Fug or Fab: Marion Cotillard


I was all ready to give this a thumbs-up.

I mean, I swoon for the color of that skirt, and although the shoes aren’t my particular flavor of gin, they seemed to tie into the outfit fairly well. Plus, you know, neck sparkles! Kelly green! It’s a good life.

Unfortunately, the shoes do have a LITTLE more in common with the top than I previously realized:

Why is everything ALWAYS SEE-THROUGH? WHY? Not everyone is so trustworthy with brassieres. STOP KICKING OPEN THE DOOR. NIPPLES WILL SNEAK INSIDE.

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[Photos: Splash]


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Comments (43):

  1. Big Noise

    I have a bigger issue with the shoes than the top. Losing that sheer panel on the shoes and leaving it as a T-strap-looking shoe would have been infinitely better.

    • filmcricket

      Agreed. There was the potential for a good idea there, and then they took a sharp right turn into hiddy-town.

  2. Eliza Bennett

    For the first time, I might actually like an outfit MORE because of transparency. I’m probably fatigued/on bath salts/heralding the end of the world. I superdislike the shoes.

    • megs283

      Yeah! I like this. It looks like she’s leaving a nightclub or restaurant or something…? This would be “Hell no!” during the day, or at a kid event (Katy Perry, anyone?), but this outfit looks event-appropriate. I love it.

  3. TaraMisu

    Ugh no….. I love the skirt, too cute!! But the top and shoes need to be sent straight to hell.

  4. Carrie

    I saw a lady at the airport the other day wearing one of these sheer shirts with a very white, very lacy, very obviously meant to be seen visible bra underneath. STOP THE MADNESS AND LET ME FLY IN PEACE.

  5. LindenLovesFashion

    The skirt feels random with this top. Different top? Shoes…okay, maybe straight to hell is a bit harsh; possibly shoe purgatory for an extended stay.

  6. amys

    I think she’s adorable and love her hair. I actually like the randomness of the green and don’t mind the sheer top. That said, the shoes need to be smashed with a hammer.

  7. Heather

    I’m OK with it because she’s wearing a non-transparent, black bra underneath. I would have preferred a cami, but I think it’s a cute top and it’s not like her nipples are showing.

    @ Carrie – funny, I used to work with a girl who did the same thing in inverse – she had this open-weave white sweater (this was the mid-90s) that she would wear with a black satin bra underneath. She somehow thought this was OK. She was also one of those tiny girls with HUGE boobs, so it made everything even more evident. It was like a visual lesson in “when to wear a cami.”

  8. Kit

    Ugh, I hate the whole outfit. The top and skirt don’t play well – the proportions are mismatched, I do like the shoes but not with that outfit (I have very simliar shoes and they’re very hard to wear!) – and the whole transluceny thing? SO OVER IT.

    • jenny

      Thank you! Aren’t the proportions on this just totally wonky? Why is everyone not seeing this? I can’t even get past that long enough to vote.

    • Jennifer E.

      agreed. the skirt is a little – ok, a LOT – too much Emerald City of Oz (in that it stands out instead of draping like a sensible fabric would).

  9. filmcricket

    Which picture do you suppose is flipped? Her part changes sides from pic 1 to pic 2.

    Don’t really care for the tucked-in-blouson effect of the blouse & I really hate those shoes. The skirt is delightful but appears to belong to a totally different outfit? Also I wish she had some colour on her toes.

    • blah

      The picture with the bracelet on her left wrist is the correct one. Unless both men in the other picture are wearing women’s suits.

    • Big Noise

      Nice catch indeed! Can someone explain to me why pics are flipped like that? Is it intentional for some reason or just a mistake?

      • TonyG

        It’s probably a mistake. Lots of pictures from these photo services are developed as slide, which are viewed through light boxes. Slides are easily flipped without being noticed and the resulting picture will be the mirror image.

  10. gav

    She has the whole Diane Kruger thing of being so chic she can pull off things which really shouldn’t work. I want to hate this, but the whole outfit is 1000x better than the sum of it’s parts.

    • Kat

      Absolutely agreed. She gets a pass from me on the sheer top because she’s a saucy French lady. And Diane could pull it off too.

  11. Gine

    I haaaate the transparency trend and wish it would just die already. And it’s not even that I think it’s trashy–I really don’t mind seeing people’s veiled skin, especially attractive famous people–it always just looks BAD. It’s not flattering and it messes with the proportions of the outfit. It’s one of those things that’s supposed to be sexy but usually ends up looking awkward instead, like high slits.

  12. eva

    In this case, I don’t find my option to vote. I like the skirt but not the combination with everything else. It feels like she went through a clothes randomizer and this is what came out :)

  13. sarah

    This skirt with the same top but not sheer, more fitted and tucked in and a nice pump – maybe in black, maybe in a colour.

  14. Claire L1

    I actually like this. Had I wished that she’d worn a full cami underneath? Sure. Do I feel as if I’m seeing I shouldn’t? No…

  15. Amber

    I feel like I’m 100 years old, but stop with the see-through clothes already.
    Otherwise, it’s cute (I can pretend the shoes don’t exist).

  16. pantsonfire

    Meh. The transparency isn’t bothering me so much as the sort of randomness of these pieces together. Something about the shapes together doesn’t add up. That said, this is totally something I would probably pull together when I’m tired and realized I have to go out to dinner and I don’t like ANYTHING in my closet…just, like, picking the pieces randomly at hand that I don’t hate at that second and then being fine with the fact that they don’t super obviously NOT go together because of clashing colors or something. But in my heart of hearts, I know they really don’t go together. And I never really feel GREAT the whole night, ya know?

  17. Poppy

    I’m not sure I even like the outfit, but she’s so beautiful that I always love what she wears.

  18. Katie

    I am okay with this whole look, but only because she’s Marion Freaking Cotillard.

  19. CJ

    I don’t mind sheer clothing as long as I can’t see anything. A cute, non-sheer bra underneath? Doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t know why everyone is freaking out over the idea.

  20. vandalfan

    The sheer top ruins it for me. The shoes, I love- so sue me. But if it’s supposed to cover up your underwear, it should not be sheer. Sheer sleeves, shoes, fine. Visible panties or bra? Just ridiculous.

  21. Mongerel

    Heh. I hate the big stiff guacamole-skirt most of all. Ugly clutch too. Hard to even notice the shoes or the top.

  22. Laura Del Toro

    I’m fine with the shoes and the shirt, but I don’t care for the cut of the skirt. It seems so stiff and aggressively A-line against all the softness of the top. a pencil skirt, or just something a bit more form fitting would have made me happy.
    However, I cannot fault how gorgeous she is and how happy and chic she looks promoting TDKR.

  23. Shiitake

    This one of those 20 foot outfits: Looks great 20 feet away, but loses it’s appeal on closer inspection.

  24. Elle

    I used to think that the GFY girls were joking about your booze intake. However, given what you been swooning over of late, you are officially qualified to enter rehab.

  25. Bottle Ginger

    Am I the only one who thinks she has no idea how to dress for her porportions? Almost everything she wears seems intended for someone taller and longer-limbed.

    Such as this outfit. The combination of the loose top and wide-bottomed skirt add width to her figure and make what little length she has go away, giving her a totally boxy shape. And the shoes take up about 1/3 of the visible leg, taking away the only long line she had to work with. She has such beautiful petite hourglassporportions, why doesn’t she make the most of it?

  26. Sajorina

    I love it all just the way it is… Wouldn’t change a thing! And, for me, Marion is always a FAB!

  27. Miss Louise

    I love the aggressive A-line of the skirt, and am very partial to wearing it myself, though usually just below the knee (I don’t have Marion’s knees, alas) – but a loose filmy top with a stiff A-line just always ends up looking wonky – a skirt like that needs a more form-fitting top to retain a shapely silhouette. The see-through thing doesn’t bother me in this case, as it’s thoroughly non-trashy in its execution, but it just doesn’t work with the skirt. I’m not much for the shoes either, but they might have worked if the top had gone with the skirt. LOVE her smile, though.

  28. Melly

    Marion’s style is often fug but I like this, a lot! It’s nighttime, she wears it well and seems relaxed. Her legs are so great that they balance out the shoes. The top is so pretty that I wasn’t distracted by the see-through. I’m wondering about her ears…are they very very large or is that just me? She’s really really beautiful.

    • Claire L1

      I never noticed her ears…..oh well, ears can’t be helped… we get what we get….However, I think hers are pretty cool… very Elven.

  29. Tanja

    I absolutely adore this look! The skirt goes so well with the top, even if they’re different style. Also the color of the skirt is stunning.rodzaje hiszpanskiej muchy

  30. Lily1214

    She always looks great.

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