I feel like the longer Intern George dates Stacy Keibler, the more he turns her into Veronica Lake.

Never really figured her for a ringlet gal,  but then again, it’s possible she wore them all the time and I just didn’t notice it until she was illuminated by the glow of George’s perma-tan. I don’t know why it took her getting roped into this for me to find IG’s dating habits so downright depressing — perhaps because there are several of-his-age delights who are currently single and more age-appropriate (Kristin Davis, god-willing Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock), and then I look at her and feel sad that she’s playing the same role vacated by the seemingly rather grody Elisabetta Canalis. I like the Keib. I’ve heard she’s really nice and gracious and cool. She should have more.

Speaking of more, let’s see more:

Here’s the thing: It’s probably fine. But I feel like it’s completely misplacing its focus. Stacy Keibler’s cleavage may be lovely, but for my money, her asset is the fact that her legs are as long as Gone With The Wind. I don’t think we have to go high-and-tight crushed velvet, necessarily, but the droop in the midsection and the bunching on the floor all sort of stumpify her (I mean, as much as you can stumpify someone who is six-feet-eleventy). I don’t know where we’re going from here, but when she and Intern George break up, I fully expect her to spend the ensuing two weeks wearing nothing but the micro-est of minis.


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