Fug the Show: The Lying Game, episodes 1-3

Are you watching this show? It’s quite entertaining, and the clothes are a mix of Adorable and Cracked Out, which is obviously exactly what you want in a TV show, if not on your own body. Obviously, since we haven’t been covering this from the get-go, I’ll need to catch you up. BASICALLY: Sutton and Emma are twins separated at birth. Sutton got adopted by a rich family and grew up into a mega-bitch. Emma ended in a series of foster homes and is Kind and Good. Blah blah blah Sutton tracks down Emma and asks her (Emma) to impersonate her (Sutton) while Sutton is off searching for their birth mother. A LOT of shenanigans ensue, as well as A LOT of people giving each other Meaningful Glances, but where we are now is this: after beaucoup drama, Sutton is back, and Emma — who has, of course, improved Sutton’s life immeasurably simply by being nicer to people (especially Sutton’s boyfriend, whom Emma has kind of stolen, but….details) — has to go back to being herself. There is a lot of mysteriousness surrounding Sutton’s (adoptive) parents vis a vis the twins’ biological parents, and Adrian Pasdar is lurking around seeming nefarious and hiding in bushes having whispered conversations about nothing with Charisma Carpenter, who does not use Botox, to her great credit. Sutton’s friends and sister have a lot of boy drama, as is de rigueur for ABC Family. Let’s take a squizz at their outfits.

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  1. Erin

    LOVE this show. and usually love their outfits, although occasionally a superFug outfit is mixed in.

  2. swellcat

    On page 16, it’s Mads not Char who is Studio 54. But I love this show, though I feel like it and Pretty Little Liars are stretching out a mystery that isn’t going to be that exciting! I mean, even Veronica Mars wrapped up the mystery in 2 seasons( I’m looking at PLL when I say that).

  3. Karen

    The dominatrix bodice in that second photo looks like the logical extension of Jane Quimby’s weird black straps on her pink prom dress…is this, like, a THING? Should we know about this?

  4. Sajorina

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Of course, it is the perfect show to watch after “Pretty Little Liars”… Ooohhh, the mystery, the intigue, the secrets, the lies, the awesome/whack fashions! I usually love what Emma as Sutton wears, but Mads, Char & little sis wear some crazy stuff! Thank you, ABC Family! And, I can remember the last teen show whose lead female characters wore only their real hair… It was “Dawson’s Creek”, which ended like a decade ago!

  5. Carrie

    I love this show and especially Emma’s never-ending supply of cute party dresses. I also may or may not have googled the guy who plays Ethan just to make sure I’m not a perv as he is kind of dreamy.

    • Sarah

      He’s a whole year older than me!!! I love that even as I approach 30 I can still crush on boys on TV shows who are supposed to be in High School. Nothing about that thought sounds appropriate

  6. Hel

    Picture 2: Super long earrings???
    Picture 8: Not sure you should wear these kinds of shoes on a golf course.

    Also “de rigueur” is the correct spelling.
    Anyway, I love these fug recaps. I started to watch Ringer and Pretty little liars because of them.

  7. wtfnyc

    THANK YOU for the mini-rant about ABC Family’s huge ads (or whatever they’re called) for their other shows at the bottom of the screen! I flove me some “Switched at Birth,” and I started yelling at the tv when I couldn’t see the ASL subtitles because of their ridiculous fracking billboard blocking them! Super uncool, ABCF!

    In other news: can we talk sometime about how on SaB, Bay always looks sassy and cute and perfectly coiffed despite having seriously curly hair, but Daphne is constantly sporting something last worn by an 3rd grader in 1982, at times with POM POMS IN HER HAIR???? What on EARTH did Katie Leclerc ever do to the show’s stylists to deserve that?!?!

    • swellcat

      Thank you! When I watched last week’s ep and she was supposed to be passing for over 21 with those kid hair things? COME ON! It could be that Katie is 25 and trying to pass for younger and Vanessa is the right age so they can dress her more “mature”. Just my thoughts. I was irritated at them blocking the subtitles too.

    • Carrie

      They’re doing the “Meredith Monroe in Dawson’s Creek” thing, where they’re trying to make her look younger and desperately failing, unintentionally aging her in the process.

  8. Ladyblahblah

    Without looking at the pictures, I must ask if this is a different show than the one with Sarah Michelle Gellar? If so, really? TWO shows about a good twin and a bad twin switching places? That is so specific. Oh well, at least they’re not vampires or Kardashians.

  9. Kalli

    yup, Ladyblahblah, there are at least two shows on right now (this and Ringer) about a poor/good twin and spolied/bad twin who don’t get along and must impersonate the other. Both shows feature secret lovahs, the “good” twin falling for the bad one’s man (even though both of the guys seem too nice to have put up with bad twin) and lots of overly elaborate outfits. Actually, speaking of vampires…on The Vampire Diaries the lead actress also plays two roles– not twins but doppelgangers who are distantly related, where one is supposed to be true and good (human) and the other is a selfish diva of a vampire and they have switched places many times so far. At this point I just expect every character on TV to have a secret twin waiting in the wings.

    • Ladyblahblah

      The Olsen twins are no doubt plotting their triumphant return to the small screen….

  10. vandalfan

    Is one of the twins a Secret King of France? Is one of them actually shipwrecked and in concealment? Are they named Antipholus and Dromio?

  11. Jenny

    I can’t believe you didn’t comment on the fact that all the girls always wear heels to school. I haven’t been in high school in a few years, but who does that?

  12. Lori

    My high school senior daughter and I enjoy our Monday nights of PLL & LG. HOWEVER, I don’t think I have EVER seen girls dress like that (in dresses and heels) at our high school and we live in a pretty upper middle class area. It’s all skinny jeans & Uggs here in Northern California.

  13. Eli

    I love this show, just like I love all shows on ABC Family (except the one about pregnant teenagers). That reminds me, when the hell is my beloved Make it or Break it to return? Also, I am glad I am not the only one who was pissed off about their logos obscuring all of the subtitles from the sign language throwdown fights on Switched at Birth.

    • Sajorina

      Make It or Break It comes back in March!

      • thunderthighs

        THANK YOU! With that and Mad Men my spring will be complete. An odd pair for sure.

        Now to see if the loathsome Emily Kometko is also returning.

  14. Aria

    I wish they would stop pairing cute, short dresses (or shorts) and big ole clunky booties. That is sorta my pet peeve though, maybe others find it attractive.

  15. Andrew S.

    NEVER stop fugging shows. PLEASE XDD I must have your recaps.

    And this show looks really good, so I’m down for it. Eagerly awaiting your latest Hart of Dixie recap!

  16. emwhist

    Lordy me, I love this show. So glad I’m not the only one over the age of 16 watching it!

  17. Amy

    I can’t believe you didn’t include the insanely horrible bangs they had Charisma Carpenter sporting in this week’s episode! She got all done up for her date at the black and white ball in the a short black sparkly dress that managed to make her look old, and some kind of horrible updo and 90′s bangs that made her face look super puffy.

  18. Cleo

    The Twins ARE heavily channeling Posh Spice in the Desert. She completely does not care that she is surrounded by adobe and cactii, out comes the LBD.

  19. LisaJo885

    In that first photo, I could swear the dude is Tommy Gnosis (and I just showed my age).