Fug or Fab: Stacy Keibler


I feel like the longer Intern George dates Stacy Keibler, the more he turns her into Veronica Lake.

Never really figured her for a ringlet gal,  but then again, it’s possible she wore them all the time and I just didn’t notice it until she was illuminated by the glow of George’s perma-tan. I don’t know why it took her getting roped into this for me to find IG’s dating habits so downright depressing — perhaps because there are several of-his-age delights who are currently single and more age-appropriate (Kristin Davis, god-willing Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock), and then I look at her and feel sad that she’s playing the same role vacated by the seemingly rather grody Elisabetta Canalis. I like the Keib. I’ve heard she’s really nice and gracious and cool. She should have more.

Speaking of more, let’s see more:

Here’s the thing: It’s probably fine. But I feel like it’s completely misplacing its focus. Stacy Keibler’s cleavage may be lovely, but for my money, her asset is the fact that her legs are as long as Gone With The Wind. I don’t think we have to go high-and-tight crushed velvet, necessarily, but the droop in the midsection and the bunching on the floor all sort of stumpify her (I mean, as much as you can stumpify someone who is six-feet-eleventy). I don’t know where we’re going from here, but when she and Intern George break up, I fully expect her to spend the ensuing two weeks wearing nothing but the micro-est of minis.

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Comments (41):

  1. Randi

    Looks like it’s on backwards.

    • ChristopherD

      YUP, it sure does. What is it with leg curtains, backwards dresses, shooties, and hoof-heels? Please designers – STOP it.

  2. Cruising

    Well, at least she isn’t boobs and legs like so many other girls.

  3. vandalfan

    Yes, backwards, and the large cowl is a hoodie. She’s statuesque and the oatmeal sparkles are beautiful, but the gaping decollete’ just spoils it for me. Make the slit show her leg, not her sternum.

  4. Faffer

    Why is there a picture of her without George? Why? Why?

  5. AmyK

    …She looks just like Melora Hardin here. (Jan from The Office)

  6. amys

    IG is in the photo. He’s on the right looking pensive. I wish this super low cut trend would go away already. I don’t want to see all the way down to belly button cleavage.

    • Jill

      I didn’t understand your comment about IG until I really noticed the poster. He does look pensive…..

      I also do not like the low-cut dresses but this one isn’t nearly as low as others have been.

      Also, maybe each lady thinks that SHE is The One that will turn IG around and make him commit long-term.

  7. lisas

    Heather this is a bang-on analysis. The dress is fine (I hate the colour but what do I know), it’s just not right for this lady.

  8. Jade

    I agree with amys. Super low cut should just go to die somewhere.
    Plus it’s too long!

  9. Lindy

    I don’t know why any woman would want to be one in a long line of his women. I mean, take a number–how does that make a girl feel special.

    The dress is ok, but I agree the emphasis should be on her legs. I just read the Clooney piece in Rolling Stone and he confesses to be a leg man, so if that’s what he likes and she likes him…

  10. Kary

    I agree with Lindy. The whole IG cache is beginning to tarnish, IMHO. And while I respect IG for his humanitarian efforts and yadda yadda, I find myself rolling my eyes when he trots out another not-long-for-this-world relationships.

    • Sandra

      errrrr, IG cache, pronounced as “cash”, as in his storage-locker of ladyfriends? Or IG cachet, pronounced “cash-ay”, a characteristic feature or quality conferring prestige?

      It could work either way, as IG himself is beginning to tarnish. Or at least I THINK that’s why he’s turning orange. ; )

      • Kary

        Okay, CACHET. Thanks for the editing.

      • Anne B

        I love the idea of George having a “storage locker full of ladyfriends”. I would TOTALLY try to break in, hoping he’d put the whole locker on Shuffle and pick me. <3

  11. Sim

    Also, she’s a Ravens fan, so by default she is awesome. Tangentially, she looks like Hayden Pantywaist in that second picture. Weird.

  12. Lina

    I think she’s carrying off the dress fine — even though it’s a non-color and the hem’s an inch too long. She looks great. The trouble is she’s only there to be photocall armcandy. A girl can have worse jobs! But I’m really just confused. I mean, is she gunning for a modeling or acting career? What has she done besides the wrestling thing? She’s a beautiful woman, but I can’t get past the fish out of water vibe.

  13. Jen S 2.0

    She looks good, but add a killer slit, and she’d be dangerous.

  14. STK

    In the second picture, I swear I can detect where the boob tape is keeping this dress from swinging wide open to X-rated territory. It just looks uncomfortable.

    • Sophia Loren

      And it messes with the line of the neckline, which might have been lovely. Tho’ I do think it’s someone else’s dress.

  15. Miranda

    Whatever, people, I think she looks gorgeous.

  16. BW

    She really does not know how to apply boob tape, does she? It’s sort of puckered on the left side and too far over on the right side.

  17. Carolina Girl

    IG is NEVER going to be with women such as Sandra, Demi or Kristen. He likes to play with dolls and these are fully formed women with their own opinions, lives and successes.

    That being said, Stacey looks fine here, but it’s a boring, oatmeal with no butter or sugar kind of fine. Her legs are her best feature, but IG is hell bent on playing with the upper part of the body. Go figure.

    Also, I never realized how much she really does look like Melora Hardin until @AmyK pointed it out.

  18. rvc

    She is a looker, but she would look infinitely better if she weren’t orange. Seriously, lay off the fake tan ladies.

  19. SharonCville

    SHE is lovely, but the dress is doing her no favors. The cleavage is too deep and wide and that weird bunchy big at the waist makes it look like she grabbed a dress that was way too big for her and improvised with a stapler to make it stay on around her waist. I can’t tell if the dress would look good on anyone else, but it surely doesn’t look good on her, a woman who could clearly wear anything. Given that, she should get herself a really good tailor before the next big public event to make sure her dress fits like it should.

  20. anny

    The trouble with the super-low bodice is that if the person doesn’t have a perfect Barbie-doll-like chest, she usually looks droopy. But if she DOES have a perfect Barbie-doll-like chest – it looks perfect and Barbie-doll like, a.k.a. fake, as here.

  21. Anne B

    I don’t have any major arguments with this C-student of a dress.

    That said: Hollywood, IT’S NOVEMBER. Mothball the spray-tanner until early next year, would you please?

  22. buttercup

    I seriously don’t know why Intern George expects us to buy this “relationship” when he trots her out looking terrible like this.

    She looks so much better casual. She needs to adopt a looser, sexier, beachier vibe (á la Jennifer Aniston circa 2000 or Cindy Crawford). Loose, bed-head hair. Less structured dresses. A lighter hand with the make-up. Less boob tape (it’s always SO obvious!). Maybe even dare to go barefoot because you’re so damn tall. Give us something—anything!—interesting to go on here. It’s just tragic.

    Not. Buying. It.

  23. crystal

    She looks so awkward and broad-shouldered and completely not like herself. And she has Barbie cleavage.

  24. Erobi

    Please. She’s a beard. End of story.

  25. Nicole B.

    I’m excited for the George Clooney – Demi Moore match up possibility. Make it happen!

  26. Bambi Anne Dear

    I’m not into that amount of cleavage at all.

  27. Sajorina

    It’s a nice dress, but it’s wrong on her because it makes her look like an inverted triangle! Her hair & makeup are beautiful and I love the fabric of the dress, but it makes her look heavy & wide on top!

  28. jean

    I give her credt for having very uniform looking skin and her make-up is great. She looks very pulled together. But if she really is that tall, then everyone will be talking to her sternum and that’s not cool. Nice smile however.

  29. Blanche

    Yeah, it’s a stumpifying dress, for sure. But her makeup has improved, and she has a nice chest.

    Once you mention the Davis, D. Moore & Bullock field, that just doesn’t sound right to me. It actually makes me okay with the queue of 5’10″ 28-year-olds that use Intern George for a their exposure boost, free experimental makeovers, sex, and temporary access to Lake Como real estate. There’s only so long I can stomach the collective tabloid hoi poloi morality tale pretense that ultra-wealthy, ultra-good looking, jet-setting artists live with the same relationship constraints and opportunities that we do.

  30. Miss Em

    Vanna White called. She wants her look/dress back.

  31. Devon

    Apparently bitch be CRAAZY. Heard from someone in the industry that she’s psycho. Please let her go nutbar when they break up. You know they will.

  32. ccm800

    if the bottom of that neck drape just stopped at the wait this would be pretty fantastic. Oh and color.

  33. NYCGirl

    She looks really pretty, but I agree that the drape is too low and hits at an unflattering point. And the color is boring.

  34. so

    too much upgrade from elisabetta canalis his italian ex girl ,period stacy is so much more ………….