Loath though I am to strip anything of a shiny gold accoutrement, I did wonder at first what this would look like without the sleeves.

Then I decided the sleeves make me happy, like a marriage of gymmastics and Xanadu, which doesn’t happen enough in life. And I began to wonder if my hangup was the cat-eyes in her boobular region. And THEN I wondered if I should even have a hang-up at all, which gave me yet another hang-up, and that is only a satisfying feeling if it involves slamming down a cordless phone after delivering someone A Piece of Your Mind.

I need you, Fug Nation:

  • This is perfect as-is (15%, 1,219 Votes)
  • This has potential, with adjustments (56%, 4,510 Votes)
  • This is ptttttttthbt. (That's a spitting noise. Very impolite. Sorry. But you get the gist.) (29%, 2,342 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,074

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