Here’s my issue with this show, which the same issue I have with Pretty Little Liars (which I also really enjoy): I have seriously no idea what’s happening, exactly, ever. All the I HAVE SECRETS and WE DON’T KNOW and WE AGREED NOT TO TALK ABOUT THAT EVER and I’D SAY MORE BUT NO are really fun for a while but then you realize you have literally no idea what the hell is happening. Sometimes, Truths Must Be Revealed To the Audience or you get into WAY too much of a confusing plot — and things that are supposed to be thrilling reveals are not, simply because you forgot what means what anymore. That being said, this show is fun, even if I can’t really explain it to you. All you really need to know is that Sutton is still a TOTAL bitch who is terrible to everyone, and she and Emma are still swapping lives when it makes sense to do so; she and British Dude had some kind of awkward post-loss-of-mutual-virginity face-off back in 9th grade and she might be trying to steal him from poor Mads; Emma is a saint; ABC Family has decided to let the actress who plays Laurel sing with her actual band, on the show, which is going to be tiresome; Adrian Pasdar SEEMS evil but is basically just ruled by his junk; and Cordelia Chase IS evil, and is probably (I think) Sutton and Emma’s real mother. I do LOVE Evil Cordelia Chase. Let’s just look at their outfits and not worry so much about plot, shall we?*

*PS: I still have no idea what “a lying game” actually is, and people on this show talk about them like they’re something we’re all familiar with, like basketball. If she’s “playing a lying game,” WHAT ARE THE RULES? Or is that just a fancy way to say, “she’s just f-ing with you, dude”?