera.
    However, I think she looks gorgeous and it’s nice to see her in a happy place.

    • Chris P

      Both of that, I guess.

      I smacked my knee into a stop sign last month and I’m STILL not back to 100%. (And all I had was swelling for a day!) Knees are sensitive mofos, yo – and considering that she had a mental breakdown at the same time she screwed her knee up, I can imagine that she’d never be the same again.

      Also, yes, the heels. If I recall, she didn’t usually dance in heels even at her peak, right? So it might be more of a case that she’s not really dancing because of the shoes as much as history.

      • ChristieLea

        She DOES look pretty happy in the video, eh? I never though she looked particularly sexy or seductive in half her videos, personally. Her face just didn’t sell it…she always looked more confused, as if wondering why the director was insisting these were sexy moves.

        This may be an awful video, but she looks pretty comfortable with herself for once.

  12. Jess in Sydney

    Re: Brit Brit…I agree with your theory, just thought I’d add something from personal experience (I had a pretty severe ankle blow out)
    When rehabbing an injury, it’s not just physical, but psychological. There’s an element of fear that needs to be overcome, it takes a while to be able to walk or run (or in her case, dance) without being scared of something happening again. Especially when you’ve had multiple injuries – I believe she’d previously injured her knee when she was younger. I was offered counselling by my doctors in order to get past it.
    When you watch her dance, she clearly favours one leg over the other. I think the Til the World Ends video showcases it pretty well…
    My theory is, as well as not going thru physical rehab, she never got past the fear of blowing her knee out again, so she’s hesitant to go all out. Explains all the arm dancing & hopping on one leg.
    Sad, but at least we still have her old videos.

  13. HKS

    The song, (lack of) dancing, and video are terrible. However, she looks fabulous. I am loving her dress, hair, and makeup. Hopefully, she’ll continue to dress like this in the future. (HA! I accidentally wrote that as “fugture.” Clearly I don’t really think she can maintain the good looks to avoid being fugged).