Lucy Liu is ridiculous. And I mean that as a HUGE compliment.

She DOES NOT AGE. At all. It’s nuts. It is… wait for it; you’re going to love/hate this one… liu-dicrous. ZING. And now I will fire myself.

But seriously, every time she shows up on TV, I’m like, “Oh, thank God, she’s back, she’s so GOOD in everything — why doesn’t Lucy Liu work more?!?” So I’m hoping Elementary does the trick for her, even if the likelihood of Pat Field showing up and putting her character in fur jogging vests is distressingly low. But what of this dress? I keep thinking it has a Playboy quality to it, and I don’t mean the magazine — when I see the cutout against the black background, I immediately think of the bunny logo. Except this cutout is shaped more like a fawn. I guess it could be Playboy for Bambi. Playbuck. Which means the lady version would be Playdoe, which… well, now I’m never going to look at Play-Doh the same way again. Oops.

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