It’s the holidays, which means one thing: PRESENTS. (Well, also peace on Earth, good will toward all, mulled booze, mulling over things after consuming too much booze, wearing ribbons on your head, Various Religious-y Things And Such, and eating chocolate for breakfast, and more.) We hope you enjoyed Kim France’s gift guide, and behold: Here is our own, hopefully with enough time for you to get presents delivered by the last day of Hanukkah if that is your need. The last few years, we partnered with a company that made it possible for a portion of your shopping dollar to go to charity; unfortunately, their technology changed and we can’t implement it this year. Proceeds from sales of our Milk & Honey shoes do still benefit the Alzheimers Association, though, and of course we encourage you to support those causes near and dear to your own heart.

And as always, nobody has paid us or provided us anything in exchange for being in this gift guide — it’s just stuff we found while browsing/doing our own shopping/procrastinating heavily. There are stickers! There is meat! There are a variety of things between stickers and meat! Happy shopping, and happy holidays.

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