Well, Diana is officially a turkey (I mean, per The Mirror: “The Queen of Hearts has been recast as a sad-sack singleton that even Bridget Jones would cross the street to avoid.” OUCH.)

At least she had the good sense to dress as a swan.

[Photo: FameFlynet]

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  1. mary lou bethune

    She looks beautiful and fresh and the dress is lovely from the bodice up but what was she thinking when she signed up for a movie about Princess Diana?

  2. Caro

    Oh dear; at least Bjork had the balls to commit to the whole vision–Naomi here is just flirting with swanness, and it’s not pretty or interesting.

  3. Ruth

    She may have stolen Wills’ christening dress to wear here.

  4. qwertygirl

    It’s a little too far into nightgown territory for me. Pretty, but better suited to an evening of self-pity on the chaise lounge while your cad of a husband is out with his mistress.

  5. Lizzy

    This looks like some 70′s lingerie. All she needs are some feathered mule slippers.

  6. Kris

    Marchesa is doing red carpet lingerie?

  7. Leigh

    I love it as a nightie in Mad Men.
    I would love it as a red carpet dress if we either cut the sleeves off at the elbow, or made the entire sleeve like a floaty cape, maybe.

  8. Deborah Stultz

    I wish the shoes weren’t blurry. I might love them.

  9. Sandra

    Wedding night lingerie is never a good look for the red carpet. Naomi herself is lovely. I want her and Cate Blanchett to offer a course in being pale and fabulous.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Wedding-night lingerie, exactly what I thought. This is what a woman wears to surprise her new husband for their first night of wedded bliss.

      • Maria L.

        If I had worn this for my first night of wedded bliss, I do believe my husband would have died laughing.

  10. Maria L.

    Seriously, is Harvey Weinstein blackmailing her or something? Because that is the ONLY excuse for wearing this.

    But it would look grand on Trudy Campbell if she and Pete ever get back together- she looooves those frou-frou nighties.

  11. amys

    Either the sleeves or the shirt need to be flouncy, not both. She looks really beautiful from the elbows up.

  12.  ErinB

    The dress doesn’t seem very aerodynamic but it might look *fantastic* doing a triple Lutz.

  13. LoriK

    There have been a lot of actors this year stuck doing the pole dance after a project officially became a flop. They should form a support group.

  14. TonyG

    Oh my… I do not like this at all. Somehow it’s costumey, twee (reminds me of “Holy Communion” dresses for girls) and too old (doile up top…ew) all at once.

  15.  Sarah

    For some reason I don’t dislike this nearly as much as I would expect (I think it is because she manages to look comfortable and natural, she’s wearing the dress, it’s not wearing her). But I hate those shoes with it, they look like they belong on a totally different outfit.

  16.  Charlotte

    I would have accepted this:

    a) without the bell sleeves, on Elle Fanning or Anna-Sophia Robb, or

    b) with different shoes, on Florence Welch or Diane Kruger.

    On anyone else, it is RIGHT OUT.

  17. Jen

    If the sleeves ended at the lace, and didn’t have arm-skirts, I would like this. The lace on her chest is lovely, and her makeup keeps it from washing her out. As it is, though… no.

  18. Lily

    From the Mirror review:
    “Despite a peroxide hair-job, she looks, sounds and acts nothing like the Princess of Wales. Wesley Snipes in a blonde wig would be more convincing.”

    This is the LOWEST of blows. Ohhhh my GAWWWWWWD.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      If the official trailer is any indication, both she, and the film as a whole, soundly deserved that.

      And the marvelous Juliet Stevenson is in it! I love her! Such a shame when Bad Film happens to Good Actresses.

      At least Naveen Andrews looks great. I think that’s pretty much what this has going for it.

      • NicoleMN6

        It’s got Naomi Watts, Naveen Andrews, Juliet Stevenson, fabulous clothes and scenery. Who needs good dialogue or plot?

        •  HelenBackAgain

          You’d think, but unfortunately, Watts appears to be the biggest problem.

          • countess

            I loved Princess Di & am so disappointed by the reviews. Now I’m kinda scared to watch it…

  19. Sajorina

    I don’t dig the dress, but I COVET those shoes! Her head looks great & I like the jewelry!

  20. Carl

    Harsh critics, enraged fans and ordinary people on a revenge mission rarely dare to be overly cruel to some movie star they deeply despise for spoiling the precious image of their lovely, beloved Princess.. while she innocenly poses in a squee, girly, lacy, frilly, ultra-feminine frou-frou white dress..?

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