Normally, I might balk a little at putting Charlie Sheen’s only tangentially famous (and allegedly wacko) ex up here, but a concerned Fug National issued an All Points Fuggetin and it’s important to spread the word:

Suspect is thought to be infected with a dangerous strain of pantalunacy in which said trousers are layered over tights and then ritualistically de-crotched with a penknife. If spotted in the wild, subject should be reminded that if tights were pants, they would be CALLED pants, and that if pants were legwarmers they would be called legwarmers, and that the word “pubic” and “public” are not, in fact, the same. Then go drink a beer and try to forget. This concludes today’s A.P.F. Be safe out there, Fug Nation.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]