I was all ready to give this a thumbs-up.

I mean, I swoon for the color of that skirt, and although the shoes aren’t my particular flavor of gin, they seemed to tie into the outfit fairly well. Plus, you know, neck sparkles! Kelly green! It’s a good life.

Unfortunately, the shoes do have a LITTLE more in common with the top than I previously realized:

Why is everything ALWAYS SEE-THROUGH? WHY? Not everyone is so trustworthy with brassieres. STOP KICKING OPEN THE DOOR. NIPPLES WILL SNEAK INSIDE.

Does the transparency ruin it?

  • Yes. Transparency ruins everything. (25%, 1,670 Votes)
  • Yes, in this instance. (13%, 872 Votes)
  • No! It's totally fine in this case. (47%, 3,100 Votes)
  • It's fine always. LET YOUR CLOTHES BE A WINDOW. (3%, 187 Votes)
  • No seriously. Don't do that. (11%, 755 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,585

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