Fugs and Fehs: Freida Pinto


It’s a bad sign for Freida Pinto — one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, I think — that I saw this dress in a thumbnail and thought, “who is that poor fool?”

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  1. Ms.A

    This woman is beautiful. Both of these dresses are fug.
    The bodice on that first dress looks like an overdecorated birthday cake. I will never be okay with a dress that has poofing and a slit. That second dress is sheer but not, and therefore also fug.

  2. Sabina

    I actually am digging the bodice on the first dress. The rest is bad though. It was a scroll down fug for me. Although I’d like to re-shape the bodice somehow – maybe? The second dress is just dull and depressing.

  3. BeanFug

    It looks like she hiked up her skirt to go to the bathroom and it got stuck in her panties. Also, her bodice looks like a topographical map I made in 2nd grade. Despite this, she is still incredibly gorgeous. [sigh]

  4. gail

    Project Runway takes the bedspread from an 8-year old’s bedroom and turns it into a red carpet dress! In 15 minutes! The black’s not bad though…

  5. fiatluxury

    perhaps my most major girlcrush? pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty woman. fugly fugly fugly fugly fugly fugly dresses. OH, FREIDA.

  6. Jasmine

    My friends and I have a name for the one piece of hair that never seems to agree with where you think it should go, and so it spends most of its time in a random spot on your face. That name is Hank. And Freida? Hank is getting all up in your grill and you need to show him who’s boss.

    Maybe not while wearing that pink dress though, because he probably wouldn’t take you seriously if you looked like a potted plant mated with a wrinkly pig.

    • Jasmine

      if your DRESS looked like a potted plant mated with a wrinkly pig***

      Never should the words “wrinkly pig” be used in a possible description of Freida Pinto, terrible dress or no.

  7. jjdaddyo

    I am thinking the black dress is more Bollywood than Hollywood. And that other thing is…. I don’t know what.

  8. Sandra

    Presumably someone was paid to select those dresses for that woman. That someone must be found and stopped; terminated with extreme prejudice if need be.

  9. Sarah

    What’s wrong with her legs/shoes? They look normal in the black dress but those silver shoes are making her stand weird.

  10. Tara

    Remember when you were a kid and you’d tuck your dress or skirt into your underpants to stop yourself from flashing everyone when you did cartwheels? That’s what Freida’s first dress looks like!

  11. Victoria

    That shade of pink is divine though. Looks lovely with her skin tone.

  12. Francesca

    She’s been on the Hollywood scene too long. Her I-can’t-believe-our-movie-did-so-well sense of style has been slummed, dog.

  13. AM

    Well, I have a thing since forever. Pink dresses–you had me at hello. Black sparkly, love. Plus, she’s very cute and pretty, so in general, I like, or definitely, don’t hate either one.

  14. anny

    Nope, the bodice on that pink thing looks like two birds kissing, and it also looks like it’s made out of shiny pinata.

  15. pidget

    The first is SO DREADFUL i almost can’t see that she is actually gorgeous. Second – blah. Stop the clompy shoes, particularly egregious on someone so delicate.

    Fire the stylist, and go back to whomever was doing it before…

  16. Shiitake

    Oh dear.

  17. Anj

    I just don’t think she looks good in black but rather colors. I actually love the pink dress. I feel like it’s something Zoe Saldana might wear.

  18. AM

    Another thing I like about both these dresses that I think she deserves high praise for, or maybe she just has some class, is that, even though these dresses have slits, she’s not doing the weird sticking her leg way out there thing.

  19. ccm800

    I am CERTAINLY in the minority but this one Frida Pinto ALWAYS leaves me “meh.” For me her parts are greater than the sum – pretty eyes – lovely complexion but all together she is dull as dihwater – Stumpy and boring. I find her terribly over-rated as a beauty and actress.

  20. Akhila

    jjdaddyo, neither of these dresses is Bollywood. And I don’t mean this in a bitchy sense, but neither is this woman. All of India’s been thinking “Who is this poor fool?” and “Why is Hollywood so crazy about her?” since Slumdog released. We even dislike that name “Slumdog.” So if this is the beginning of the end for the “I cant believe our movie did so well” deal, then hurray!

  21. TonyG

    Get rid of the bubble gum pouf and I would love that first dress! The second one would be okay in a color (the dark side of emerald green).

  22. Sarah O

    I really like the first dress up close, but it does look crazy in a thumbnail. The colors are so pretty.

  23. Mahastee

    If she stood up straight, the pink dress would look amazing.

  24. Clarisse

    It’s bad news for the rest of us normal women that she looks fat in this….


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