I mean, I obviously have notes. Although I’m a little scared she might beat me with her purse:

I don’t dislike this, really. I mean, I don’t know if I think she needed the turtleneck underneath the whole thing — and of course we’re all tired of those shoes, because she wears them a lot — but the overall silhouette is flattering. And, you know, it FITS. Let’s just say, my expectations are low with this one. I DO think her bangs work like that. See? I CAN BE NICE.

But you don't have to be:

  • this is terrible. Okay? It's just TERRIBLE. (34%, 3,343 Votes)
  • I mean...it's fine. (18%, 1,791 Votes)
  • This is good, but only because she is so often such a mess. (28%, 2,705 Votes)
  • This is good, period. (8%, 738 Votes)
  • I have some changes, and then it will be good. (13%, 1,243 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,821

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