In the words of Jerry Seinfeld should you find yourself standing next to him in the midst of an allergy attack, these two are sooooooo goooooood loooking:

I’ve been watching Luther on Netflix as an attempt to fill the giant hole in my life left by the end of my Breaking Bad marathon and basically his hotness is really distracting me from whatever is happening with Ruth Wilson’s upper lip. It’s THAT compelling, his hotness. And he looks nice in that suit.

But let’s talk about her dress, because while I dig the color, I fear I may have notes:

We’re seeing so much sternum so far this winter film season and I remain unmoved by it. Most people, regardless of their body type, don’t have, like, a sternum that’s going to thrill onlookers to their very core. As a trend, it feels to me like someone said, “let’s take all the fun out of cleavage and see what happens!” The whole dress seems a tiny bit big for her, in fact, in a way that makes the whole thing feel droopier than it needs to be. Remember this Vivienne Westwood she wore to the Elle party? Can’t we get a little more of that up in here?

What do you think?

[Photos: Getty]