Fug or Fab: Rose Byrne


So, yesterday, Heather and I had a long conversation about what day it was. Like, literally. I ended up looking at a newspaper to confirm that it was the day of the week that I believed it to be (it was, at least). So in other words, we are a bit fried covering Fashion Week along with all the goodness of TIFF and, you know, everything else happening

My whole feeling is basically SURE FINE WHATEVER, but that might be unfair.

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  1.  llism

    Her face is great — the rest is a sad trombone.

    And can I just say how much I HATE that women have taken to the crossed-leg pose like this for pictures? I don’t know if it’s at the photographer’s request, but it’s stupid, and it’s everywhere I look lately. Why can’t they just stand like normal humans? Would that somehow lessen the pretty? Grr.

    (Sorry for the vent — just seems like it’s an attempt to make grown women look more childlike and therefore more attractive, and it drives me nuts.)

    • Kate B

      Once I read that, I scrolled back up and her posture reminds me of a lawn dart. So weird.

      •  llism

        It’s everywhere. Just in the last few days on here: Byrne, Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon, etc. Once you notice it, it’s everywhere.

    • Mikki

      Oh, the ‘gotta pee’ pose has been around for awhile, I think. I hate it too!

      •  llism

        Ah–okay. I hadn’t followed fashion much in the past and so didn’t really notice. Of course now that I notice it it drives me crazy. It’s like when you’re listening to the radio and you first hear a song you hate and then suddenly it seems like it’s EVERYWHERE. :-)

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I think it’s just one way of not standing there like a helpless lump (see Dunham, Lena, for examples). I mean, not everyone is great at posing… this is easy, and it turns the line of the hip in a flattering way.

    • Eli

      The lady mags say it is the way to pose to look your skinniest…and I guess they all read it.

  2.  HelenBackAgain

    I needed a truly Fug option. I hate it.

    It’s like a bridesmaid’s dress, picked out by a bride who doesn’t really like her bridesmaids and certainly doesn’t want them to look good (goal achieved), and then this one got drunk and deliberately stuffed the skirt hem into her underwear to shorten it.

  3. Heather

    But hey … SHE’S SMILING!!

  4. qwertygirl

    The tucked up hem that makes it look puffy is weird, the pattern is a bit fin de siècle brothel upholstery, and the SHINY SHINY makes it look cheap(er). It’s funny, my first reaction was, “Oh come–it’s not THAT bad,” but after writing this, I realize it IS that bad. Sorry, Rose.

    p.s. Tempting though it is, you might want to avoid wearing clothing that has a pattern of eponymous flowers. It’s sort of obvious and a little dopey.

  5.  Billie

    It’s a Full On Monet. At first glance it looks cute, but once I really Look at it, it’s a huge mess. Bubble hem? Puffed sleeves? What?

    And, if it makes you feel any better, I literally had to think about what Month it was yesterday. And I’m not even in the midst of Fashion Week. *Sigh

    • Sandra

      Claude Monet would have chewed his own hands off before committing anything this fugly to canvas. Red and black did not feature heavily in his palette and whatever those Rorschach blots are supposed to represent, it ain’t the garden at Giverny.

      As a matter of fact, I think I’ll hop over to the Met’s website and wash away the taste of this outfit by admiring the Impressionists.

      • Kristin

        I think it’s a Monet in the Clueless sense: looks good from a distance and a mess up close.

  6. Eli

    I think it would be cute if the sleeves were gone. With the dust ruffle sleeves it veers into Too Much.

  7. Nan

    Don’t listen to them Rose, you look beautiful.

    • qwertygirl

      Actually, she does look beautiful. Pretty face, pretty hair. The dress is just…not her best look. IMO.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        Oh absolutely, she herself is lovely as ever here, and maybe even a bit more so than usual.

        It’s just unfortunate that it’s hard to SEE her, past that hideous, loud mess of a dress.

  8. Louisa

    I think the material looks a bit cheap, as does the pattern/choice of colours, the skirt is too short, even if she has the legs for it and I hate the flounces on the sleeves!
    Her hair and face are pretty though, but I like her better with dark hair.

  9. Sajorina

    I LIKE IT! But it might look better with Bobby Cannavale standing next to her!

  10. Jessica

    This looks like something Scarlett would have made from the curtains… if she lived in a brothrel

  11.  Sarah

    I really would have liked this (I love a pattern and sleeves) if the designer had been given time to finish it–but with the bottom attached to the top and hemmed with staples, it’s a fug.

  12.  Aurora

    This would be so much better without the sleeves.

    • bekabot

      It would be better without the sleeves. It would also be better without the skirt, the bodice, the cloth and the thread — without everything, in fact, including the pretty woman who deserves to be dressed in something less ugly.