I can’t help thinking it’s odd that Famous Leggy Blonde Stacy Keibler is slowly turning more and more brunette, a.k.a., the usual type of her boyfriend Intern George. In exchange, perhaps he’s letting her off the fashion hook — and I am not saying that to be unkind or unsupportive of my fellow ladykind; I just think in this specific instance, shortly after they started dating, it’s undeniable her style whipsawed dramatically from “backless velvet turtleneck mini” to a very blandly tasteful ball-gown place, in a way that really suggests a focused intervention. Which made this outfit something of a surprise. Hell, live and let live, right, Intern George? Better yet, fug and let fug. Is that what he’s doing here, or is Stacy actually rocking this out? Or is this whole enterprise just coasting on its good luck?

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