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Oh, Freida Pinto — whose name I just typed as “Freida Pinot,” which is clearly a Freudian slip. Today has been annoying. I already need wine. My stupid computer is being stupid. Isn’t Mercury Retrograde OVER, Fug Nation? WHY MUST I SUFFER?

What was I saying? Oh, yes. Dear Freida Pinto: THIS LOOK IS NOT YOUR BRAND. Yes, it’s a Nylon event, so you want to be a bit edgy.  But this a) doesn’t really fit, and b) has a car driving across your crotch. That look works for very few ladies, all of whom are attending the 4 Fast 4 Furiouser premiere. As cater waiters. At the NASCAR bar (NASCARBAR). What would L’Oreal say?

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  1. Annie E

    If it were a size bigger, I think she’d look great.

    • Megan

      Yes – one size bigger or maybe if the dress was a smidge longer, and without the car in front.

      It’s too bad she probably doesn’t know Kate Middleton to call for advice – she can incorporate a theme into her clothes like no-one else (see: North American tour).


  2. Carol

    When I first looked at the photo, I thought she was wearing a two-piece outfit! The horror!

  3. AM

    I know I shouldn’t like it, but okay, I don’t hate it. I think that’s because I usually like what she’s wearing. I think she’s so pretty and at least manages to cover herself in a classy way, compared to SO many other actresses of her age.

  4. Gigi

    All I can think of is the theme song to Speed Racer and how that Mark V is about to cruise down Trixie Pinot here’s tunneled highway. Pull the emergency brakes, Freida!

  5. Ines

    i love the dress, but it doesn’t work on her. and her (surely gorgeous) hair/-style is horrible with this. not to mention the pose…

  6. melanie

    It’s an ugly dress, but she is so unbelievably gorgeous.

  7. leah

    NO. And why is she standing like she needs airing out down below?

    • D

      Yeah, I was also wondering why she is standing so awkwardly. Is it because she’s trying to let the photographers get a clear shot of her crotch decal?

    • AmandaD

      Exactly. While I greatly appreciate she’s not doing the cross-legged thing, this is just an awkward stance.

  8. Kara

    With the white pumps too? Girl, no. She is so pretty, and I love her and Dev Patel together (he is too young for me but he seems like he’d be a very good boyfriend in general), but no. This looks like something (minus the pumps) I would buy for my play niece, who is a toddler.

  9. Christian

    As you said, this is for Nylon, so I think the point is to look as cracked-out (or “fashion forward”) as possible.

  10. Trace

    I really think her pose is killing this outfit. I’m sure if she were standing like a normal person the SHAPE would at least be working. That being said: it still a totally ugly dress.

  11. Dr Skylaser

    NASCARBAR!! (Is totally a small, clothes-wearing elephant related to Babar.)

  12. ceecee

    Made out of an 8-year-old boy’s repurposed bedsheets.

    • neiges

      Oh my two year old would love me forever if I wore this. It could have a Pixar badge on it.

  13. Anna Svahn

    And what is up with the bruise on her thigh? Don’t they have makeup for that?

  14. Softwear

    Oh my gosh, I never noticed that.

    The dress is fine, I hate her hair here. It needs to be lifted off the face.

  15. McLisa

    She is too too pretty for this style abomination. She should be wrapped in that yellow. It’s a gorgeous color on her.

    But seriously… CAR ON YOUR DRESS WHAT?

  16. Veronica

    I think the dress is really cute and fun, but the bad fit is what earns the fugging. I’m also not sure how I feel about the shoes. Actually, scratch that. If I’m going to go all out and wear a silly car dress, I want a pair of those crazy retro ones from Prada this season, especially if I can get the ones with the tail lights!

  17. Sandra

    This is doing terrible things to her. She is not squat or square but this thing is giving that impression. The blocking is horrible, the colors are various shades of used dishwater and those shoes need to go away.

  18. Kris M

    I’m going backwards through the posts and just saw Shenae Grimes, who was still in my head and I thought this was her at first glance. I think Shenae Grimes could wear this and we’d think it was super fun and cute. Freida, not so much. She just has a general air of being older (which she is) and it looks off.

  19. ellie

    I for one like the skirt and feel like i could rock it, it deserves more life than she’s giving it. I just don’t think it suits her much. However it could be worse, the pics of that event are terrible, case in point:


  20. Sajorina

    I’d just like her to close her legs… That would make it so much better! Agh!!! I want her clutch, though!

  21. Ruby

    is it just moi, or does her pose suggest she’s just peed standing up?

  22. crystal

    Make it fit, make her stand better, and make the whole thing yellow. Then I’m sold! I actually kind of love the car, but I’m just contrary that way.

  23. ChaChaHeels

    You can’t fault the girl on her pose, people will take a photo without waiting to see if someone is standing perfectly. That said, you can fault the girl on her Prada. That’s an ugly outfit on a beautiful woman.

  24. Lily1214

    Doesn’t fit – I hope she didn’t pay too much for it.

  25. lori

    I think it looks great on her. The only thing I don’t like about the picture is her wide-legged stance. What is up with that???????

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