I admit to being pleased that this show is BACK. Here’s what happened this week: Zoe Hart’s father came to town to operate on George’s Dad, because George’s Dad had a heart attack whilst George was yelling at him for being a heartless capitalist bastard or something (on the actually well-meant urgings on Lemon). Because he’s a smarmy bastard, he’s played by Gary Cole. (The great tragedy is that Gary Cole and Tim Matheson didn’t get to have a smarm-off, in my opinion.)  ANYWAY: Gary Cole saves George’s Dad’s life, and after a lot of yadda yadda, he and Zoe reconcile despite the fact that he was a total ass when he found out he wasn’t her biological father. Side-note: both Gary Cole and Rachel Bilson were excellent in their scenes together.

In other news, Lemon decided the best way to keep Zoe from telling George that Lemon and Lavon used to be LOVERS is to become best friends with her. Zoe doesn’t bite, but tells Lemon that (a) she doesn’t want to be the person to break George’s heart by telling him, EVEN IF SHE LOVES HIM (implied), and (b) she’s not going to tell anyway because of how Lavon is ALREADY her best friend and she would never betray his confidence thusly.

BUT! Lavon gets drunk at the Rammer Jammer because they’re having a Cocktail Contest — which inspires Hot Neighbor Wade to open his own bar (HNW didn’t have much to do this week other than look cute and fix drinks, which is all I’m really looking for anyway) — and he KISSES LEMON and she wasn’t into it at all, but GEORGE SAW THIS and WHAT WILL HAPPEN?!?! Etc. Let’s look at the outfits!