Fug or Fab: Princess Charlene of Monaco


She may bring the Sadface — although it’s more like Placidface, really — but at least Princess Prisoner also brought the drama:

That neck is so Maleficent. It is a basket of evil. I imagine her falling asleep in the limo on the way home, dreaming of wearing this while grabbing a wand and brandishing it at Albert and hexing him with poxes unimaginable. The dress itself is weirdly pinched and gathered, and her makeup might be too bland for it, but… am I nuts, or is Morgan Le Sadface pulling this off?

Double, double, toil and trouble...

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  1. ohsohappy

    You are not nuts! She is definitely pulling this off.

  2. PB

    I agree. I think she’s totally pulling it off and she looks totally hot, which is not something that usually comes to mind when confronted with her sad face and her usual “please let me just disappear” color palette.

  3. ringthing

    I’ve seen some negativity about this dress elsewhere today, but I think she looks pretty fabulous here. Very dramatic, borderline eeeeeeevil and she also seems to be enjoying it a little, which is a nice change.

  4. Annie S.

    This picture doesn’t do the color of this gown justice – it’s a really deep teal-y green. While I’m not a huge fan of the taffeta(? It looks like taffeta), she is definitely pulling this one off.

  5. Jess

    That neckline! It’s very Maleficent and/or Evil Queen from Snow White. I cherish it.

    • Annie S.

      Agreed. And Charlene has the shoulders and long neck to pull it off.

      • Carol

        Agreed x 2 … I really think she looks great … although I wouldn’t accept an apple from her if she offered me a snack.

  6. Elfrieda

    I love everything EXCEPT that I have major concerns about the torso. But Evil Queen Neck Ruffle (TM), properly executed, can trump fug in other areas.

  7. Kim

    I love it! Between the dress and her expression, it’s all, “You may think I’m TRAPPED, but really I’m PLOTTING.”

    • Stefanie

      Wouldnt it be awesome if she really was secretly plotting her escape and/or “death” so she could run away with her true love, Roberto who takes care of their her of horses?

  8. Lisa

    She was STUNNING in person. She wore a gorgeous burgundy halter dress to the Michener Art Museum’s gala on Saturday October 26 to open the Grace Kelly exhibition. She was delightful!

  9. Tamarin

    Maleficent is exactly what I thought when I saw this dress. I think it would be ok…if it was part of a Halloween costume. But she is wearing this to something called the Princess Grace Awards!

  10.  Jen S. 2.0

    Now that I know it’s green, I’m on board. I gave it a B+ when I thought it was black, but it’s a solid A- (the only subtractions are for its odd fit) now.

  11. CitizenKate

    She needs to always dress like an evil queen. She looks fierce, in every sense of the word.

  12. Jill

    This is so dramatic and fierce and just theatrical enough to be fun but not so much to be a costume, and would you have ever thought to accuse her of being a) fun, b) theatrical, or c) even slightly interesting?

    Go Charlene! You get down with your bad self! I hope you stalked around all night issuing riDICulous orders and raising one eyebrow superciliously at people.

    I’m going to grow some commanding shoulders and wear this dress tonight!

  13. Art Eclectic

    The only thing really missing is a some stronger makeup – especially lip.

  14. Stefanie

    It’s evil and I love it.

    All she needs is a bad ass tiara to really assert her evil queen-ness. (Or ya know, because she is a princess and chooses not to wear pretty jewels like…ever.)

  15. jj

    She’s just a devil woman, with evil on her mind….LOVE IT!

  16. Rachael

    I really hope she knows how to raise one eyebrow. It just seems like a skill that would come in handy while wearing this dress and plotting devious thoughts. She looks wicked, in a good way.

  17. Other Emily

    Totally dig this on her. She looks great. I do wish we could see the color better, but even black I would be on board.

  18.  TaraMisu

    I love this, well played Sadface!

  19. lisa

    I think strong make up would be too much, and would verge into “actually wanting to look like the Evil Queen from Snow White”.

    She almost looks slightly happy!

  20. HelenBackAgain

    I love, love, LOVE this on her. If someone had told me that Princess Charlene was going to go full-on Anjelica Huston in Every Scary Role She Ever Played, I’d have said they must be confusing her with someone else.

    But she did, she did do that, and it is FABULOUS!

  21. Sandra

    The color is fab, the bracelet is fab, and since she won’t wear necklace, the collar is pretty damn fab as well. Of course, you have to be a a long, tall swimmer-chick princess to do this; but she is, so she can.

  22. Tiffany

    I love it! She has a great face and that is the perfect, dramatic frame for it! I like the gathering on the bodice…it flatters her figure without being too tight. She looks amazing, IMO.

  23. Cathy Brenes

    totally Charlize in that movie…..snowhite,

  24. sarah

    Shoulder envy!

  25. Caro

    WOW! I am just blown away–she looks fantastic!

  26. Jen B.

    I think she looks like Uma Thurman here

  27. kickassmomnyc

    I love this on her. The neck ruffle and bodice are beautiful.

  28. Scouse Helen

    Congratulations for beginning your rhyme (correctly) with “double, double” instead of “Hubble bubble”, like the people who have never read Macbeth. I am impressed.

    I hope Sadface curses that fat fool, Albert, in this frock. She should turn him into a toad. He won’t be able to cheat on her so easily then, will he?

    • joemama

      People say “hubble bubble”? That sounds like something they would have come up with on Duck Tales! I’m laughing with delight at the possibilities…

      •  Stacey

        Count me in as another person who didn’t know people said “hubble bubble”! I don’t know what I’d do or say if I heard someone say that. Also, Duck Tails FTW.

    • ChristieLea

      It will take very little Evil Magic to turn him into a toad, considering how he very nearly is one already…

  29. Claire1

    I like the dress… FIERCE…. the what’s selling it are her shoulders! Holy Go Do Your Chaturanga Push Ups Claire!

  30. alex

    i love this. i DO have issues with the odd gathering around the boob/abdomen area, and i agree that she needs stronger makeup, but all around i don’t think i’ve ever seen her looking so good. what a nice Halloween treat. also, i started to write this comment 30 minutes ago but then i clicked on that link to Morgan le Fay and fell down an Arthurian Legend wormhole…also a nice Halloween treat. thanks, Heather!

  31. Sajorina

    FABULOUS! I love it! She looks ah-mazing! This is my favorite thing she’s ever worn! ♥

  32. Liz

    She looks terrific. The styling with the hair, make up, and jewelry is perfect.

  33. Eli

    I dunno. I am obviously in the minority but it looks like a trash bag with a dead bird around the neck area.

  34. bilbo

    Question to all: What to where?

    WHO – a “princess” olympic athlete who is constantly negatively compared to another mega-famous “princess” for being sad and trapped

    WHEN – November 1st, in european countries a solomn day to tend to the graves of the departed (NOT halloween)

    WHERE – The screening of a hollywood movie starring a recent mega-famous princess who would have been your mother in law, who you are often negatively compared to, a princess who was famous in her later years for being trapped and sad, the movie famously featuring a scene where the then actress drives recklessly in the area where she coincidentally died in real life.

    ANSWER: Probably not a halloween costume.

    • bilbo

      WHAT TO WEAR! (hangs head in shame) Sure there are more typos though:-/

      • HelenBackAgain

        That was such a cute idea, though! And I thought it was a deliberate pun at first, since the body of the post includes a “where”!

  35.  Stacey

    I think she looks fantastic and wondered why this was a Fug or Fab. Love it.

  36. Lily1214

    Her shoulders are too broad for this design.

  37. Cat

    She looks fab. Love the Evil Queen vibe.

  38. Gards

    Best she’s ever looked – the hair, the shoulders, the frock = fab.