Fug or Fab: Miranda Kerr


This is sort of insane, and also looks like what Rambo would wear if he were on RuPaul’s Drag Race:

That doesn’t mean I don’t like it.

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  1. Christa

    I wish it had a different skirt. Maybe a straight skirt? I don’t know.

    • Aria

      I agree, I think it might be okay with a straight skirt – and not that pattern.

  2. cathy

    it’s fun, i kind of like it. and can you believe that she is a mother? she looks 17

  3. ljmabouttown

    @Christa – that’s exactly what I was thinking. Too full/ruffly for the bandage style top.

  4. Katie

    I agree that a straight skirt would make this much better and more streamlined. The ruffle at the bottom is too apron-adjacent. Although the completely awkward way she is standing might be making the bottom look worse than it is–don’t they teach models how to stand??

    • jerkygirl

      I was thinking the same thing–she’s not a freaking pigeon, so why is she standing like one? Unless she wasn’t actually posing her and was moving around and someone just caught her at an awkward angle or something? I dunno. I’m just trying to ignore the drag Rambo dress she’s wearing. That is just awful.

  5. Alessandra

    Start over. That is all.

  6. Sandra

    Is she at at a Mad Max-themed costume party? There is really no other rational explanation for this garment existing.

  7. Claire

    Good lord, cover up that silly triangle of rib flesh. Other than that, I think it’s funky and I like it, even (especially?) with the flouncy skirt.

    • kissmyang

      That triangle is so distracting…it looks like she has the top of a pair of tights hoisted above her belly button.
      I would like it otherwise…

  8. Sarah

    I think it’s pretty awesome.

  9. Mary

    It’s cheerfully confusing, just like her.

  10. lali

    I’m sorry because this has nothing to do with Miranda Kerr but I have a question.
    Did you stop fugcapping Dallas? There have been two, or maybe it’s three, episodes since the last recap. Is there any hope of getting caught up or should I stop making myself nuts looking for it? :-s

  11. TonyG

    I’d like it if the skirt portion was black with yellow trim (i.e., the reverse color scheme of the top portion). Also, no need for the frill trim at the bottom.

  12. Vandalfan

    Take off the hem ruffle, wipe off half the slap, soften her hair, toss her some espadrilles and tell her to come back in July.

  13. Neil

    The top looks like one of those bullet holders worn by musclebound men carrying automatic weapons. Not an attractive look for a petite woman.

  14. Jessica

    It’s ridiculous and yet I kind of like it. I don’t know if though most people could pull this dress off, but I think Miranda is.

  15. glee

    The moment you said DRAG, that’s all I could see – a young drag queen trying to hard. That make-up is way harsh, and the dress is over the top enough to make her the Queen of many balls (heh).

  16. JMo

    Did she let a toddler apply her makeup?

  17. h² fashion

    I actually like this on her. On a lot of other people it would definitely be a no though!


  18. ceecee

    There’s a LOT going on with this dress and yet my eyes always come back to the bullet -holders across her chest. She probably shouldn’t wear that in an airport.

  19. Chrissy

    For awhile there, a few months ago, I was finding her pretty stylish. But lately I am not feeling it. I hate this.

  20. Sajorina

    I do like it! Would I wear it myself? No! But, she looks cute in it! And, now I need to see Rambo on “RuPaul’s Drag Race”!

    • holly

      I don’t even care about the dress now that I have that image of Rambo in my mind. Now I want to see the entire cast of the Expendables on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Ru Paul ought to seriously consider a season in which past winners come on the show and mentor them…wow, that would be some mind-blowing television.

  21. karen

    If the bandage top just went down to a pencil skirt we’d be in business. I mean Miranda Kerr? Jesus Christ she’s so pretty she actually makes me drool.

  22. jeanette

    If a gorgeous model can’t sell it, no one can! She looks unsure in the photo. and so she should – it’s ‘kind of’ insane…

  23. exquisite red

    The only reason I think you may like this is because sh’es MF’ing Miranda Kerr, and sometimes the hottest supermodel can sell something just because they look amazing in almost anything. I love her, but no, this is insane.