Fug or Fab: Nikki Reed


There’s something about the boldness of this that appeals to me.

But between the color and the jagged cutouts — slimming though they are — I keep hallucinating that I’m driving in a foreign country and have come across a road sign that’s desperate to warn me about SOMETHING, but because I don’t speak the international language of caution, I can’t suss it out. That story will probably end in tears.

This one didn’t:

Then again, “looks good with jacket over it” is not a useful criteria on which to judge a gown. LOTS of things look great when you can’t see them. Like me, right now. If you were to pop by my house with a Diet Coke, you’d be like, “Huh, that SPAM t-shirt, and your face, were a lot nicer when I wasn’t looking at them.” ┬áNow if you’ll pardon me, I’ll leave you with a poll while I go apologize to my face for being mean to it. If it would just stop WRINKLING…

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Comments (47):

  1. Lindy

    I don’t know about that dress. It looks an awful lot like this dress that Sheryl Crow wore a few years ago: http://gofugyourself.com/grammy-awards-25-sheryl-crow-02-2005

  2. jjdaddyo

    Wait, can you be named Nikki and not be a stripper?

  3. terri

    Didn’t see any other shots of this event, but since you made me aware of the phenomenon with your KStew post a few back, I did notice that in neither of these pics is she shoving her leg out the giant slit in the skirt! So that’s a win!

    • Mary

      Yes! I was just thinking the same thing. I think she looks great.

      • TereLiz

        That’s because she keeps stepping on the hem! ;)

        It’s far too long, and I think it’s ruining the line of what really is a fierce dress if she’d work it a little more. Other than that, I think she made great hair and accessory choices, nothing to compete with the dress.

  4. Anne B

    If Nikki just takes the black cap off that yellow-highlighter of a dress, we’ll find out what the best parts of this event were.

    Who wants to read through the whole thing?

  5. Smartastic

    The top is so cute! But it should end above the knee and not have a slit up the side. What the eff is up with slits up the side? They are so trashy looking to me, and I feel like they’re everywhere on the red carpet recently.

    • valeria

      I like the dress but hate the placement of the slit. I could like the dress long or short but the slit ranging up to the high side of mid-thigh is so predictable and somewhat sleazy. Why not put it in the back — no higher than necessary for comfortable movement — and be a little different?

  6. Sandra

    I totally feel you on the “don’t speak the international language of caution” business. I’d rather learn to read the road signs in other languages than try to figure out what the flippin’ pictures mean.

  7. Sarah

    I suspect the colour is a lot nicer in person.

  8. Regina

    I would love this if it were Red/black and not Neon green street sign/black.

  9. Melissa

    I dunno, I liked it without the jacket better. As you said, it would be boring if we always agreed.

  10. Christian

    There’s just something about the color and the design that reminds me of gym wear.

  11. vandalfan

    No side cutouts! Never, ever, ever!

  12. Geemee

    I love it. The bold color is great and her shoulders look awesome.

  13. Art Eclectic

    Cutouts at the waist area always scream trashy stripper to me.

  14. Clara

    At least she’s keeping her leg inside the slit.

  15. lanae

    i kind of like it, but she isnt giving quite a fierce enough hair & face to match the florescence and funk of the dress. head is saying ” take me home to meet mom” dress is saying “lets rock and roll” (or “this section is important”)

  16. Kana

    It’s The Red Carpet, Charlie Brown!

  17. Linda

    I like this one much better than the other day, that resembled something J Lo would have worn.

    Nikki was absolutely delightful on Letterman earlier this week. Dave was very smitten with her. She’s adorable, and so’s her husband.

  18. Lina

    I really love the dress, but her smile is really wooden. The jacket makes me laugh — it IS cold out, and who has a formal coat on hand that suits a chartreuse gown? It’d be nice if she did (a navy wool trench?), but this is cute for how real it is.

  19. Blue Buddha

    I like the dress but would have liked it better if the cutouts were just black panels. I’m not really a fan of the cutout but the color is awesome and the whole thing has a retro 80s vibe without being a throwback.

  20. cpro

    I don’t know…I like the bold clean-ness of it, but it’s a little to Star Trek uniform for me.

    • ceecee

      This dress makes her neckline and shoulders look so fierce that I’m willing to forgive its many sins. Now that you mention it, it does look like a formal Star Trek uniform, which only makes me love it more. Make it so.

  21. Bevvie Hedstrom

    She looks terrific.

  22. filmcricket

    I’ve seen this on two blogs now and no one has made an Ocean Pacific reference yet. Children of the 80s, where are you?

  23. crystal

    If you can wear that color, then you owe it to yourself to do it at least once! She looks great.

  24. Lisa

    At least it fits her. Often time she wears things that are completely unflattering and too frilly. She actually looks nice here.

  25. witjunkie

    I’m not big on chartreuse OR cutouts, but for some reason, I like this a lot. If she’s one of those people who doesn’t have a waist, it’s giving her a nice curviness. And yes! how very sexy a little peek of all that leg is, VS. putting it out like ham in a deli case.

  26. Madge


  27. Kristina

    It took noticing that nearly everything I own (iPhone cover, bookbag, wallet) is that color to make me realize that my favorite color is not, in fact, green. No, it’s neon lime. That must be indicative of something. Like brain damage.
    So I like it.

  28. SvetlanaMonsoon

    I’m not crazy about the color, but I don’t hate it.

    I do have to say, though, I can’t tell Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene apart.

  29. Suki

    I think that she looks really pretty, and I like the dress, and she is wearing the dress slit and all like she has some modesty. Unlike most ot the S(#(S in hollywood lately.

  30. Az

    It’s kind of, sort of, like a sexy Charlie Brown shirt. Also, I feel bad for her. Because she always tries so, SO hard.

  31. anny

    Didn’t I see this in an Athleta catalog? Or was it Title Nine? They’re so similar …

  32. Sajorina

    I think she looks FANTASTIC! The color of the dress reminds me of a tennis ball, but it’s fine since the black accents tone it down! She looks comfortable and confident, so I give it a FAB! The jacket, hair, makeup & accessories are nice, but I’m iffy about the shoes…

  33. Cath

    No ehhh?

  34. ChaChaHeels

    I wouldn’t have said OP–to me, this is a dress from Michael Kors’ Body Glove collection.

  35. Spider

    All I see is someone trying to look like one of the X-Men.

  36. Lizzie

    Mostly I’m just happy Nikki is in her native brunette glory instead of the hideous blond wig that the Twilight make up people who apparently HATE her decided to make her wear. Anything looks great on her with dark hair!

  37. NYCGirl

    The color and the cutouts are…how can I say this nicely? Let’s just say “too much.”

  38. Vanessa

    I love all the colors

  39. Racine

    This is so SATC Samantha! And that’s not a compliment…

  40. Jennie-Suz

    This feels like a really formal wetsuit to me.

  41. heather

    Slit is way too high and the dress is way too long. And for some reason, on my screen, the colour translates to a very aggressive chartreuse >_<

  42. Lily1214

    I’ve looked at it twice over two days and I’ve decided: I like it.

  43. Kat

    I really want to give her a million bonus points for not sticking her leg awkwardly through the slit in her skirt for the photogs. That always looks desperate and weird to me, like, “LOOKIE at my fleshy protuberance!” Whereas she rocks it, by standing naturally.