Fug or Fab: Lucy Liu


Lucy Liu is ridiculous. And I mean that as a HUGE compliment.

She DOES NOT AGE. At all. It’s nuts. It is… wait for it; you’re going to love/hate this one… liu-dicrous. ZING. And now I will fire myself.

But seriously, every time she shows up on TV, I’m like, “Oh, thank God, she’s back, she’s so GOOD in everything — why doesn’t Lucy Liu work more?!?” So I’m hoping Elementary does the trick for her, even if the likelihood of Pat Field showing up and putting her character in fur jogging vests is distressingly low. But what of this dress? I keep thinking it has a Playboy quality to it, and I don’t mean the magazine — when I see the cutout against the black background, I immediately think of the bunny logo. Except this cutout is shaped more like a fawn. I guess it could be Playboy for Bambi. Playbuck. Which means the lady version would be Playdoe, which… well, now I’m never going to look at Play-Doh the same way again. Oops.

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  1. jjdaddyo

    I was thinking this looked very nice, until you mentioned the word “buck”. Now I can’t stop seeing a deer image.

  2. Kit

    I voted “this is not my cup of Earl Grey”; but I still think she looks great in it. (There should have been an option for that available.) :)

  3. meggiemoo

    She is so gorgeous!

  4. Cora

    Flower petals!! Or leaves of flower stems?

  5. D

    I really do not like dresses (or tops) that frame the cleavage in this manner. They just look so cheesy to me. Like, even if it was just a plunging v (so, without the connecting bit at the top) it wouldn’t bother me, but cleavage cutouts always bother me.
    It’s screams “PEEKABOO (PEEKABOOB?)! Here are my titties!”

    • Alle C. Hall

      Yeah, but she makes it work. Perhaps b/c she is just so cute and glowing, with this innocent froth. Her sexy just happens. I don’t even see her cutouts as a bid to be sexy. They are just part of the happy life she projects.

  6. Kara

    This is the sort of dress that would look vulgar on anyone with more than a B-cup. But on her it looks great. I also just like her, so I’m biased.

    Did y’all watch Southland? She was so good on it!

    • Patrick

      She slayed me on Southland. You think that cast can’t get any better, and then they bring her in…!

      But am I the only one who sees a marijuana leaf in the cut-out pattern? Anyone? No?

  7. Kato

    I think she looks fabulous. And, I think this is such a good deployment of a fuller, short skirt that so many people have flubbed lately (see Emma Stone and Marion Cotillard). This is age-appropriate and doesn’t look twee, which is my normal complaint with short & full. I know it isn’t as full or as short as some we have seen recently, but I think that’s why it works. It hints at the full and short skirt silhouette, but doesn’t make it look like she should be carrying a giant lollypop and singing about good ships. Love it!

  8. Art Eclectic

    Cutouts that don’t look sleazy – it CAN be done!

  9. lavonspants

    WANT. DRESS. NOW. Anyone know who makes it??

  10. Grace Pheiffer

    Wait, I feel like you guys featured this dress in a fashion week wrap-up…. am I losing my mind?

  11. Sandra

    I love it ON HER. Mere mortals could not do justice to that dress.

  12. Jen from cincy

    I say it’s just too much cleavage on display. It doesn’t seem to marry well with the more demure neckline. It almost looks like someone took a hold of one of the cutouts and ripped it out entirely, a la Janet Jackson. Otherwise, it’s adorable. I think I’d go with a brighter clutch, though.

    • V

      Honestly, if one had ANY more cleavage than Lucy, it would be too much. But on her it somehow works. Most mere mortals could pull off the skirt portion, but leaning forward would be disastrous..

  13. LibraryChick

    Love the dress on Ms. Liu. Also, from what I can tell on my own mother and her fellow Asian-descent friends, some hit a period where they look perpetually 25 or 35 for decades. In other words, it’s not that Lucy Liu is aging well. She’s just aging at about the same rate as others of her ethnic background, and those of us not sharing her background think she’s made a deal with the devil. (For the record, I inherited more from the Anglo side of the family, so I am aging poorly. I speak both from jealousy and experience. Le sigh.) Oh, and Mr. Hefner originally planned to name his magazine Stag instead of Playboy, so he would probably find the “doe” commentary quite amusing.

  14. Shoeniverse

    I love it and she shows the perfect advantage to not being a busty girl too – looks gorgeous :D


  15. McLisa

    Even if Elementary doesn’t make it (and I hope it does), I would LOVE to see her come back to Southland. She. Was. Awesome.

    I like this dress. It’s a little too much cleavage but I think only she could pull it off.

  16. Sajorina

    I give it a YES, a FAB & a HALLELLUYAH! I love that dress, though I could never pull it off with my massive boobage! LOVE! The only thing missing from her name is the “k” that turns Lucy into “Lucky”! See what I did there? I may start calling her Lucky Liudicrous!Anyway, damn her & her perfect genes! I’m so going to watch “Elemental”!

  17. swati

    You could have said ludicrous. Lu occurs in Lucy. *waits to be fired*

  18. vandalfan

    Other celebs might foul this up with too many accessories. This is great, understated and interesting.

  19. Rosa

    Well now that I’ve seen the fawn shape, I can’t unsee it. Thanks a lot.
    She still looks amazing, though.

  20. val.

    It’s a little weird but she looks amazing in it. And I’m so excited for Elementary! It had better not be stupid.

  21. Lily1214

    Yes, fire yourself.

  22. Helen

    She’s so beautiful, but I’m not seeing her face at all, in this, unless I consciously force myself to focus on it. The dress turns her into a walking pair of boobs. It is wearing her.

    That should be impossible for someone with her presence, but here it is happening.

  23. ceecee

    The skirt is adorable and the dress in general looks great on her, but I can’t stop staring at her cleavage. A few square inches of fabric and this would have been perfect.

  24. Mahastee

    I don’t know how she’s doing it, but she looks fab in this.

    If I was at a real-life event and someone was wearing this, I would probably find it a bit tacky.

  25. Veronica

    It’s a little daring in the torso, but I think her bust is modest enough to pull it off. She just looks amazing, very prim and pretty.

  26. exquisite red

    I also remembered this dress from the “Rooney will probably wear this” post. And I think Lucy looks great in this. A bustier gal would look vulgar, but I think she ends up looking cute and sexy. I say FAB!

  27. Kat

    In person I wouldn’t know where to look, and that would make me flustered and cranky; but in theory, and in photographs: coooooooool.

  28. Marnie Barrell

    …”Which means the lady version would be Playdoe, which… well, now I’m never going to look at Play-Doh the same way again.”
    HAHAHAHAHAHAH well done!

  29. Guerra

    I love this!! She looks amazing and her face in beautiful!!

  30. Cheeseandwhine

    The side cutouts look like bamboo to me…

  31. Dawn

    I love the shape of the dress and the SMALL cut outs, but the huge triangle in the middle ruins it. If that part was just filled in with material it would be totally cute. Keep the purse and change the shoes.

  32. Ms. A.

    Love it!!

  33. JeanneMorelle

    I just wish it had a long skirt. The shortie is distracting.

    Either cleavage or leg. Not both.

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