Fugs and Fabs: Elizabeth Olsen


Elizabeth Olsen is so cute to me. If her sisters come across on the red carpet as dour and depressed, she always seems legitimately cheerful, and it’s totally refreshing.

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  1. SJC

    Love her.
    Though I feel sorry for her big sisters that from now on they’re always going to be unfavourably compared to her. “Look, it’s the newer, better Olsen!”

  2. Lina

    Ack, NONE of those dresses suit her. The print on the yellow adds at least eight inches to her hips and the baggy black sack is a travesty. Now, her smile, her face, and her hair are all fantastic — I just want her to find some clothes that flatter her figure AND express her apparently bubbly personality at the same time.

  3. julie

    I love the shoes in the last picture!

  4. Em

    Uh, where’s the fab? She’s adorable, though.

  5. Lindy

    She IS adorable, but these clothes? Not so much. The lemon isn’t bad, but the print is overpowering her and that last outfit is just horrid.

  6. Emster

    Agreed – she comes off as lovely and charming. The yellow dress is possibly one of the most unflattering dresses I’ve seen lately. And she needs to keep using the toothy smile — otherwise, she’s looks too confusingly like one of the twins.

    • Squirrel!

      True! I never thought she resembled her sisters that much before… until that last shot, when she’s not smiling with her teeth. Then I was struck by the similarity.

  7. Dina

    I’m going to credit the fact that she’s the “tall” sister and the one who got to grow up normally instead of having creepy men keep countdown calendars to when she reached the age of consent for her generally cheerful disposition.

    She is really pretty, though, and can almost make her granny wardrobe seem fashionable.

  8. Karen

    Yeesh. The dress in that second photo is seriously BAD.

    It looks almost as if it was supposed to be one of those down-to-there V-necks and she chickened out at the last moment and pinned the top together.

    She’s definitely cheerier than her sisters, but her clothing sense isn’t looking much brighter.

  9. Kate

    I like the lemon dress! I actually think it gives her nice curves, has an interesting pattern, and a beautiful color. I’m not sure why hips are now shunned, she looks like a woman!

    • Miranda

      The whole criticism of the lemon dress is confusing to me, because I feel like it makes her look like she has NO hips and is just straight up and down? Mysteries.

  10. Margaret

    funny, i definitely could tell she was related, but just barely…..UNTIL the last picture. It was a little too related to the twins.

  11. Erin W

    The fourth picture makes her look the most like an Olsen. Both the outfit, and the less sunny expression. I love the yellow dress, even though it does widen her a bit. She’s super-thin, so she can stand it.

  12. Sajorina

    I seriously like this girl… I want to be friends with her! Not only is she a great actress, she’s a college student! Kudos for making both work, Elizabeth! I love her cheeriness and her smile is infectious! There are some things here that I don’t like, but I LOVE the awesome yellow print dress & the teal shoes in the last pic! Let’s focus on the positive!

  13. AM

    I like the dresses too, except maybe the backwards one.

  14. Crystal

    Teeth, no matter in which direction, shape, or condition, are made for smiling.

  15. TaraMisu

    She really is SO cute, but none of those dresses do a thing for her. :(

  16. Molly

    Cute girl, and refreshing in so many ways compare to most young actresses. I really love that her body looks like a normal girls, and she seems totally happy in her own skin. Fantastic! A healthy young woman making it in Hollywood! I see a young Meryl Streep in her. Talented and genuinely real.

  17. Jamee

    I gotta say I love the dress with the floral print skirt and black top. It’s chic and I love her hair/makeup/overall mood. The yellow one is very unflattering. It’s like it gives her hips BUT no waist. How does that happen? The last one is blah but she still looks adorable.

  18. Megan

    You know what? I think it’s her smile that truly sells these outfits. I’m not a fan of any of them, and on anyone else, they’d look HORRIBLE. But she can play it off with a great big smile, and it’s ok. I like that about her.

    I do have to say that in the first picture, she looks like Sarah Chalke.

  19. vandalfan

    To me, her sisters look more deer-in-the-headlights surprised and mildly alarmed in photos than sour and dour.

    Her smile is dazzling, but these outfits! The black one looks like it’s slipping down and she was caught throwing on a black cardigan for modesty. The yellow has those big circles is JUST the wrong place. The black coat is … a coat, fine, but she’s wearing too much eyeliner. I guess Olsen and eyeliner is like ketchup and fries, you can’t have one without the other.

  20. CJ

    She’s adorable!! I also love that she is not stick thin. She looks like she is happy AND allows herself to eat a burger. Yay.

    As for her wardrobe, she does tend to lean toward her sisters’ granny style, but I think the outfit in photo 2 is very flattering. I don’t want to sound crass talking about this young lady’s figure, but she is more straight up and down. Nothing wrong with that! But, as a consequence, certain styles will look better on her. I think the black top and the wrap skirt is very flattering. The wrap give more of an illusion of a waist. The yellow dress, though, does not flatter her figure at all, although the color is very pretty on her and the general fit is good. I just don’t think the designs on the dress flatter her; truth be told: I don’t think those designs would flatter anyone! Who wants bullseye targets on their hips? Not a good choice. Outfit in Pic 4 is an example of granny style. All of the pieces are nice but she looks very….layered. Just because you are not a stick doesn’t mean you need to completely cover up your figure with multiple layers! Still, clothing aside, she looks adorable and fetching.

  21. Gigi

    It’s nice to see such a pretty smile, er, such a smile at all, on an Olsen. Makes me feel better about the mood of the Olsen house when they were all young.

  22. Pink Coat

    The yellow dress is FAB!!! I love it.

  23. regina

    wow it’s like i just discovered that ashley or m-k:s mouths actually CAN open when smiling. but then no, since this is neither of them… haha

  24. Lucille Austero

    I’m not seeing much fab in the dresses, but I love her smile, and I love her hair in picture 2, and in picture 4, I can finally, finally see the resemblance to her sisters.

  25. Sandra

    Yeah, the clothes are pretty awful. Hair, make-up, and mega-watt smile are all major wins.

  26. Emily

    Agreed she is the most likable of her siblings. Not that I have met them. Her hair and make-up look amazing, but her clothes are just unflattering! Like her older sisters she can’t seem to wear anything to flatters her body!

  27. Kris M

    Love the yellow. I actually like the knotted one that looks backwards. Not a huge fan of gaping chest holes, but the concept of the dress is carried off well.

  28. Emma

    Why does she need to be compared to her sisters anymore? They’re all interesting in their own ways. And the neckline on that lemon dress is awful.

  29. lori

    There is some seriously strong DNA in that family.

  30. minette

    mind-blowing how much she looks like her sisters! those genes are STRONG! i think she’s very pretty, and is not afraid to try different things. can any of us honestly say that everything we wear works? give her a chance to figure out what looks best on her body. in the meantime, enjoy that gorgeous smile.

  31. megan

    she is very cut! the clothes are not

  32. Rubee

    For some reason, I don’t dig her or her style. She’s pretty in theory, but she comes out for me as someone who’s happy to expose her teeth and sort of a cardboard-ily giddy face. Guess she’s having a hard time trying to project herself as a non Ashley & Mary Katy

  33. Lily1214

    Beautiful girl without all the angst of her sisters. Beautiful teeth and lovely smile.

  34. exquisite red

    Oh, she’s so so pretty! The only one I don’t care for is the last one (but love the shoes). The first one is at least interesting, even though yes, it does look backwards. I do love the print on her, though. And I do like the lemon dress. Yes, it makes her look a bit hippier than she is, but maybe that’s what she was going for? I can’t say I’ve never done that before. Curves are sexy!

    At least she hasn’t been boring. I hope we see more of her here!

  35. Chaser

    Oh poor thing – she has a body shape like mine. Slim arms and legs but a thicker body with boobies but little waist definition. She also has a short neck.

    It’s really hard to dress this shape when you don’t understand it – the limbs make you look like you should be willowy but you’re not really.

    I’d give her another few months. She’ll look back on how bad she looks and keep adjusting.

    Giving props to her though – she’s a granny/risk taker and I like it.

  36. ChaChaHeels

    She has a great smile and it improves whatever she’s wearing, no matter how terrible it is–but then again, I don’t think her sisters have ever been taken very seriously as actresses. Elizabeth gets a lot of work and many good projects, and we only see the twins be photographed because they’re famous, wealthy twins.

    Someone is still making a living ( I believe ) from telling Elizabeth that she can wear anything. That person should be fired. One look at that yellow dress proves it. That dress is designed for a flat chested girl in a wonderbra, with hips as thin as a boy’s. It creates mounds of curves where none exist. If you have a slim womanly physique, it’s going too make you look like a big, squat, A-frame building. Elizabeth doesn’t need that.

    • Dru

      Agreed on everything you said, especially the yellow dress. It’s the combination of the neckline and the fit around the middle that make it look odd on her, and she really doesn’t need that.

  37. Blue Buddha

    I honestly don’t dislike any of the outfits. The second one is a bit odd. She seems like the fun girl you’d want to hang out with after class and get a coffee. Also, her hair? So pretty and shiny.

  38. Dru

    I think she’s talented, lovely and would look wonderful in flapper dresses – so much better than that yellow monstrosity in pic #4.

  39. NYCGirl

    I like the yellow dress, except for the…tulle, is it? around the neckline.

  40. JulieMama

    She is smiling, which IS a refreshing change from her sisters. However, 1) I’ve been at premiere events with her and she isn’t very nice… She talks sh*t about EVERYONE around her — esp. making fun of what they’re wearing and NOT that-fun-wise-@ssy-go-fug-yourself-sort-of-way but just a snarky-mean-girl-sort-of-way; and 2) She’s as tiny as her sisters but that yellow dress isn’t doing any favors for even her tiny hips!

  41. Hannah

    Is she not a young Michelle Pfeiffer? In the last picture that is all I can see. The 80′s cool teacher reference helped too.

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