Fug or Fab: Sarah Jessica Parker (and her new line of shoes)


Sarah Jessica Parker has a shoe line at Nordstrom – that seems about right and also like something she should have jumped on before now — that she’s calling SJP (seems about right, also). Let’s look at them (from photos taken actually at the Nordstrom launch, which are always more telling than press photos, kind of like when you check out the photos on Trip Advisor that were uploaded by actual hotel guests and not the hotel), and at her.

[Photo: WENN]

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  1. Caitlin M

    I must say, that first pair of sandals, with the multicolor woven metallic vamp, feels very grandma’s formal wear on the cruise to me.

    I also think I’d like SJP’s dress more if she weren’t standing in front of that backdrop.

  2. Tiffany

    I feel like in order to effectively judge these shoes, I need to feel their price range. They are cute…but it also depends on how much they are asking for, lol! I agree…I love a wedge shoe. Comfy and flattering!

    • Jessica

      The link in the first sentence of the post gives you all that info. They’re between $195 and $495.

      •  Guerra

        Wayyyy overpriced from what I can see from the pics.

        • gryt

          It needs… MORE. She should have pushed the design. Even if they’re well made (which I assume they are at that price) they’re a little tame. I’m glad she’s not doing a budget line like every other celeb (and semi-celeb) out there is doing though.

  3. Kate

    These look like shoes for people who feel the platforms on the Jessica Simpson shoe line are always too high. I hope they’re not expensive. Because they don’t look expensive. Or interesting.

    •  Kristen from MA

      As Jessica wrote above, $195 to $495. That’s $195 for a basic pair of flats, which is a lot of money. I appreciate that they are made in Italy – Italians are the best shoe makers, after all – but that really puts them out of reach for most people.

      • openroses

        You can get amazing espadrilles in Spain for about 16 euros. Not sure why they’d cost $195 here. Even with shipping that’s extremely steep.

  4. Cara

    I am really underwhelmed.

  5. Louise

    It seems like the SJP line has been on the Nordstroms home page for…ever.

    I hope SJP’s are shoe-gasm worthy or else, (Heather or Jessica please feel free to insert a “Failure to Launch” quip) because God do I love shoes.

  6.  Ashley

    Yeah, not very exciting. But SJP does look great. The shoes she’s wearing are the only ones I have any feelings about.

  7. Fanny_Trollope

    Honestly, I feel as if I’ve seen these all a thousand times before.

    • Heidi

      I totally agree. I can’t even work up any strong feelings against them, they’re so boooooorrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

      Seriously, such a (wait for it) re-tread.

  8.  Mair Mair

    These are some seriously boring shoes, esp. for SJP. I suppose I appreciate that the heels aren’t cracktacularly high, but really, I’m just trying to find something nice to say.
    But what I really want to talk about is the fact that in every picture I’ve seen of SJP recently, she looks like she’s squinting severely. Like, her eyes looks almost closed. I know it’s been said many times before, but BACK AWAY FROM THE HARSH EYELINER, HONEY.

  9. TalleyL

    They have the whiff of frumpery about them. I like the espadrilles, but other than that, “gramma’s formal wear” just about describes them for me.

  10. Alicia

    I live in espadrilles all summer, and every time someone puts out a “designer” pair the price goes up. I wish they’d leave them alone while I can still afford them.

  11.  KarenG958

    The shoes are just okay. I would love her dress if it were sleeveless, or had pink opaque (not sheer) 3/4 length sleeves. And if it were sleeveless, she could easily wear a normal black cardigan with it. Also, she should be wearing those last black Mary Janes with it.

  12. Meggiemoo

    I’m not sure Carrie would have swooned over any of these.

  13.  Hannah

    But for the last slide, these all feel…..not youthful…..to me.

  14.  karacocoa

    I kind of like the first pair. Kinda. Maybe. The rest seem like something from Nina Shoes.

  15. Rachael

    I echo the sentiments expressed above. As for SJP’s outfit, much like this shoe line, it is just okay and there’s room for improvement. I don’t like the pea-soup green shoes with the dreamy pink. I’m on board with color-clashing, and lord knows I do it myself all. the. time. but that particular color combo, I am not feeling. I would like the dress much, much more if the sleeves (?) were actual sleeves, instead of looking like tights. This is perhaps just because I’m freaking freezing today, but really, objectively, I think it would look better with opaque sleeves.

    She could have worn as many accessories as she wanted if they all played better together. They clash too much to look cohesive. So, as they are, I agree she’s got too many on. I also agree with the comment above that she could use some adjustment to the amount of eyeliner she’s got on. And possibly a new haircut because I am SO BORED with that one. But these are really pretty small quibbles with her overall look; she looks fairly nice. Maybe not “well played” nice, but definitely not awful.

  16. tr3ndygirl.com

    Super chic look

  17. Sophia Loren

    The older girls used to do that in ballet class – fashion sleeves out of an upside down pair of tights. In retrospect, it looked really edgy (the tights had runs, and the feet cut open) and is the most chic thing about this slide show.

  18. BrownEyedBetty

    SJP’s dress is a little TOO figure-hugging for my taste. Sure, she’s got a rockin’ bod but something about the clinginess of the skirt portion, especially as it rides down from waist to crotch, reveals a little TMI. All in all, this dress with its color and line..has a lingerie feel to it. Not doing it for me.

  19. Mrs. Helpful

    These shooze are a big snooze!

  20.  HelenBackAgain

    They’re cute. She’s cute. None of it is bowling me over.

  21.  Looly

    I like SJP, but this isn’t doing it for me. I feel like her hair is too heavy – it needs to be shortened and lightened and layered. Ease up on the eyeliner too. And while we’re at it, give my Granny back her nightgown!

  22. Nan

    I just saw photos of Gwen Stefani’s new shoes/handbags line, they are MUCH better and MUCH less expensive (although the heels are MUCH too high for me to wear without great bodily harm, even wedges are too much for me to navigate). These SJP shoes are disappointing at best.

  23.  ohsohappy

    It would have been nice to see the heels. That feature makes all the diff for me.

  24. Amie In STL

    I think the top pair looks like she refashioned one of the twins’ Easter baskets.

    The rest of them are okay but none of them are blowing me away.

  25. Blair Sylvester

    Didn’t she do a partnership with Manolo Blahnik recently? Are these those shoes? I would expect Manolo’s to be more graceful

  26. pb

    Shoes are fine, but the darts on SJP’s dress are making her boobs look weird.

  27. val.

    She used to have a line at Steve & Barry– Bitten, I think? Those were the most uncomfy shoes ever for me. Now I’m kind of traumatized and would be reluctant to trust my feet to her again. Some of these are cute though. I like the Mary Janes.

  28. Jo

    I like SJP but the shoes (bar the Mary Janes) are boring and uninspiring. Her selling point is the lovely shoes she used to wear on SATC. Why couldn’t she whip out some of those babies? Her dress is made from a nasty cheap looking material and the black base is urgh. Come on SJP!

  29. maryse

    she is so delightful. she was on cbs this morning talking about her shoe line and she was so lovely. she is someone who really lights up in a way that photos can’t capture. anyway, that said, i’ve paid a lot of shoes but they wouldn’t be any of these. i’m also not crazy about that dress. in fact i hate it.

  30. Emily

    Seriously, how *do* you keep the rope part of espadrilles clean? I bought my first pair last year, and I’m embarrassed to wear them because I got a little mud on the side and can’t clean it off.

    • Jennie

      I sprayed mine with ScotchGuard. I haven’t worn them much, but they’re still clean, so maybe it helped.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Try an artist’s eraser.

  31.  Oblaadee

    I would love to lunch with SJP.
    I would order the wedge salad with a T-strap and a Mary Jane on the side.

  32. Halley

    I love SJP. She always comes across so lovely in interviews. The shoes make me sad though. There isn’t a single pair I would wear. I’m glad they’re well made, but they look about as inspired as something from the payless sales rack.

  33.  Guerra

    These all look a little sad :( especially for the price. I don’t know if SJP has kept up with current fashion trends.

  34. CopyChic

    Where are the amazing heeeeels? I wouldn’t entirely expect the shoes to look like the teetering ones worn by Carrie Bradshaw, but I do expect some “za za zoo.”

  35. Karin

    I’m sure her shoes are lovely, or whatever, but I can’t help thinking that this line is like 10 years too late.


  36. izzyb

    I heard the words “SJP” and “shoes” and I was all “OMG!” because it’s Carrie and she’s worn some gorgeous shoes. But these? I am sad to say (and this isn’t for effect, I mean it), that even if they were in a discount bin for $20, there’s not a pair in that collection that I would wear. I feel like Judas typing this. I heart you SPJ!!! Sorry I don’t feel the same about your shoes…

  37. Arlene

    Did she get Sleevey Magic on TV? Because that would be awesome. See them here: https://www.sleeveymagic.com/?MID=4977839

  38. Heather

    I really don’t like these. They look like Payless, not Nordstrom. I’m almost offended at what they’re asking for them, but maybe the materials just don’t photograph well?

  39. roza linda

    this line was made for a certain demographic. she is appealing to upper east siders, women who were middle aged when they first saw her show and are now *cough*, a little older. they do look high quality, they just look like zara knock offs. nothing special. and she did that on purpose, for mass appeal.

  40. Brenna

    Ok, I admit, I laughed when I clicked on the linked People article, because she says one of the materials is “black nappa” and all I could think about was Carrie’s line to Big – “You take a Napa…you don’t GO to Napa!”

    Ok, that’s probably only funny to me. But I need to distract myself from the fact that these shoes look cheaper than the ones she made for Dave and Barrys.

  41. Ash

    She wants $200-300 for these; NO! If they were under 100 bucks, I might bite on the T-Straps, but they don’t look like they’re worth 300 to me.

  42.  MissElaineous

    Are we certain this isn’t the Miranda Hobbes for Nordstrom line?

  43. greatwhitenorthchick

    I’m with the majority opinion. The shoes are boring, which surprises me. And I wonder if they are so expensive because they’re made in the US…? (like the Olsen line) I guess that might appeal to some folks.

    Her dress is pretty awful, too.

    • Brenna

      They’re made in Italy, which is what she’s using to justify the price. I hope it’s just that they photograph horribly, because they just look so cheap.

  44.  Lori

    Heather and Jessica, I read on TLo just a few minutes ago that those sleeves are from an American Appearel (ugh) bodysuit (ugh).
    My apologies if someone already informed you of this, there are lots of comments!!

  45. Laurie

    first of all, oh my god what is up with the eyeliner on SJP all the time every time good god it looks terrible and no one else seems to agree with me!! man.

    secondly, I think all of the shoes look pretty cute (except you will never sell me on dumpy round-toed espadrille flats), but the perspective, taking their picture from the front, makes them look very frumpy. but I suspect side shots would eradicate that reaction.

    • witjunkie

      Oh, no. None of us like her eyeliner.

      • Laurie

        clearly should have scrolled up before posting. although, to be honest, I probably would have bemoaned the eyeliner situation regardless. my dismay cannot be contained.

  46. sarah

    Up until the 5th slide, you could have told me this was a display of shoes worn on “The Golden Girls” and I would have had no problem believing that.

  47. Caitlin M

    So, the whole thing isn’t as bad as it initially looked, though it’s hardly innovative. Tom and Lorenzo have photos: http://tomandlorenzo.com/2014/02/sjp-shoe-collection-for-nordstrom

    •  HelenBackAgain

      In those photos, the workmanship really becomes apparent. They are well made. But just not very interesting… and I hate the signature tag. I would cut that off if I bought a pair.

  48. miamigirl78

    Thanks for the link–they look much better there! I love a pair of purple heels, but they’re still overpriced.

  49.  Kristin

    Those multi-colored sandals are very 1980s Home Shopping Network. “Ladies, they’ll go with EVERYTHING!”

  50. Ines

    I think the sleeves are added… Because that dress looks a lot like one I was considering for attending a friend’s wedding:


    I’m sure SJP’s is waaaaay more expensive, though.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      That is delightful! And the structure is comfortable for eating and dancing at the reception, too.

  51. Sally

    I see her frequently around the neighborhood – she looks so much younger without the eyeliner. And prettier, fresher. A few years ago, I attended a couple of graduations and weddings in a period of a couple weeks and when I saw photos, I was horrified at how aging my make up was. What worked at 40 was not working at 47. But she has to see photos. And, she has people.

  52. Carrin

    These shoes are overwhelmingly underwhelming. I wouldn’t even consider getting a blister for any of those styles. And I’m not totally convinced this isn’t a joke on the fashion world.

  53. Beth

    They all just look very… safe. And done before. Maybe I’ll check them out when they are at Nordstrom Rack in a few months.