This show. It is such a hot mess. Parts of the most recent two episodes were genuinely interesting and emotional: poor Amanda dying after (stupidly) going back onto an exploding boat to rescue an accessory; Victoria shooting WhatsHerName NoOneCares to protect Daniel from being framed for something Unnamed But Terrorist-y; Emily crying through Jack and Amanda’s wedding. And parts of them were just mind-numbingly boring/dumb: the whole blah blah blah about the Stowaway; everything else that ever happened involving the Initiative, ever; Conrad deciding to run for governor despite being a MURDERER whose son was also arrested for MURDER, a TERRORIST, a man whose wife was kidnapped under weird circumstances, and an inveterate cheater, who ALSO knows that basically ALL of this information is ON TAPE SOMEWHERE. There is literally no one in the world less electable. He is a moron, and if he GETS elected, the shows thinks we too are morons. People’s political careers get sidetracked if they don’t pay their housekeeper properly, much less IF THEY MIGHT HAVE BLOWN UP A PLANE, FRAMED A DUDE, AND THEN HAD HIM SHIVVED.

Tags: Revenge