VANESSA: Hi, Josh.

JOSH: Hey, Hudge. I think you… did you just go to the bathroom?

VANESSA: No, why?

JOSH: Oh, I just… I could’ve sworn your skirt was tucked into your underwear.

VANESSA: No, it’s just the cut of the dress.

JOSH: Wait, you WANT people to think your skirt is tucked into your underwear?

VANESSA: And YOU want people to think you’re colorblind?

JOSH: You want people to think you glued sequins to a medical back brace?

VANESSA: You want people to think you’re colorblind?

JOSH: You said that already.

VANESSA: It’s all I have. Plus, that is a LOT going on, dude.

JOSH: Gosling would make it work.

VANESSA: Gosling would know better.

JOSH: … Damn, you got me. Think he’ll teach a class before Hunger Games comes out in March?

VANESSA: You’d better hope.

JOSH: Well, I’m STILL not the one dressed like the loser of a Grey Poupon challenge on a Top Chef/Project Runway crossover.

VANESSA: Whatever helps you sleep.


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