Fug or Fab: Rihanna


Apparently,  just like her bestie Katy Perry, Rihanna also has a perfume coming out. Hers is called Reb’l Fleur and apparently it smells like missing letters and apostrophes. Check out what she wore to promote it, then come back and JUDGE IT.

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  1. I.K.

    “Hers is called Reb’l Fleur and apparently it smells like missing letters and apostrophes.”
    I giggled, hee you girls never dissapoint.

    I’d be totally fine with this outfit on her if it wasn’t a crop top, I still voted for option B. The skirt is really pretty!

  2. MPMZ

    Honestly, I am less concerned with the shortness of the pieces, the personal hack job she seemed to have done to the top, and the amount of skin than I am with the fact that she’s not WEARING A FREAKING BRA.

    I mean, seriously. I get it. She’s young. And models never wear bras in fashion shows. And some outfits make bras impossible. She’s surrounded by a world in which bras seem legitimately optional. But none of this means that bras are no long relevant or negate the fact that, frankly, she could use the uplift. *signed, the old lady in my 30-something body*

  3. I.K.

    Yeah MPMZ, you have a point there, it comes off as kinda lazy. In that top it wouldn’t even be visible, so…why RiRi, why?

    Maybe just because she CAN?:P

  4. Mjx

    Christ, not ANOTHER fruit-salad scented fragrance :( Doesn’t ANYone make fragrances for people who have a mental age of at least, oh, I don’t know. . . twenty-one?!

    I can’t even care about the outfit.

  5. Melody O

    I’ve just realized that this woman is always in Fug or Fabs. Like, always. They never just fug her right off the bat. And inasmuch as her outfits are consistently and legitimately insane, the mere fact that we have to keep voting about it in order to convince ourselves of that proves that Rihanna is awesome, or at least some kind of low-level sorceress.

  6. Anne B

    The skirt is fine. I can’t find that much fault with it. The top … I got issues.

    We know RiRi has stylists; I’m sure she pointed to one of them and said, “You. Got scissors? A chainsaw? Something big, this little number ain’t gonna cut itself.”

    Fire that person. From life.

    By the way, RiRi, you might want to look up a woman named “Whitney Houston” on the Internet, when (if?) you have a quiet moment. Or “cautionary tales”. Whatever works.

  7. Lina

    EW. She herself looks great, and possibly more healthy than ever. That said, I know better than to expect things like undergarments from her by now, but this outfit is horrible.

  8. Rayna

    Not loving the whole thing, although the skirt is kinda cute, if also kinda TOO SHORT. However, in terms of decency, this thing is like a nun’s habit towards some other looks she’s sported.

    I know, I know, go sit in the corner and clutch my pearls.

  9. annika fox

    Don’t you mean “terrib’l”?

  10. fallgirl

    Speaking of the crazy outfits that Rihanna wears that come very close to flashing boob, you guys need to check out Kanye West’s new video for “All of the Lights”. Her outfit is something to see.

  11. Zuzzie

    I should hate this but I can’t. She looks like she’s having so much fun! I love the skirt, I agree the top is too… cropped, but you know? Could have been worse. No belly button or under-belly-button area on show… it’s not so bad, is it?
    And girlfriend has a banging bod. Uhm… or something :) (I don’t talk like that)

  12. Kate

    I was so nervous we were going to have an underboob appearance. BRAS. Yes, they suck. They’re uncomfortable and tiresome. They also LIFT US UP WHERE WE BELONG. Let the girls look perky while they can, RiRi. If you keep this up, they’ll be hanging to your waist before your 25th birthday party.

  13. taytay

    THE SHOES. i want. didn’t pay much attention to the rest.

    loved annika’s comment. :)

  14. Gabby

    Love skirt. Hate top. Need bra.

    Rhianna IS a low level sorceress, Melody O. She MUST be…

  15. Gabby

    PS.. May I ease your mind… I, that is, Gabby, AM wearing a bra. Rhianna needs bra.

  16. yeahandalso

    #2 good lord woman put on a bra if you are going to dance like that in that top, that is not flattering or sexy it just looks trashy.

    The skirt looks like a bedspread and the stop looks super cheap like it came from Forever 21 in 1998, It is like a top Party of Five era J. Lo Hewitt would wear, but she would at least have it made out of better material and be wearing it with a bra

  17. witjunkie

    Way to show up at your promo after wearing your hair in a ponytail all day.

  18. Jennifer A.

    If it was a crop top that was finished, I would be okay with it, that would be Rihanna, you know? But Rihanna wears COUTURE – she can afford a crop top, she doesn’t need to get all crafty on us and make one herself.

  19. Shanti

    That top is just not flattering – her boobs like like they are down at her waist. I think I’d like it if the top weren’t cropped like that.

  20. Elizabeth

    Man, I was so damn disappointed when I realized those were not brocade formal shorts. Note to industry: Make that happen.

  21. vandalfan

    Beautiful from the waist down, and the neck up, so long as she uses a comb next time. There’s just a little something off with the blouse. The sleeves, maybe, or the neckline, or those BIg Brown Buttons, but mostly the unmatching silver color. I’d even have settled for a long sleeved crop top in white, or baby blue cotton.

  22. Popple

    The skirt is pretty, and the color is not bad. But I voted against it because I do not want to encourage crop tops. Say NO to crop tops.

  23. Veronica

    The summery look of the skirt just doesn’t mesh with the long sleeves/cropped length of the top for me. Maybe if there had been a shirt underneath? I think the colors are fine, it just feels like something’s missing.

  24. miwome

    I would feel SO MUCH BETTER if the bottom of the sweater thingamabobber had a proper, sturdy looking hem/border. Sort of like the waistband of the skirt. It would reassure me that there is some sort of design engineering keeping the boobage north of the border. As it is I’m afraid a stray thread is going to unravel the entire lower half and leave girl in just gold pasties. Unless that’s in the plan, which case I just want her to wait for me to get the popcorn.

  25. Andrew S.

    against all reason, it’s adorable. IDK why!

    I do wish her boobs were higher though.

  26. meg

    I’m so sick of seeing ALL of her skin that this is a major plus (the fact that I voted it up and she’s clearly not wearing a bra shows how low her bar is).

  27. Julia

    Love the skirt. It makes me think of summer :-)

  28. DanerKebab

    Love the skirt, hate the top.

  29. amy t.

    Dear Rihanna,
    You are rich. Please invest in a bra. Your girls will thank you, and the threat of underboob will become considerably less frightening.

  30. Joni Woodhead

    dance of joy = perfect strangers reference? if so <3 !!!!!

  31. Joni Woodhead

    I voted B because the shoes are great and her skirt is very pretty …. but the top is horrid and even though she is young and fit it somehow makes the non-bra really obvious and droopy

  32. Leah

    I love this! She looks cute and happy and different enough to still be Rihanna. Joni: “Oh cousin Larry, now we are so happy!” Dai dai dai dai dai dai

  33. ChristieLea

    I think half my school had the same top-in 1995.

    However, they never, ever would have been caught wearing it with the floral skirt they wore to the grade six dance in 1991.

    (Annnnnnnnnd I just really dated myself, didn’t I?)

  34. anonymoose

    why why WHY does she not have any concept of what is flattering on herself? granted, i can’t think of anyone the trash she wears would indeed look good on.

    so maybe my question is Why do people keep taking this fug’s photo? and, why hasn’t fug realized yet that she is fug? wishin’ miss fug would stay inside for a year or two…to make the outside safer for the rest of us.

  35. Angela

    My browser tells me I voted that this made dance for joy. I want it known that I DID NOT!