Most of this is not amusing — it’s, in fact, completely fine. Miss Tyra looks smashing.

Sometimes Tyra wears crazy stuff, and then sometimes she turns it out so hard in something so simple, and you remember why she was a supermodel. Or, is a supermodel. Does one ever stop being a supermodel, once one has earned it? Must you actively be modeling? Is it like with presidents, where you keep calling them Mr. President even if they’re no longer in office? Such are the intricacies of supermodeling.

I suspect my digression hasn’t stopped you from wondering about her feet, though. So let’s do the close-up:

This cracks me up. They are McQueen shoes, and there is something delicious to me about the Queen of Fierce, the Empress of Smize, wearing shoes with bejewelled skulls on them. Those things are giving better face than half her ANTM contestants. I eagerly anticipate the episode in which she makes them all put on diamond grills (sidebar: Ryan Lochte, STOP WEARING THAT THING; it is ABSURD on you, and someday you will be SO GLAD they prevented you from wearing it during your medal ceremony) and then pose as if they are, in fact, toe ornaments, and superimposes their faces onto this shoe. Oh, Tyra. You’re welcome. I’ll give you that one for gratis.

[Photos: Getty]

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