Fug or Fab: Kristen Wiig


Every time I glance back at this picture, all I see is Mitty, which sounds like a show about someone’s super heroic, gentle cat, who is also a surprisingly capable farmhand.

In this episode of Mitty, granny is too blind to realize her favorite vintage tablecloth — which is actually from Pier 1 and everyone has been lying to her — has been appropriated by her ungrateful visiting relative, and Mitty has to decide whether it’s actually better that way, or if she should draw blood and return that item to the linen cupboard. Personally, I think Mitty should just be grateful that Kristen Wiig is wearing color, and a pattern, and is attempting to do something both cheerful (comparatively) and unusual. But that cat is really freaking protective of granny’s linens and quite frankly might need a hobby.

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  1. margaret

    Unless that blouse comes with Parcheesi pieces and doubles as a board game,. I’m not buying it.

  2. Art Eclectic

    Why is Kristen Wiig wearing a sketch design for a new gaming console on her shapeless sack of a blouse?

  3. VanceMan

    We’ve collectively given her too many chances and, from now on, I refuse to grade her on a curve. This just makes her look exhausted.

    • susannestyle

      i don’t hate the dress (although it could use a few inches more on the hem) but the hair and makeup are not doing her any favors. she does look tired.

      • Big Noise

        On first glance I thought it was OK, but now I see that you’re right. At least it’s not blah beige. And props to her cute shoes!

  4. Jill

    She tries so hard to hide her nice figure….not sure why. Plus she couldn’t even be bothered to do her hair? Two strikes.

  5. Maria L.

    I’m beginning to think she’s just putting one over on us, that she’s got some deliberately ironic reverse-chic thing going on.

    I am grasping at straws, but there is no other reasonable explanation why a pretty, smart and talented woman like Wiig can get it so consistently wrong 99% of the time.

  6.  jenelope

    Pier 1 doesn’t have tablecloths that nice. It clearly came Sur La Table. And I would absolutely watch Mitty, but especially if it was set on a farm in our lovely Mitten State.

    As for Ms. Wiig, I can’t get behind any of this. I seriously don’t understand what’s going on with that outfit. And why does it make her arms look approximately two miles long? As short as that dress is, it’s still past her fingertips, so she must have normal/short arms, but the design of this gives her gorilla arms.

  7. dinoback

    I can’t take this film seriously after seeing the trailer where Ben Stiller was literally begging us to go see it.

    Plus, my daughter has a stuffed cat called Mitty. It’s named after a much loved scrubbing mitt (don’t ask) in an episode of the Backyardigans. That is ALL I can think of when I see that backdrop.

  8.  Noodle

    It’s just so aggressively ugly. And the bottom three inches belong on an entirely different (prettier!) dress. As do the shoes. And the girl, Free Kristen!

  9. TonyG

    I want to filibuster, staying up all night on the Senate floor, declaring how great this looks on her. I especially like the splash of yellow, and the silver and black bold layersat the bottom. It’s sunny, cute, short and makes her look alive, I say! ALIIIIIVVE!

    • ¬†HelenBackAgain

      I’m with you, TonyG. Since I’m forever complaining about people dressing out of season, obviously it’s driving me nuts that Wiig’s wearing this spring dress in winter, but I do think she looks great in it. Just tailor the sleeves (and wear it in spring dammit!), and it’s perfect.

      I love the colors on her, the makeup is perfectly complementary with them, the contrasting hem gives it a great finish, and it’s nice to see her show off the gams once in a while.

  10. Jess

    The dress is fugly.

    Mitty, however, sounds amazing. I would watch the hell out of that show. Here he is, solving the case of the giant pumpkin (I actually have no idea what is happening in this picture, but it could be a pumpkin?) http://www.itchmo.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/cat_fountain.jpg

  11. LoriK

    This dress has at least 2 too many fabrics and it’s totally shapeless. Why does she do this to herself?

  12. Jules

    Our cat’s name is Mitty. He’s not very heroic, but he would be a capable farmhand. As he is not declawed, he would claw the bejesus out of that dress. And I would not stop him.

  13. Nina

    FUG–as usual, for her. Also–I am so over her.

  14. Sandra

    Does Mitty have any relatives who need homes? My current cat would hate it like hell, but if there’s a feline willing and able to help with chores, he/she should come to my address.

    The dress? Oh, it’s not really a table cloth. It’s a couple of aprons from “Naughty French Maid” costumes stitched together. Do not like.

  15. Audrey Fredericks

    Basically she has great legs and feels proud and confident about them, to the point of believing them alone can save her poor style choices. It’s not happening, sister.

  16. luvthefuggers

    she is a pretty consistent fug.

  17. Michelle

    I am so charmed by MITTY the cat that I might even go see this movie.

  18. Bottle Ginger

    The last time Wiig appear on this site, she was accused of wearing an “envelope”.

    Apparently she’s decided to run with the Envelope Look and hope it catches on. This time she’s not wearing a plain white envelope, she’s wearing an expensive colored-and-textured envelope from an upscale store!

  19. Claire1

    For me it’s a scroll down win.
    I am not enamored with the top portion….but the silver and black at the end makes me happy….I wish it had been a dress with less texture happening as to make that silver and black lining really shine…and the shoes make me happy too.

  20. JanetP

    I don’t hate the dress, but the shoes make me want to claw the couch to shreds.

  21. Tess

    Everything above the silver strip makes me wonder, loudly, ‘WHAT DECADE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN?!?’ I’m fairly certain my aunt wore this as a bridesmaid dress in the 70s.

  22. Eddie Garcia

    Ha, this just made me cackle so hard. It’s like she has no posture and is dressed in grannies rags. WTF?