Fug or Fab: Stacy Keibler

I can’t help thinking it’s odd that Famous Leggy Blonde Stacy Keibler is slowly turning more and more brunette, a.k.a., the usual type of her boyfriend Intern George. In exchange, perhaps he’s letting her off the fashion hook — and I am not saying that to be unkind or unsupportive of my fellow ladykind; I just think in this specific instance, shortly after they started dating, it’s undeniable her style whipsawed dramatically from “backless velvet turtleneck mini” to a very blandly tasteful ball-gown place, in a way that really suggests a focused intervention. Which made this outfit something of a surprise. Hell, live and let live, right, Intern George? Better yet, fug and let fug. Is that what he’s doing here, or is Stacy actually rocking this out? Or is this whole enterprise just coasting on its good luck?

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  1. PinkieBling

    Backless bodyshaper. ‘Nuff said.

    • anny

      The formal, tea-length version, with delightful picot “lace” edging on the neckline. As someone said below, fancy swimsuit indeed.

  2. maryse

    the other day when i saw the 2 of them on tv i thought “i really wish george would date women closer to his age.” and now i see this and realize that he is. her hair/makeup/tan is making her look so so much older than her age.

    • K

      I agree – the dress, while exhibitionist, is not bad on her, but the hair is awful. It needs some softness to take the edge off the dress.

  3. MG

    I agree this dress is not about the design but about showing off the bod. And to be fair, her bod makes me want to crawl into a pint of Chunky Monkey and never come out. But I don’t like that combo of tanorexia and severe hair. She’s super pretty when she’s a sunny, human-hued blonde.

    I do give her props for not shunning her heels (a la Katie Holmes) to avoid being 6 inches taller than her boyfriend.

    • marie

      hey MG, leave some ice cream for me..as soon as work ends, i’m joining you!

      • marie

        p.s. i’m totally coveting those shoes (and possibly stealing it from her)..yay to Intern George for not forcing her to wear flats like good old Tommy..and the fact that her tan must be natural, as it’s been well documented that she spent almost the entire summer with him in Como.

        • Fawn

          The tan may be natural, but it’s still not very flattering. Sunscreen is a good thing.

  4. Nancy

    She looks so washed out, especially in her face. Did George place a ban on color?

  5. Lisa Bryant

    Damn. Girl is TAN. And it’s aging her.

  6. Shiitake

    Intern George has his hands full.

  7. Kate

    This looks like a long bathing suit (or a wetsuit, as you said, haha). Ew. The fabric is weird and it’s tight and sort of thick looking? like some sort of water suit = ) And she is SO orange. Her hair looks boring and so does her pretty face.

    I like those shoes though. It’s weird how refreshing it is to see a relatively plain stiletto strappy sandal after the sea of platform hooves…

    • Kristen from MA

      I agree completely! (I really can’t walk too well in high heels, but I’d kill for those shoes!)

    • la di da

      That was my thought too – very fancy swimsuit. And holy tan, batman.

    • Lex

      The tan doesn’t look orange at all. It looks natural. Many millions of Euro-phenotype people can tan quite to quite a dark skin colour.

      Why always on in internet comment sections the insinuation of fake-tan (or if not insinuation of it’s fakeness, then usually at least some derision and general accusations of ugliness/orange-ness) when it comes to non-ethnic minority people?

      • gab

        I respectfully disagree. I am one of those non-ethnic minority people and I can get very dark in the summer time, however, just because I can it doesn’t mean it’s always complimentary. If you only look at the last picture it’s more orange than tan. It’s probably the lighting, but it still not very flattering.

  8. lilywise

    Is her back really that color, or is it bad lighting??
    I don’t think this dress is that great on its own, but it’s making her look fantastic. And I think Stacey looks better when she’s not trying to go all Big Oscar Gown and when she”s looking a little more relaxed and showing off her incredible figure. Love the shoes on her, too.

  9. kates

    I cannot get behind Scuba Formal. Sorry.

    Also, unless it’s just the lighting, the fact that she is an entirely different color in the back makes me think about how my toaster is only able to brown one side of my bagel. Odd. For both toaster and Stacy.

    • Christy

      Scuba Formal! YES.
      It has a name, Ladies and well, Ladies. Are there Gents on here?
      Besides Intern George, that is.

    • Katharine

      She was reading on the beach?

  10. pidget

    I think this was a compromise between George-conservative and Stacy-fun/sporty/skin. I am enjoying seeing that she is managing to hold her own, and I really hope her fun doesn’t get tastefully steamed out.

    That said, the tan isn’t the most flattering, and in these photos, her face somehow manages to look wan. Better makeup and looser hair would have been better. But she has a gorgeous athletic bod, and super-scoop back does indeed show it off.

  11. Lynne

    @Kate, totally agree with you about the shoes. The fact that she isn’t wearing hooves makes me very happy. The tan is too much. The body will make me cry all the way to my Pilates class tonight.

  12. Bottle Ginger

    THIS is why I hate the pale-lipstick-heavy-spray-tan look! It makes her look 10 years older, coarse and plain. And it does the same for 99% of women who wear it, just so you ladies know.

    I’m don’t adore the vividly colored lipsticks that are replacing the corpse-colored ones, but they’re a huge improvement.

  13. Vandalfan

    I think she looks ridiculous and is trying way too hard.

    • Miriam

      I think she is trying way too hard and looks amazing. I agree with that it’s not really a design, but damn, what a body!

  14. Sandra

    She and the woman in the background clearly had very different understandings of the dress code for this event. This garment was definitely from somebody’s “Intimate Apparel” line.

  15. Fifie

    I don’t normally defend Tommy Girl, but I always marvelled at how Katie used to wear high high heels when she was with him and wondered why he always chose to employ such tall women as his wife.

    On this dress, I think it and she look pretty cheap and she does look way older than her age.

  16. Fuh Ugh

    She accessorizes beautifully. And by that, I mean Intern George’s hand on the small of her back. Where can I get one of those to go with my black dress?

  17. deee

    She’s really lovely but the whole effect is a bit much. The back would be stunning if the rest of the dress wasn’t clinging to her so tightly that you can see the outline of her lower butt cheeks. Super low back, cutouts and skin tight = expensive call girl.

  18. Art Eclectic

    The dress kinda says “21-year-old out clubbing” rather than sophisticated arm-candy for the Cloonster. I think her styling is way too severe – hair and make-up could have totally changed this look and NOT made her look George’s age.

  19. Helen

    It’s awfully tight and awfully bare, but I can understand a girl getting a little desperate about showing how good her goods are at this stage with the Clooney. So okay then.

    But I can’t forgive the orange tan with the death-mask makeup. And probably not either on its own, either.

  20. Jenna

    This could have been so much better in a different fabric and without the picot edging. Those are the two things that most make it look like lingerie (which I think it might be). But I can’t ding her for the design itself. She looks fantastic. And badly in need of a different lipstick.

  21. tigers4us

    Uh oh, the relationship must be nearing it’s expiration date. George usually wants his woman to dress tastefully and this dress edges toward exhibitionism. It’s not horrible, and Stacy has a fantastic figure, but it has to be said: The dress looks like Spanx-ware.

  22. Melissa

    Underwear, n’est-ce pas? Spanx found a way to sell itself to people who don’t need it?

  23. Meghan Laslocky

    Can we discuss the fact that she looks like she’s lost a ton of weight, and she DIDN’T NEED TO?

  24. dee cee

    Never go out and about without a rose lipstick girl..

  25. molly

    Intern George is gay right? That’s the only way I can feel better about SK.

  26. Claire1

    I am uber jealous of how fit she is…..
    but I don’t care who you are…when I can see the outline of your thong through the front of your dress,it’s time to go up a size….

    And if I were her I’d soooooooooo be showing off my backside too…. so my one other big gripe about the dress is that it’s a midge too short or a lot too long…

  27. chickadee

    Ordinarily the dress would be a no, but if I had her body I’d wear that thing on the red carpet. And also to the grocery store, and the post office, etc…

  28. Ghanimatrix

    Now that we’ve invented Scuba Formal can we get Chris Evans to model? Or David Beckham, I’m not picky.

  29. Guerra

    Her body looks amazing!!! And I really want her heels..

  30. drlemaster

    This is a bad look. Ms. Keibler should stick with the bombshell look, it suits her. This is just kind of pale and wan. Not sure if that is because of her, the dress, or just lack of makeup and bad hair.

  31. gryt

    For those who don’t understand photography, excuse me, those who think her back is a different color than the rest of her: compare the color of the red carpet in shots 2 and 3.

  32. kat

    If I had her body I would wear the hell out of the dress.

  33. Linda Brinkley Noble

    She usually looks pretty good, but in this pic, she looks like she’s biting down hard on a mouthguard…

  34. Nancy

    She looks like she set her toaster oven on “high”.
    Very “wow” from the back – cuz of her figure curves from that angle, maybe? But from the front I thought she needed a bowl of spaghetti.

  35. katkin74

    We can gripe and snark all day long, but holy cow – if I had that kind of body, there’s no telling what I’d wear (as long as my vj wasn’t hanging out). Jeez, she looks amazeballs in something that isn’t even real attire!

  36. Shoeniverse

    She was always thin, but she looks skinny now, not the muscular girl of years ago, and it makes her look drawn. The loss of blonde is also not becoming, horrid styling too.


  37. Tamburlaine

    The dress is so plain I think it needed some jewels – a nice chunky necklace or big cuff or something – to set it off. Otherwise, she looks very good!

  38. Amy

    What is with all this ‘George usually wants his women to…’ nonsense? Even Intern George isn’t allowed to do that.

    As for the young lady, I think that pale and interesting is all very well up to a point but she should try and get some sunshine once in a while.

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