Fug or Fab: Katy Perry


You guys, this wasn’t a costume party:

No. Seriously.

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  1. mary

    granny pajamies!

  2. Glee

    At first, I thought it was Rumor Willis – and that it was a shot hacked from her phone as she is obviously going to bed (someone).

  3. Billie

    I didn’t know she was striving to be Ms. Hannigan. Give her a loose bathrobe and ciggy and she’s good to go.

  4. Kara

    That is a nightgown.

    • maxameliana

      and her shoes look like fancy bedroom slippers. They should have maribou on the toes

      • Kara

        They totally do. Like those old-school slipper-heels, sometimes seen with feathers on the toes.

  5. Claire L1

    I don’t think she planned this. Look at her face!
    She was on her way to a party and some hoard of crazed Dita fans pulled her into their van, drugged her, changed her outfit then dropped her off at this gathering with strict instructions to “tell no one”.

    • Julie

      Horde! Sorry, it’s a pet hate that horde/hoard thing.

      About Katy Perry, I don’t know, sometimes I’m watching Poirot and I just want to dress up like that and I wish I had an excuse. Maybe she was thinking along the same lines…

      • Claire L1

        No, thanks…. you know, it’s not something I type a lot….so I just flew through it. My grandmother who beat their, they’re, there into my brain is shaking her finger down at me, right now.

  6. CJ

    That’s jammies. Fancy ones.

  7. Shiitake

    It’s a lateral move from the blue or purple hair phase. She still doesn’t have it together.

  8. Mrs. Ditter

    You guys. At least she’s mostly covered up. Progress!

  9. Jenn

    Why do I feel like she was better dressed when she was married? How is that possible that Russell Brand had a positive influence on her fashion?

  10. em

    Fuck. She has forever ruined my view of Daisy from Geat Gatsby. Didn’t think it was possible, but I hate Katy even more.

  11. Sarie

    That is defiantly a nightgown. It should not have been worn out of the bedroom. Also the shoes are slippers.

  12. Willow

    Well, Dita von Teese has nothing to worry about.

    • steen

      I find this woman so insufferable that I didn’t think I could laugh. Thanks for showing me how wrong I was!

  13. Siobhán

    lace + silk = nightgown

    When will people learn this simple equation? It’s fine up to the hip, but the way the top is cut and the LACE ruin what might have been a nice dress. I totally love the hemline, actually. And the hair. The pearls and shoes not so much.

  14. cham

    Forget the nightie, is that a FEATHER QUILL PEN she’s holding?! Bizzare.

    • ak

      I thought it was a feathered chilli pepper purse, but your suggestion makes more sense. Crazily.

    • Lindy

      No, it’s her teeny purse. I saw another pic of it and you can tell what it is.

  15. Anna

    I know the 20s are big right now and all but honey, if you’re gonna do the silk nightgow thing at least wear a good bra. Or just ANY bra. Please.

    • Fat Desdemona

      I was thinking the same thing. I stare at the photo and hug my own chest to be sure that my breasts aren’t somehow swinging out the sides of my shirt.

    • Jules

      May I add that if you want to dress 20s style, do it all over and not just from the neck up? The cut of that slip – er, dress – oh hell, slip – is far more in keeping with lines from the 1930s than the boxy, drop-waisted 20s.

    • Cranky Old Batt


  16. Amber

    That is a Wal-Mart nightgown. The end.
    Actually, not the end. Even if it were a dress (it is not), it can’t contain her, um, assets. It is doing horrible things to her hip region (satin is the devil). Those “shoes” might very well be slippers. She looks drugged-not “on drugs”, but drugged.
    I’m glad she’s back to dark hair, though.

  17. Clarence Beeks

    I cannot stand her, so everything she does is fug to me.

  18. lindsay

    why do people insist on wearing items of clothing (read: dresses or nightgowns) with seams down the front? it never ceases to amaze.

    also, she looks so over it. i just wanna say “we’re over it too! just wear something NORMAL!”

  19. Megan

    On the bright side, at least the Walmart satin nightie isn’t wrinkled. (And now I’m envisioning KP riding to the event standing up, head poking the limo sunroof, just to keep from creasing her….dress.)

    • Cranky Old Batt


      Previous comments warmed me up, this made the snickers bust out into a full laugh. Thank goodness everyone near by is still at lunch.

  20. Liz985

    Good gravy. Well, that old adage is eternally true: “Money can’t buy taste.”

  21. Lina

    Okay, I adore early 20th century fashion to pieces but I cannot sign off on this at all. I’m most annoyed that the dress is all 30s but the styling and jewelry are a full decade earlier. It is JARRING. Also, the makeup is not working at all. …at least her hair looks cute?

    • Shanti

      Thanks – I’m glad I wasn’t the only one bothered by the mixing of the decades! Either the dress needs to look more like the Queen Mum’s wedding gown, or the flapper beads and headdress need to go.

      That quite aside, that’s a terrifying picture. That blank, deer-in-the-headlights stare, the arms just sort of dangling at her side, the nightgown dress…she looks like a dumbstruck mannequin.

  22. na

    she’s the worst.

  23. hillary l.

    Joan Holloway-Harris wants her nightie back. (After it’s been dry-cleaned, thank you.)

  24. pinkcheese

    I legit love 1920s/30s women’s fashion, but this? This isn’t that, or even a worthy homage. This a cheap-ass acytate nightgown from a 1982 Penney’s catalog. Barf.

  25. Allie

    At least she’s back to the black hair again. So much better than pink or blue.

    • TereLiz

      Well, her roots are dark again, but the rest looks deep purple/indigo. :P She should have stayed home in that nightie and dyed her hair.

  26. AM

    I am not a shoe maven. I’m usually a big fan of “sensible,” comfy shoes. But I LOVE these. I would totally wear these. Maybe not with my nightie, but still. I agree it’s also a mix of the ’20s and 30s, but I love both those eras.

    • Meri

      I’m not usually a shoe person either, and I love them also. I’m going to blame it on my love of sparkly things.

  27. NOLAroll

    This outfit is like a fortune cookie. It should end with “in bed.” Because that is a nightgown.

  28. vandalfan

    No KP fan here, but she looks better than most are giving credit here. There are many more nightgown-y dresses around, like yesterday’s purple and orange belted number, and this color is divine. Her jewelry and shoes evoke Flapper, but the dress is a bit more ’30′s, like Lena said. I’d have made her hair more finger-waved, and given her a real headband instead of the large jewel. And I’d have stuck the feather on it, too, right in front.

    But mostly, I hope she can find her sunny smile again.

  29. TaraMisu

    I’m glad she is back to the black hair.

  30. Mahastee

    Well. I’m pretty sure I HAVE that nightie. We’ve seen flapper done WAY better elsewhere, but I can live with her wearing this, it makes a nice change from the rubber minis.

    Meanwhile, I LOVE the colour of her lippie. It isn’t so good here, but in other pictures – where she’s smiling – it is FAB!

  31. Asheleigh

    There are simply some fashions that are not suited to a well endowed figure, this is one of those.
    I have had to accept this, now it is Katy’s turn.

  32. Hannakin

    This. Girl. Is. RIDICULOUS.

  33. Kyasarin

    Anybody remember when Lara Flynn Boyle wore a nightgown to some shindig? With a fur stole? For some reason, that came leaping to mind, I dunno . . .

  34. Nancy

    It’s a nightgown!
    The shoes don’t work for me. Or maybe it’s her pose.

  35. Infoqueen

    Needs a turban.

  36. Courtney Brookshire

    Anybody with me in the opinion that she bares a resemblance to Marilyn Manson in this shot….yikes. And no Katy this is not for you. Your jubblies need a little more support than a night gown can provide.

  37. Mitch Watt

    Rumor Willis?

  38. gryt

    She bugs. Hard.

  39. Cranky Old Batt

    Dear Katy:

    Slip dress? Looks way too much like a real dress should be over it.
    Head band? The eighties called and laughed so hard they puked.
    Flapper pearls? Did you hit your little head and think this was a good idea?
    And what on earth are those things on your feet? Dyeables?

    I guess we don’t need to talk about the excess of eye make up or the feather thingy in your hand. I keep scrolling up to find one nice thing to say about this…but I think I could do that 25 times and still want to smack some sense into you.

  40. Syl

    She looks like a humiliated version of a 1920s flapper.