Every time I glance back at this picture, all I see is Mitty, which sounds like a show about someone’s super heroic, gentle cat, who is also a surprisingly capable farmhand.

In this episode of Mitty, granny is too blind to realize her favorite vintage tablecloth — which is actually from Pier 1 and everyone has been lying to her — has been appropriated by her ungrateful visiting relative, and Mitty has to decide whether it’s actually better that way, or if she should draw blood and return that item to the linen cupboard. Personally, I think Mitty should just be grateful that Kristen Wiig is wearing color, and a pattern, and is attempting to do something both cheerful (comparatively) and unusual. But that cat is really freaking protective of granny’s linens and quite frankly might need a hobby.

Do you like the dress?

  • No. GO GET HER, MITTY. (44%, 1,692 Votes)
  • Yes, it's totally cute. LEAVE HER ALONE, FURBALL. (24%, 932 Votes)
  • It's fine. I'll let the cat decide. (28%, 1,072 Votes)
  • You guys DO know the cat isn't real, yes? (4%, 142 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,838

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