Ariana Grande recently comsplained — that’s my mash-up of complained and explained, and it doesn’t work at all; if ONLY I had a magical key I could press to go back and delete it — that the reason she used to wear her hair exactly like this all the time was because she has to wear extensions due to damage from dying it for Sam & Cat and other such shenanigans, and I guess ponytails or half-ponytails or something were her only styling idea? The whole thing was weird.

However, she’s branching out:

It’s definitely better than having Seventh-Grade Hair. I find it interesting that the rest of her went sleek along with the coif, trading in the poofy girly dresses for something more straightforward. This fits really strangely, though; it’s so tight in places it’s practically a leotard. Ariana is stuck in this weird place where she herself looks a LOT younger than her (still young) actual age, so almost any way she goes, there’s a disconnect with her styling and her aura and her self. I don’t really know how to fix it for her. This was a step in the right direction, but I think MUCH more fun shoes would have been the right play, and some better accessories, and maybe trying not to look mildly terrified all the time.

Speaking of the accessories: Yes, that purse has cartoons all over it. They’re Nickelodeon things crammed onto a quilted Chanel bag, which… I don’t know what aggrieves me more: the idea of Karl Lagerfeld custom-making a Rugrats purse, or someone defacing a perfectly good one with stickers. The other weird thing? When she went up to accept an award, she took it with her and then had to juggle it the whole time she was up there, which you almost never see. Does this child not have any People who can, say, hold her Chanelodeon bag for her for three seconds? DOES SHE HAVE NO ONE?

[Photo: Getty]