As I noted earlier today, our first young adult novel SPOILED is Amazon’s Daily Find for Kindle! That means, today (Friday) only, it is a mere $1.99! (It’s ALSO $1.99 on Nook and iBooks today!) That’s probably the universe telling you to buy it, right? Regardless, here are some other things to read:

The new Britney video is bizarro. Y’all know my theory about why she can’t dance anymore, right? Remember, like, right before she really went off the deep end, she blew out her knee (filming a video with Snoop, if I recall correctly — I love that I can remember that but who knows where my reading glasses went). And I personally think said knee was NEVER rehabbed properly, or at all, because she was too busy rehabbing her mental health. Hence, she can no longer dance. Which is REALLY sad. (Lainey Gossip)

I LOVE how much Pajiba hates Grown-Ups 2. A taste: “There is not a single redeeming moment during Grown Ups 2. There is not a single laugh to be had. There is only the pain of knowing that each scene will unfortunately be followed by another scene, and each subsequent scene will force you to confront the decisions you made in your life that led you to this place, to a theater with far too many people in it, watching a poorly improvised pastiche of sketches — many of them abandoned due to indifference — featuring actors who simply do not care.” Uh, there are spoilers? (Pajiba)

I love this collection of good luck charms from the always amazing Kim France. We all need a little talisman now and then. (Girls of a Certain Age)

All this stuff about Leah Remini leaving the Church of Scientology is juuuuuicy. Especially if you’ve read Going Clear. (Celebitchy)

OMG, look at this collection of Royal Baby Pictures. I love the one of Prince William playing with his own foot. Is Diana wearing a jumpsuit? Anyway, they’re all great little time capsules. (Marie Claire UK)

– You’re going to love this interview with Amy Poehler. (Time Out)

– Likewise, this is a great piece with Michael B Jordan. (Vulture)

– The park rangers in Death Valley really, really wish everyone would stop frying eggs on the sidewalk. (Time)

This look into the various ways you can lose weight at the spa — from lymphatic massage to fat electroshock — is really amusing. (Into The Gloss)

Cosmo named Josh Jackson their “Ladyboner of the Day” this week. I thought you might enjoy. (Cosmopolitan)