Fug or Fab: Kate Moss


This is the post in which I wonder whether or not you can apply the phrase “mutton dressed as lamb” to Kate Moss:

Caveats with which I need to preface said question:

1) I do not actually think Kate Moss is OLD. She’s only 38.

2) Nor have I ever been part of the Cult of Kate Moss. I know a lot of people think she can do no wrong; I have never been one of them. I am card-carrying members of PLENTY of other cults, obviously. Just not that one.

3) That being said, I do think her face looks amazing.

4) And I actually like this dress. I just think I might wish it were longer.

5) Not that her legs aren’t great.

6) It just feels like a lot of skin.

7) Am I crazy?

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Comments (66):

  1. AK

    Is this from the same collection as this similar Kate Winslet number? http://gofugyourself.com/who-fugged-it-more-kate-winslet-or-kate-winslet-11-2011

    I think both Kates look great. I’m curious about what’s going on in back, but from the front, that shape is so flattering.

  2. Laucie

    It’s just nasty and I fear the back view.

  3. Evalyn

    She looks great: healthy, happy, sassy. However, I know those are Louie what’s his name shoes, but they could use a spot of polish.

  4. corriner

    This is the same dress Gwyneth wore to the Grammys, just with the bottom hacked off and no gold belt:


    I think I like Gwyneth’s better. Much more chic!

    • Crystal

      Good eye, Corriner! And agreed.

    • Anne B


      Kate’s dress hasn’t been altered, it’s had major surgery.

    • Jess

      I was thinking that as well. I like the dress, but it needs a few more inches. Ultimately, I liked Gwyneth’s version better, though this isn’t bad at all.

  5. Lindy

    A woman over 35 in a knee-length dress always looks good and no one suspects her of being matronly. Put that same woman in a mini-dress and her matron status is confirmed.

  6. Dru

    What? She’s Kate Moss. “Normal woman” rules don’t apply to her.

    That said, I would like this dress a LOT BETTER if that skin-coloured stuff forming the side panels was an actual colour. Like blue, say. Or red. Or something. The way it is now it kind of looks like she’s only wearing the black bits.

    • Talley

      I don’t think that’s “skin-colored stuff” so much as it’s illusion netting. Which, to me at least, doesn’t qualify as fabric since the whole point of the stuff is to create the illusion of nudity. Hence the “whole lotta skin” feeling. It would have been okay if it was a little longer.

  7. Orange clouds

    TOO. MUCH. SKIN. (though she is still pulling it off pretty well, just decide if you want to show skin in the boob area or leg area, not both at once)

  8. BeeDreams

    Cameron Diaz wear stuff this short constantly and I don’t like it on her but Kate, I think, carries it off. It makes me cry into my cereal that she can do so but alas, this is life! :)

  9. LoriK

    Two words—Stella. McCartney. In typical Stella fashion this dress has issues that go well beyond Kate’s age.

  10. jjdaddyo

    Miraculously it makes her look curvy when I’ve always thought she had the sex appeal of 2″ x 12″ lumber.

  11. Juanitatres

    Not a member of the cult of Kate, but I think she looks fantastic. Anyway, who wants to see Kate Moss dressing like a typical middle aged lady? Not I.

  12. Chasmosaur
    • Julia in Oz

      Wow, that full length version is horrible. What is going on at the back there?

    • Hel

      Whaah! If someone needs to be convinced that Stella McCartney does Dreadful and Unflattering Dresses, just look at Alexa Chung and herself in your link…

  13. nikole

    it wouldn’t be Kate Moss without the skin

  14. JanetP

    I don’t like the dress. But she can carry off the length, no prob. Ask me again when she’s 45.

  15. me

    I am a card-carrying member of the will-never-use-the-phrase –“mutton dressed as lamb”- to-refer-to-any-woman cult. That has nothing to do with the fact that I think Kate Moss looks stunning here.

    • Angel666

      I agree wholeheartedly with this comment. The phrase mutton-dressed-as-lamb is repulsive and misogynistic.
      ps – Kate looks fab

  16. themis

    I am getting tired of Stella’s Miracle Dress. Kate’s the last one of us who needs a miracle to look decent. Unless you’re talking about the miracle to unwonk her eye; that would help her whole package immensely.

  17. granny

    It’s not so much skin as it is illusion netting. The false illusion of boldness.

  18. Melissa

    Like everyone else, I just hate these trickster “cut-out” dresses on any one, any time, at any age.

  19. Guerra

    She looks hot!!

  20. Chris

    The dress itself is fine, except for the illusion netting, which – as the Fug Girls often say – is only appropriate for ice skating.

    That said, she looks great and healthy. Honestly, though, if the panels were a color, I’d probably like it a lot better.

    Only the top is similar to the GOOP dress, and even that’s a stretch – they’re similar, but not exactly the same. Honestly, going back, I prefer the Moss over the GOOP.

  21. Claire L

    No matter the age, I wish it were just a tad longer…. that said, she looks great.

  22. Anne B

    I can’t get over the feeling that this is an extremely upmarket, dressy version of those oversized “hunky guy/sexy lady” t-shirts sold in beach tourist shops.

    And she’s not even wearing it ironically.

    • cruzilla

      yes, this!! I kept thinking “this looks like something someone desperate to be seen as thin” would wear, not realizing that this already exists as a clothing item! If this were just a regular little-black dress, I would say she looks great.

  23. marcia

    I feel like it’s really sad when KATEFUCKINGMOSS feels like she has to wear a dress that is an optical illusion for the figure (i.e. what Anne B said). If her body isn’t good enough to stand on its own, they should just give everybody special “curve” glasses for the rest of us.

  24. MonMode

    I think 2 inches longer would’ve been perfect, but not all the way down to the knee!


  25. Mahastee

    It’s not okay to call anybody “mutton dressed as lamb”.
    It’s a vile saying (either way, the subject is a piece of meat?) and shouldn’t be used on anybody, ever. Not even Hasselhoff.

    Rant over.

    Kate looks good (but isn’t she COLD?) I am not a fan of this style of dress, but she does look good in it.

  26. TaraMisu

    I think she looks great! She’s Kate Moss for Pete’s sake. Not a fan of her either, to be honest, but she does look good for her age and despite the alleged party lifestyle.

  27. Carol

    She’s 38? That explains why I feel she’s been around for 100 years … tired of Kate, very tired.

  28. cc

    I don’t think it looks bad or too young. Gurl looks good!

  29. ccm800

    shes older than that! Shes been around that damn long!

  30. Shiitake

    The dress gives Kate curves where she has none, and fits better than Goop’s Grammy version. It still screams trying too hard.

    I can see illusion fabric is going to done to death for the next 18 months.


  31. Veronica

    I had to look up the meaning of “mutton dressed as lamb” and regretted it when I spent the next five minutes being irked by the underlying implications of it.

    I think she looks really good, despite my dislike of the dress. Her face looks different, though. Is it just the makeup, or did she have work done? (No judgement here – it’s her body and face. She can do what she wants with it.)

    • Miss Louise

      This dress is dreadful, great body or not. I’ve always had a mild fondness for Kate, but I’m with Veronica in thinking that her face looks different – and the more I looked, the more I began to fear she’s taken her first baby steps along a road that leads to Wildenstein. Kate’s always been a bit feline, but this is proto-catface.

  32. filmcricket

    Got no problem with the legs – if you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em, and she is Kate Moss, after all. But the dress itself is hideous, and what is going on with her face? Has she had work done, or is she just incredibly high in these pics?

  33. filmcricket

    Oh, and I also have no problem with the phrase “mutton dressed as a lamb.” (For one thing, I don’t think it’s any worse than “trying too hard” or “desperate” which are phrases that get tossed around an *awful* lot about women in their 30s and 40s.) Also, just as there’s a point when you want to see men on the red carpet knock it off with the Converse and torn jeans, there’s a point when you’d like to see women at these shindigs go for “sophisticated” rather than “obvious.” I don’t think this dress qualifies as the latter and I think supermodels get a pass long after we mere mortals need to pack it in. But I won’t be sorry to see Kate enter her Iman phase in five to 10 years.

  34. understateddiva

    The major issue I have with dresses that have cutouts (or the illusion of such) in these areas is that they scream “I’m not wearing underwear!!” Which is the sort of thing you whisper, not scream.

  35. Lilibet

    I’ll stop using the term “mutton dressed as lamb” when women (and men) stop dressing that way. As for Kate, she looks good because – well, she’s Kate and she can get away with it.

  36. Sajorina

    I’ve seen this woman naked more times than I care to count, so THIS doesn’t surprise me… Girl likes to show flesh! And, with those legs, who can blame her? I think she looks GORGEOUS! Like the dress, the shoes, the jewelry and the hair & makeup! The dress might have looked better if it were longer, but like with Boobs Legsly, if it isn’t mini, they’re not wearing it! So, FAB!!!

  37. Lion

    This dress is not too short, it’s too ugly. But Kate manages to look chic even in this thing.

  38. TVGurl

    This site is called go FUG yourself. Get over the Mutton comment geez.

    This look needs 3-4 more inches and some NEW SHOES! Ugh. I’d rather wear a pair of awesome looking $50 shoes than those scuffed up Louboutins!

  39. neiges

    Oh, come on, “mutton dressed as lamb” is just asking the question : “is this age appropriate?”. To which I say, who cares? If there is a doubt, it means that she can pull it off. As many of you have said, Kate can pull off a lot of things other mortals can’t. She has a certain rock and roll style. But the dress… OMG. It looks so cheap. I don’t know why (illusionn netting? the side, as if SM had forgot to think about it?). And the fact that everybody is wearing it makes it even cheaper.

  40. openroses

    Let’s put it on Helen Mirren.

  41. Katharine

    It’s not a question of mutton or lamb, here. This is just a bit too much exposure for anybody, whether 22 or 62, no matter how delicious the actual flesh might be. SHORT! EXPOSED SIDES! LOOK NO PANTIES!

    Whatever. Yes, Kate, you’re still lovely. Sure, you could just show up naked, too — you’re famous enough to get away with it, and we’ve all seen it before anyway.

  42. Lynne

    I’m going to say it since it appears the world is under some kind of evil spell. Kate Moss is homely. She was homely in 1993. I don’t care if she has a killer body. I don’t get the appeal and I never have.

  43. wtfnyc

    I HATE ILLUSION NETTING!! Always and forever, amen.

    (Also: when GOOP wore it, you could totally see the illusion netting crinkling every time she spoke or breathed, and it just looked like loose skin, which: GROOSS.)

  44. Bird

    I have to say her face is my least favorite part of this whole photo. Not attractive!

  45. Sandra

    If the bottom of that thing was shorts instead of a skirt, gymnasts could wear it to practice. Nobody else should wear it ever, in any circumstance. It is a text-book illustration of FUG.

  46. na

    This was an unexpectedly mean-spirited post in which the fug girls, previously known for their disdain of ageism and mysogyny, use the phrase ‘mutton dressed as lamb.’ Not OK, girls.

    • Jacq

      Oh, get over it! They said that she isn’t old, has great legs and has a great face – and that they like the dress.

  47. STK

    It is so odd to me that celebrities do not care about the weather. She is essentially naked in London in February. She must have been freezing to death. That is not cute.

  48. Jacq

    I hate this on her. She’s supposed to be one of the coolest dressers around, and this just looks a bit fevered and desperate. It’s nothing to do with her age – it’s just that this is the kind of dress that I’d expect somebody like Rhianna to wear: somebody who isn’t particularly ‘cool’, but who has made an entire career out of convincing the world that she’s the sexiest sex bomb in the history of sex and will make every man’s dreams come true. I just wouldn’t expect Kate Moss to be quite so obvious.

    And the comments about her legs crack me up – they look good in this shot, but when you see her in a lot of photos she is completely bow-legged. The phrase ‘couldn’t stop a pig in a passage’ tends to apply.

  49. vandalfan

    I don’t think “mutton dressed as lamb” is misogynistic, as if a human being was only a piece of meat. My mother referred to herself that way when I encouraged her to try on more youthful looks. She makes me laugh.

    And this dress also makes me laugh, like most McCartney efforts. I mean, illusion netting? Pah, go big or go home. If tape won’t do the job, change the clothing.

  50. KelseyA

    I just feel like, if you have Kate Moss’ body, why would you even bother with an illusion dress?

  51. Bambi Anne Dear

    I’m glad she has curves.

  52. sandy

    In Gwyneth’s version it looks like her shoulders are bare, while kate’s has netting. Am I right? I like it better with bare shoulders — less cheap looking, IMHO, but it really makes you notice those bony things on G’s shoulders. I don’t think I even have those bones.

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