Fug or Fab: Naomie Harris (with Bonus Idris Elba)


In the words of Jerry Seinfeld should you find yourself standing next to him in the midst of an allergy attack, these two are sooooooo goooooood loooking:

I’ve been watching Luther on Netflix as an attempt to fill the giant hole in my life left by the end of my Breaking Bad marathon and basically his hotness is really distracting me from whatever is happening with Ruth Wilson’s upper lip. It’s THAT compelling, his hotness. And he looks nice in that suit.

But let’s talk about her dress, because while I dig the color, I fear I may have notes:

We’re seeing so much sternum so far this winter film season and I remain unmoved by it. Most people, regardless of their body type, don’t have, like, a sternum that’s going to thrill onlookers to their very core. As a trend, it feels to me like someone said, “let’s take all the fun out of cleavage and see what happens!” The whole dress seems a tiny bit big for her, in fact, in a way that makes the whole thing feel droopier than it needs to be. Remember this Vivienne Westwood she wore to the Elle party? Can’t we get a little more of that up in here?

What do you think?

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Comments (47):

  1.  lor

    Completely not a fan of the sternum. Such an unflattering look on everyone. Let’s go back to collarbones and shoulders, K?

    • Sophy

      Love the colour – WHY can they not wear season appropriate clothing- soon it will be spring( I wish) and all the celebs will be in parkas( of course sternum revealing ones!)- just ridiculous.
      I don’t find him remotely attractive.

  2. Annie S.

    Bad shoes. Baaaad shoes. The dress looks like she’s going to waltz with Fred Astaire, and not in a bad way, but the footwear is distractingly wrong.

    • Rachael

      While, on the other hand, I love the shoes, because the dress is so floaty and ethereal, and the shoes are edgy and hard-hitting. It provides a great, interesting contrast. I would take 2 inches from the bottom of the dress. That is my only complaint. Otherwise, I love everything.

      Are these two in love? Every picture I see of them features one gazing in apparent adoration at the other.

      •  KLeewrite

        No, they’re not in love — it was announced sometime in the last couple of weeks that he’s expecting a baby with his girlfriend.

      • lindy

        I agree. The filmy dress needs the more edgy shoe or she would look like she was waiting in the wings to waltz on the Lawrence Welk show.

        I also agree that she needs to lose about 2 inches from the bottom of the dress.

    • Alice

      Ooh, I love the shoes.

    • swimmyfish

      I really like the shoes, but not in conjunction with that dress. Which I really don’t like at all – it looks like a nightgown a ballerina would wear when dancing her dreams. Two inches shorter would be an improvement, for sure. And maybe sleeveless? Or fitted sleeves?

  3. wildviolette

    I love it, but the shoes…..not so much. Maybe just a tad too casual and bondage-y?

  4.  Ramona

    …I’m sorry; you were saying?

    •  Kacy

      There was a second person in these photos? I only have eyes for Idris, apparently.

      • purejuice

        kaching!!!!!!! she can wear her sternum any way she wants when she’s standing next to dris.

  5. Lynn Baber

    I like it. I usually don’t like the sternum thing, but I think she looks great. Not as much when she’s just standing there, but it’s good when she is doing something. I like the whole look.

  6.  KLeewrite

    I’d be okay with the dress if the V weren’t so deep. The shoes are horrid. And Idris is always good. He can really work a suit.

    He is just so ridiculously charismatic on “Luther” — that makes up for a lot of ills.

  7. Lynne

    I don’t mind the sternum-baring, actually. Love the colour. Undecided on the length. I wish she’d worn different shoes, I think.

  8. Kristin Cass

    I think I don’t like it because I feel like some old sexy grandma could wear it and look equally as good. She’s beautiful and this dress is not enhancing that fact.

  9. greatwhitenorthchick

    Could have been the loveliest dress in the world, but I just don’t like that seafoam-y colour.

  10. HelenBackAgain

    Even apart from the unattractive sternum window, the whole thing’s a droopy disaster.

    The shoes would be cute in spring, with jeans or shorts. I like them, but they don’t work with this dress, or probably any dress. Well, maybe a very casual one.

    Idris looks terrific!

  11. Rose

    I feel like the dress would work if the neckline was a LOT higher. Like, tiny tease at cleavage at the most. Otherwise… it’s a pretty color on her, and she could definitely do worse.

  12. Mel S.

    Idris Elba (who will always Charles Miner from The Office to me – I’m not cool enough to have watched the Wire) looks fabulous!

    That color of her dress is a little too mother-of-the bride for me. Or even grandmother of the bride. I’m suddenly picturing it on Rose on the Golden Girls. Although, being as cleavage baring as it is, I’m guessing Blanche would have stolen it out from under her.

  13. Meggiemoo

    No. The top of this dress makes her look like a tiny girl…it makes her proportions all strange.

  14. Katherine

    Iove the mint/chocolate, iffy on the outfit though. Her sleeves are bothering me. Their poofs are so…half-assed. I want them to either be straight *or* voluminous, but that slight widening just isn’t doing it for me.

  15. Red Scorpio

    A too-short nightdress or too long cocktail dress. In any case, the footwear is wrong.

  16. BrownEyedBetty

    So, FugGirls…going by your notes on this post, can I assume from here on out, we are calling Idris, simply, “His Hotness” ?? Because I’d be OK with that!

  17. Barbara

    (In my best Homer voice:)

    Mmmmmm…… Idris

  18. Dizee

    There is a recent GQ photo that sets my heart (and a few other things) aflutter:

    Idris in GQ

    That man wears the heck out of a tailored suit. Unf.

    • HelenBackAgain

      The hand at the crotch is really squicking me. I like to think he’s classier than that and I wish I hadn’t seen this.

      • Mifty 

        Well, there are a bajillion pictures taken for most magazine shoots, and they can catch people in all sorts of odd and unfortunate postures. So let’s hope that particular picture in the issue is attributable to the art director’s bad judgment rather than a lack of taste on the part of the marvelous Mr. Elba.

  19. JENNY

    Ha ha, I too turned too Luther to fill the Breaking Bad sized hole in my life. Then I turned to Borgen and The Paradise.

    I really can’t be bothered about her dress though as long as she’s standing next to Idris. He is far too distracting!

  20. violet

    That color works on her, but the shoes are really wrong.

  21. LIndenLovesFashion

    Color: excellent. Shoes: so wrong I have no words. No really, nothing to say on those, I am so horrified. Sternum reveal: great for her doctor “take a deep breath and hold it while I listen to your lungs.” Head: quite acceptable. Idris Elba: I’m with JENNY. And he’s another reason I have no words about the shoes…”Shoes? what shoes? She’s standing next to Idris Freakin’ Elba.”

  22. Val

    The sternum window doesn’t bother me half as much as her shoes…..just don’t get pairing a floaty/flowing dress with footwear that shouts GLADIATOR!….

  23.  Janice

    Y’all are crazy. She looks beautiful, sexy and ladylike, which is a kind of miracle these days, though yes, it’s a tad too long. I’d like to see her in motion, rather than just standing there, to get the full floatiness effect.

    But why the black “at least they’re not nude” shoes? Shoes can be edgy AND not black.

  24. Heather

    I’ve watched every episode of Luther, and I can’t tell you a single plot line, except there was something with a crazy chick who had great hair and eyebrows and an enviable wardrobe. Otherwise, it was all about the Idris.

  25. Alex

    I wish the sleeves were gone. I think them disappearing would contribute greatly to making this not so droopy. Also, like some people posted above, I love the shoes, but they seem a little odd without any other bondage/leather accents, like perhaps a leather cuff?

  26.  Snowedintoday

    The sternum can be sexy, c’mon. For ladies with small boobs. It’s the cleavage for those who do not have it.
    The colour of the dress is fab but it is so droopy… And the shoes are a very poor choice. Maybe with edgier shoes like some of you said.
    Idris… still the best thing about Naomi Harris in this photo…

    • Hannah

      Thank you! I don’t usually go for sternum windows that look like someone sliced through the front of my top from neckline to waist, but in general I like the bare sternum as a sly way of saying, “There may or may not be boobs back here somewhere.”

  27. Rachelee

    OMG Ruth Wilson’s upper lip! Drives me cray.

  28. Shannon

    Idris is going to be the next Bond, no? I feel like it’s a real thing I heard and not just a wild, fantastic rumor I just started.


  29. yeahandalso

    The dress is pretty meh, and I hate that hair on her it makes her look too generic I hardly recognized her here, I thought Zoe Saldana had finally eaten something at first.