Fug or Fab/Well Played, Nicole Richie


Nicole Richie is my favorite story from The Summer Everyone Was Showing Us Her Crotch, mostly because who would have guessed that SHE would be the one to come out of it apparently healthy, with a seemingly happy marriage, two EXTREMELY cute children, and an actual job involving an accessories line that is actually decent rather than cheesy? I mean, girlfriend was a MESS. It’s heartwarming to see someone who has so thoroughly Gotten a Grip, and seen things get better for her because of it. I can’t lie: I’m also really relieved to see her doing so well because I hate to think of Lionel worrying. He has a clay bust of his own face to dust! He has no time for fretting! That said, let’s take a look at what Nicole’s been wearing lately….and see if it is found wanting.

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  1. Leah

    She looks so lovely and healthy, I can’t ding her for anything.

    • Halo

      I feel the same way. She’s lovely, and I can hardly believe she’s the same gal who was the bad influence on Paris Hilton all those years ago.

  2. ceecee

    Love the black dress and if I owned one I’d wear it everywhere. I can’t get behind or under the sheer skirt. I don’t care what the rest looks like, it can be made of unicorn fur and angel wings, if it’s got a sheer skirt it’s fug to me.

    • Aoife

      Agreed, if I had this black dress I would wear it all the time, regardless of the occasion

  3. CJ

    That black dress is gorgeous and she looks great in it. Simple, elegant, fits perfectly. Fab any way you look at it.

  4. Josephine

    First dress: Fug, but mostly just because something about the fit+sheer+texture+doodads is giving off an overwhelming aura of lumpy. If you’re going to wear a dress with that much going on, it has to freaking FIT LIKE CRAZY. Girl, you are rich. There are tailors around.

    Second dress: Yays! I know, I know, I’m boring and depressing and I like black things, whatever…yays!

    • anonymoose

      yays to what you said!

      i’d like to add that the doodads appear to be a waist moustache. (or torso eyebrows?)

  5. lanae

    something about her hair is aging her tremendously

    • anonymoose


      the goldie hawn ‘do is a don’t.

      • lanae

        yes! i was trying to figure out who it reminded me of! shes been doing this ombre blond for so long, id love to see her in a dark bob

  6. Amy

    I’m just happy that she appears to be on speaking terms (eating terms?) with food again.

  7. Katharine

    I’m not really on board with either of these. The first one does indeed have nothing going for it but the colour (and the back view, including both butt cheek and that hideous bra-inspired strap, is even worse than the front). The second is … all right. It would be far, far better, though, if it didn’t have shoulder pads under cap sleeves, a combination that never fails to make the wearer look slightly deformed.

  8. vandalfan

    The first thing is a poorly fitted ice skating dress with sheer leg curtains. It might be helped with a better bra, and the tulle garland at her hips, waist, and sleeves could go and we’d all be much happier. And she needs to lighten up the bangs by half. Too heavy bangs are too childish.

  9. candice

    not that biddy ever (EVER) needs to worry about looking heavy, but it looks like she lost about 10 pounds between the 1st and 2d event. The whole waist area of the mauve dress, both front and back, is unfortunate.

  10. Jill

    I think Nicole has a great sense of style. Her House of Harlow and Winter Kate lines are awesome. Great quality and love the styles! I bought a beautiful long Winter Kate skirt and I get tons of compliments. Who’d have thought she would turn out so well.

  11. Tara Misu

    I agree on all counts…. I’m glad she turned out so well, kids are friggin adorable, her HoH and WK lines are actually tolerable and she looks very happy :)
    That first dress is too much on her, she’s very tiny and I think it overwhelms her.
    The second is lovely, very flattering… well done!

  12. AmyB

    Can we take a second to compliment her AMAZING skin, makeup and hair? She looks faboosh!

  13. baadpuddytat

    Omg. The first one looks like a dragon in a bad Chinese restaurant.

  14. witjunkie

    Coming right after the sleek swoop of SWINTON, she looks incredibly futzy and not quite clean in that first thing. She looks lovely in the second. But that first – whatever – No.

  15. The Blossom Shed

    The sheer skirt strikes again! Love the second dress – though I feel she needs to do something w/ her hair – it’s aging her somehow.


  16. pinkcheese

    I’d love to see the second dress in the color of the first one.

  17. L

    whoa. whoa. old nicole richie (as in the old picture). that was only five years ago. dangggg. go her!


  18. TTBelle

    The details on the first one look very fossilized crustacean to me. Like the designer was inspired by the creepy deep sea creatures episode of Planet Earth.

  19. Melissa

    The fern-type designs on the first dress makes me feel like I can see her insides. The top design looks like her sternum, whereas the bottom fern-like part looks like her pelvis and the two dots look like her ovaries. This one doesn’t work for me. The second one is cute though!

  20. Mockingbird

    I don’t even know WHAT to make of that first dress. I can’t believe she looked in the mirror and said, yep, this is it, and left the house in it.

    And I’m wondering how many other people around here are old enough to remember Lionel’s “Hello” video with the blind girl sculpting his bust. That gave me an 80′s flashback for real. Thanks for the giggle.

  21. yeahandalso

    I have always liked Nicole, bud don’t care for either look..one is crazeballs and one is boring.

    Also, from my experience on Fashion Star, she seemed REALLY bitchy and not in a fun/fabulous way…just in an unpleasant to be around way