I’ve missed ol’ Leighton “Bull True” Meester. She was routinely the best part of Gossip Girl, and I see her as very much a TV person — which people used to act like was some kind of insult, but it’s not, not even remotely, and certainly not from me — so it’s high time she found herself a good new vehicle. Agents of SHIELD seems very bland to me; perhaps she can help. Or maybe she can go rock Klaus’s world on The Originals. Blair Waldorf would’ve made a hilarious vampire. She’d be so fastidious, and so cranky about getting blood on her couture.

Okay, enough babbling. Here is the future Mrs. Adam Brody:

This is not how I”d hoped she’d resurface: in bonkers coveralls and nude pumps, looking like the proud mother of this year’s American Automobile Association Mechanic of the Year.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]