Fug or Fab: Scarlett Johansson


Jeremy Renner LOVES a shiny suit:

He also seems to really like ScarJo, and I feel like if Jeremy Renner likes her, maybe I can, too. BUT WHAT OF HER ENSEMBLE?

I like it in theory, although that hair kind of makes her look like she fell out of a lost scene in Sound of Music, and there’s something about it that reminds me of a QR code. Hey, maybe if we take pictures of her with our smart phones, Jeremy Renner’s number will magically zap into our contacts list. Worth a try.

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  1. Jill

    Her hairdo is questionable. But I love the black and white pieces with the red shoes.

  2. val.

    Ha! That hair totally makes her look like the elf-that-wants-to-be-a-dentist in the Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer TV special.

    I actually really like the outfit and love the red shoes with it!

  3. Jean Marie

    I like it in theory, but I think she’s got too much going on in the chest department for that neckline.

  4. sara l

    I am not crazy about the hair but I love the rest. I would totally wear this, too!

    Often I feel as though her clothes are not flattering to her very pretty shape…but this outfit totally is IMHO.

  5. Jamie

    I would like it if it fit her properly. That skirt is making her look pear-shaped, which, ScarJo is many things, but pear-shaped certainly isn’t one of them.

    Also, I’m not sure if Jeremy Renner likes “a” shiny suit, or just THAT shiny suit. I swear I’ve seen him in it a few times already.

    • neiges

      I always thought she was pear shaped. Unless our pears here are different?! That’s one of the things I like about her, she does not have the Hollywood body type and totally embraces it.

      • Mahastee

        I think of her shape as an hourglass rather than a pear, but either way I envy it!

        • Kendra

          Seriously, pear shaped? Scarlett has a crazy slamming hourglass. I like this a lot, I do think it could fit a bit better but she did have to kneel by her square and pose and shiz, so some mobility was required. Did anybody else check the pictures Lainey posted of this? She looks so happy it’s adorable, and she & Renner seem super tight. In a way that’s making me a little jealous.

          Even with ridiculous shiny suits he’s yummy :D

        • Kara

          I obviously don’t know her measurements or anything, but she definitely looks hourglass to me. Her bottom half doesn’t look bigger than her top and if it is, it’s not a dramatic difference.

          Not a fan of the dress but I love black and white with red accessories in general.

        • neiges

          Ok, it’s my poor english. I checked and ScarJo is one of the most popular examples of hourglass figure, thanks for a new expression. That means that J. Hew is pear shaped right?

  6. Lynne

    I think it’s lovely and completely appropriate for the occasion. Her hair isn’t working but that’s kind of a nitpick. She seems more grown up lately. And Jessica, I agree. Renner’s approval of ScarJo makes me like her more.

  7. na

    Seriously? The patterns totally clash. it’s terrible, save the great shoes.

  8. AM

    I think the dentist in Rudolph hair description is fantastic! That’s what I’m seeing too. I do like the dress, but I’m not sure it’s the most flattering color/shape for this particular person.

  9. Emily

    Jeremy Renner confuses me. He’s not the type of guy I usually find attractive, but MAN I’ve had the biggest celebrity crush on him since The Town. I don’t even mind the shiny suits on him.

    As for ScarJo, I’d like to own that whole outfit. I love red shoes with black and white clothes.

    • Sonya

      I agree, something about Renner just keeps getting hotter and hotter and he is not my type either!

      • ErinS

        Renner’s got the same “craggy” look as Daniel Craig. I find both of them HOT!

    • Erin

      We should start a club, because yes. I have the same reaction to Renner. Not my usual at the local diner, but damn, there is just something about him.

    • sarah

      Jeremy Renner seems like the type of guy you stupidly take home from the bar, who calls you by the wrong name, and who leaves before you wake up – and yet you strangely never regret it…

  10. neiges

    I like it but I am not in love with it. Something’s a bit off. Perhaps too much fabric in the front. Killer shoes though. Meaning I would kill for them (I am quoting somenone but don’t know who… Getting old…).

  11. bee

    I can’t really look at her when that gorgeous man is in the frame…

  12. TaraMisu

    I like this, very cute. The hair though…. ugh.

    Jeremy Renner – yummmmmmmmmmmmm

  13. Mahastee

    The hair is fine. She looks cute. Black & white with red shoes is a good combo.

    BUT I hate when clothes have a pattern on the front, but not on the back, as if one is going to spend all day leaning up against a a wall. It cheapens the look.

  14. Stefanie

    Looking at these pictures just confirmed something for me: I do not like dresses/skirts & tops that have similar patterns on the top and the bottom. It confuses my brain and frankly that happens often enough as it is.

  15. witjunkie

    The skirt looks all bunched up and ill-fitting, but I think it’s actually sewn that way. WHY.

  16. Katharine

    It’s okay. I like the black and white prints in theory, but 1) the black back on the top? WHY? and 2) the off-kilter aspect of the skirt patterning, while probably fine on its own, makes the skirt look as though it’s pulling horribly.

    And I hate those crew necklines all the time, on anyone, but they are particularly unflattering on women of bust.

  17. Kara K

    I thought she looks lovely, but Jeremy Renner should take off that suit. No need to put on anything else, sweetie, just take it off. Take it all off.

    I do love how they seem to be BFFs! Or maybe secretly married.

  18. pidget

    This is ok, but not nearly as good as it could be. I like black and white, but not so much on her – she’s got delicate colouring, and the b/w is too bold/contrasty and washes her out. With the busy patterning, it’s a struggle to notice *her*.

    The overall shape is ok, but the fit is restrictive, stiff and a bit lumpy – she needs a bit more flex to let her beautiful feminine curves breathe. She’s a gal made for drape and slithery form-fit.

    The shoes, I love.

  19. Ruth

    Is it me or does she look like Naomi Watts from that angle?

  20. Carol

    Thank you for the little link to the QR Code tutorial … I hadn’t had a clue as to what those little things were and now I know.

  21. gin_in_teacups

    I like the skirt portion of it quite a lot. Too bad it’s not attached to a more flattering top.

  22. LF

    In most pictures I have seen of Jeremy Renner he seems very touchy flirty. Look at his hand on her hip. I think he really likes women. Maybe we could find a way to stand close and get some of that.

  23. Tara

    I think the top pattern should be on the bottom and vice versa. Might balance it out a bit better and not make her look pear-shaped.

  24. Nemesister

    I’m pretty sure that’s Mike Medavoy (red hair bottom left frame.) not looking at her. Oh, and she looks okay…

  25. Amber

    I like it, in theory, but it’s not a home run. I agree with others that she’s too chesty (to borrow a word from my grandmother) for that particular neckline. And the skirt is strange-the bunching and such, which does look intentional. I don’t know–it’s just not super flattering on her. And she’s got a fantastic body–if mine looked like that, I would wear bikinis all day long, everywhere I went. In January. And I live in the midwest.

  26. Cranky Old Batt

    I will never get this woman’s appeal.

  27. Erin

    Doesn’t matter; HAWKEYE!!

  28. barbarena

    HERMIE!!! (That’s the elf-dentist’s name)

  29. Jean

    Oh, Renner.

    Sorry, this was about ScarJo? My bad. The pattern confuses me and I would like it better if the whole dress had the pattern of the skirt…maybe?

  30. Lindsay

    No man should look that good in a shiny silver suit.

  31. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT! Her outfit is something that I would wear, so I say FAB! Still, I wish she had worn red lipstick instead of pink! And, Jeremy is such a tasty treat… Thanks for the pic! He looks GREAT, so I’ll FAB him too!

  32. R

    I love this dress and I love it on her. I think perhaps a different neckline may have suited her better but I still like it. I personally would love to have this dress in my closet. She can keep the shoes, I don’t like peep toes :)

  33. Sharon

    Anyone who says she is shaped like a pear is plum crazy. She is a berry pretty tomato and the apple of our eye. Don’t make me go bananas or you will be in a pickle and I will squash you.

  34. Sal

    I like them separately, together I think they look bit bit confuzzling.

  35. Valeria

    I take the point that various commentators above have made about the neckline of this dress. However: context is everything and this appearance was the occasion of Ms. Johansson having received a star on the “Walk of Fame”. And, like everyone else who receives a star, Scarlett was photographed kneeling on the pavement touching said star.

    Bless her for having the uncommon good sense to wear a top with a high neckline that kept her appreciable mammary assets tucked away from the prying eyes and cameras of all and sundry present. I don’t need or want to be able to tell what color and style of brassiere a lady is wearing when she leans over in a low cut top.

  36. Girlin

    It’s fine. I think if this is a top and skirt that a cute blouse would have been nicer than this patterned top with too-high neckline… I do like the skirt and the shoes and I think her hair is quite cute. It’s daytime appropriate but I don’t love it.

  37. Annie E

    Cap sleeves would be very helpful.

  38. Shiitake

    The patterns I like, the pleating and neckline can go.

  39. gryt

    A genuine smile goes a long way! And no crossed feet or such nonsense. I like her (and what she’s wearin’).

  40. Emma

    Jeremy Renner is, IMHO, the sexiest man on the planet. Maybe in the universe. It’s his gorgeous eyes. I was hoping I was the only person who had noticed. Dang.

  41. Emma

    P.S. The elf-dentist is actually Herbie.

  42. Marina

    She is my girl crush, and I have had the biggest crush on Mr Renner as of late. I kind of wish they got together- I think they will make a gorgeous couple.

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