Are you watching this show? It’s quite entertaining, and the clothes are a mix of Adorable and Cracked Out, which is obviously exactly what you want in a TV show, if not on your own body. Obviously, since we haven’t been covering this from the get-go, I’ll need to catch you up. BASICALLY: Sutton and Emma are twins separated at birth. Sutton got adopted by a rich family and grew up into a mega-bitch. Emma ended in a series of foster homes and is Kind and Good. Blah blah blah Sutton tracks down Emma and asks her (Emma) to impersonate her (Sutton) while Sutton is off searching for their birth mother. A LOT of shenanigans ensue, as well as A LOT of people giving each other Meaningful Glances, but where we are now is this: after beaucoup drama, Sutton is back, and Emma — who has, of course, improved Sutton’s life immeasurably simply by being nicer to people (especially Sutton’s boyfriend, whom Emma has kind of stolen, but….details) — has to go back to being herself. There is a lot of mysteriousness surrounding Sutton’s (adoptive) parents vis a vis the twins’ biological parents, and Adrian Pasdar is lurking around seeming nefarious and hiding in bushes having whispered conversations about nothing with Charisma Carpenter, who does not use Botox, to her great credit. Sutton’s friends and sister have a lot of boy drama, as is┬áde rigueur for ABC Family. Let’s take a squizz at their outfits.